24 physical signs your twin flame’s thinking of you

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Twin flames share a powerful connection that transcends the 3D realm. When you meet them, it will seem as if you’ve always known them. Because of this intense bond, you may experience physical symptoms when they think of you.

We’ve listed the top 24 physical signs that your twin flame is thinking of you so the next time, you can be more aware of what’s happening.

1) Feeling warm or happy

When your twin flame is thinking of you you may experience sudden feelings of happiness. It may seem weird at first because these emotions seem to come out of nowhere, and you know they’re not your own.

There could also be sensations of warmth, almost as if someone is hugging you. Twin flames share a soul connection, and their thoughts of you will often manifest in your daily life as physical experiences through twin telepathy.

The happiness or sense of euphoria will be nothing like you’ve ever experienced before. It seems as if everything is right in the world and that you are so loved.

The feeling may last for a minute or days, depending on the intensity with which your twin flame is thinking about you. In some cases, it may be so strong that you cannot concentrate on and perform your daily tasks.

2) Smiling subconsciously

Have you ever found yourself smiling for no reason? Despite there being nothing, in particular, to be happy about at that moment, you feel the muscles in your face forming a grin.

This is a major indicator your twin flame is thinking of you.

Twin flame unions are destined before beginning this incarnation on earth, and the intricacy of the bond means the two of you share the same soul.

You’re able to feel what the other person feels and when they think of you, the connection goes into overdrive.

This is why you can feel happy and start smiling for no reason. Others around you may find it strange, but deep down, you know there is something special happening at that moment.

3) A gifted advisor confirms it

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4) Intense emotions

Twin flame thoughts are potent and can transform into the partner feeling intense emotions. These feelings can range from happy to anger depending on what the twin having the thought is feeling.

These intense emotions can appear at any time and seemingly pop out of nowhere. You’ll always know that the emotions are not your own, yet they will trigger deep feelings.

All twin flames have a longing to be with each other again. Their souls are halves of each other, and when they’re together, they experience a feeling of being whole again.

This is why twin flame connections are so strong and can evoke powerful emotions with a mere thought.

5) Bursts of energy

When your twin flame thinks of you, you may experience sudden bouts of energy.

You will feel like your passions have been renewed, and you look forward to doing things that may otherwise have seemed too tedious.

This is due to energy transference. When twin flames think of each other, they are also sending that person their energy because of the intensity of their focus.

The energy manifests itself as bouts of energy and allows the person they’re thinking of to get more things done.

On a spiritual level, the twin flame is actually sending out energy for this person to find them or for their souls to recognize each other more easily if they do cross paths.

The next time you experience something like this, try to tune into that energy and trust your intuition on what you should do with it, even if your inner self is calling for something you don’t usually do.

6) Tingling or stomach flutters

Another common sign that your twin flame is thinking of you is tingling sensations in different parts of your body or intense stomach flutters.

These feelings will often come out of nowhere and mimic the emotions that are activated when you’re around someone you have romantic inklings towards.

I’ll admit it’s quite a strange sensation when it happens, but it is also an indicator that your twin flame relationship is so strong.

Psychologically these feelings represent anxiousness or nervousness and are common when you go on a first date with someone.

Twin flames can induce these sensations just by thinking of each other. It’s like the twin can feel the intense love and sexual chemistry directed towards them.

If you experience tinglings or stomach flutters for no reason, especially at night, then it’s a surefire sign that your twin flame has you on their mind.

7) Racing heart

Racing hearts are an extremely common sign that your twin flame is thinking of you however, the medical nature of such a sensation means that you need an expert’s diagnosis to ensure you’re not dealing with an ailment.

Once you’ve been cleared that nothing is medically wrong, you can be sure that your twin flame has been thinking of you a lot.

The sensation might last for a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on the time your twin is spending with you on their mind.

It’s also more intense if you’ve already met your twin flame in this incarnation vs. not knowing who they are on earth.

If you experience a racing heart at a random moment in the day, you can now give the feeling a name.

Twins will meet when they’re supposed to, and if your twin is ready for you, they could be thinking of the union so much that you can feel it in your body.

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8) Weird thoughts pop up

Having weird or random thoughts pop up in your mind is also a sign that your twin flame is thinking of you, albeit a rarer one.

Twin flames are so connected that the jumbled-up thoughts in one person’s mind could transfer to the other and pop up as random weird thoughts.

This might happen when the twin whose thinking of the other is in some sort of dilemma and wishes they had the other half of their soul to confide in and seek advice from.

As the twin on the receiving end, you’ll feel their mental anguish and pick up on the phrases or words that are intensely swimming around in their mind.

The next time you have a weird thought that doesn’t relate to what you’re doing or any aspect of your life, know that your twin flame is thinking of you and wishes you were around to help them.

9) Having erotic dreams

The sexual chemistry between twin flames is more intense than in other romantic relationships.

Being intimate with your twin flame creates a powerful and beautiful energy that has the potential to keep your eyes from ever wandering to anyone else.

So, when they’re thinking of you, it might manifest as them appearing in your dream and giving the entire nighttime sequence a more erotic theme.

It doesn’t always mean that their thoughts of you are highly sexual, just that the energy you guys share is very strong and inclined towards an intimate nature.

Having erotic dreams about your twin flame may also mean that their thoughts always drift to you during the nighttime.

The night is a period when the veils between different realms are very thin and experiencing unusual phenomena is quite common.

This also means that the connection between you and your twin flame is even stronger, and they can physically appear in your dreams when they’re thinking of you.

10) Mood swings

A twin flame thinking of you can trigger erratic mood swings that may leave your friends and family members baffled.

Even your pets may not want to be around you because suddenly you turn into a different person.

This can be a scary experience for you and those around you, especially if you don’t know what’s causing it.

Unexplained mood swings may be attributed to a twin flame reaching out to you telepathically. You can either be picking up on their energy or feeling a change in your mood that’s so drastic you have to sit up and take notice of what’s going on—which is what they want.

Twin flames don’t have a desire to hurt each other, but because of the delicate nature of the relationship and the intensity of the bond, certain actions can seem that way.

Even though twin flame relationships can be highly rewarding, they’re mainly meant to teach us lessons that we couldn’t have learned by ourselves.

11) Severe headaches

Another sign that could also be linked to a host of medical issues is experiencing severe headaches.

While these headaches can occur in any part of the head, they typically occur close to or on the crown chakra and can also cause a heating up of this area.

This is because your crown chakra serves as a connection from your inner being to other spiritual realms.

Twin flame connections are forged in other realms and lived out here on earth. This makes your connection highly spiritual and can produce headaches whenever one of you thinks about the other.

Twin flames are also called soul lovers because their souls love each other unconditionally and feel the deepest level of empathy for each other. This enables them to feel so intuitively what the other is feeling or thinking about.

12) Shivers or chills

Experiencing shivers or chills when it’s not even cold could be a sign that your twin flame is thinking of you.

These involuntary shudders are in response to the energetic download your body is receiving from your twin flame. They may not even be aware of what they’re doing but you’ll definitely be able to feel it.

Twin flames can’t hide anything from each other even if they tried, that’s what makes the bond between them so strong but also leads to problems in the relationship.

When they’re thinking of you, a strong energy pulse is created and because you are the source of that thought, the energy is naturally drawn towards you.

When the energy reaches you, it needs a way to be absorbed into your body and thus induces shivers or chills.

Sometimes these sensations could be highly noticeable by others and at other times it’s something only we can feel. This depends on the intensity with which the energy was created as well as the emotion of the person who created it.

13) Seeing repeating/angel number 222

Angel numbers or repeating numbers appear when the universe has a message for us. While each number has a unique meaning, it’s also important to trust your intuition and remember what was on your mind the moment the repeating number showed itself to you.

When it comes to twin flames, the number 222, or any derivative of it, is quite powerful. The number 2 symbolizes unions, and there is no greater union that twin flame unions.

Also, when your mirror the number two and place them together, you develop a heart-like structure. This shows us that we are more powerful when with our twin flame, and they bring out aspects of us that make us feel whole.

The number two also symbolizes partnerships and balance, which is exactly what the twin flame relationship is. It’s a balance of the divine masculine and the divine feminine or yin and yang. As we mentioned earlier, twin flames are two halves of the same soul.

So, when you see 22, 222, or 2222 quite frequently, it means your twin flame is thinking of you or that you will meet them soon if you haven’t already.

14) Change in your breathing

We often don’t notice changes in our breathing unless we’ve been working out or running; however, they happen more frequently than you may think.

We have different breaths during meditations, sleep, and when we feel intense emotions.

Recognizing an active change in your breathing despite your body position or situation not changing could be a sign that your twin flame is thinking about you.

The type of breathing change you experience is dependent on the thoughts your twin flame is happening, and their emotions are the time.

Usually, twin flames who have met each other but are not together experience a deep longing. This can also manifest as anxiousness or even sorrow that you’re apart.

Separation from your twin flame is extremely painful because of the connection you share and the love that’s present. But in some cases, twin flames have to be a part, and they know it.

When they’re alone, their thoughts will drift to you quite frequently, and changes in your breathing is just one of the ways you know how they’re feeling.

15) Unexplained sexual urges

When a twin flame is thinking of you, you may also have certain urges of a sexual nature. These can be awkward when they happen because they come out of nowhere and may leave you in an embarrassing situation with those around you.

Twin flame energy is very sexually charged, and the chemistry between the two of you is undeniable. So, even when they’re thinking of you, that passion reaches you and sets the energy centers in your body alive.

Energy centers or chakras are located in seven major areas of our body, and the sacral chakra, which is located below the navel, is the one that governs our sexual desires.

When a twin flame thinks of you, the energy pools in your sacral chakra and stimulates pleasurable feelings and sexual urges.

In most cases, the only time we’re able to activate any of our chakras is through intentional meditation. So, twin flames being able to trigger any energetic changes in us proves how powerful that bond really is.

16) Twin flame telepathy

Twin flame telepathy is the ability that all twin flames naturally have, allowing them to read and feel what the other person is thinking or feeling.

This trait is most often found in identical or fraternal twins but can also be harnessed by twin flames.

For twin flame telepathy to deepen, both individuals must be at the same stage in the spiritual awakening journey.

Once they have developed the connection, both are able to experience what the other is going through.

When one twin flame thinks of the other, he/she will instinctively know and feel a longing to be together again or comfort the other.

We can only ever have one twin flame, but we can have many soulmates in our lifetime. The twin flame telepathy is a great method to determine whether the bond you have with your romantic interest is, in fact, a twin flame connection or something else.

All our relationships are equally important and teach us valuable lessons, but a twin flame relationship will always shake you to your core so that you can remember your soul’s purpose.

17) Music starts playing randomly

Have you ever had an experience where your phone or radio just burst into song? Some may call it a technical glitch, but the one thing I’ve learned is that there is no such thing as coincidence.

Having your device randomly start up and begin to play a tune could be an indicator that your twin flame is thinking about you.

For most people, these could be love songs or feel-good music. Generally, the lyrics will feel as if your twin flame is sending you a personalized message.

You’ll know that these songs are from or about your twin flame because they may play at the same time each day.

Songs and music have different vibrations than feelings and thoughts, yet thoughts may showcase themselves as part of a lyric nature since songs are easily accessible to everyone now.

18) Your intuition says so

Your intuition plays a big role in alerting you to what’s happening around you. Because you are connected to your twin flame by an invisible but super strong thread, you will intuitively pick up when they are thinking about you.

It may actualize as a thought in your head or a voice (your higher self) speaking to you. You could hear your twin flame’s name or hear their voice whispering your name.

In some cases, it doesn’t even have to be a thought or feeling; it could just be an intuitive knowing that they’re thinking of you.

Either way, if you’re someone who has good intuition, it will let you know that your twin flame has you on their mind.

19) See their face during meditation

Meditation is a great way to clear your mind and energy. It can bring peace and balance to your life if you practice it regularly.

When it comes to meditation there are no set rules to follow; each person has their own method that works.

However, one aspect that finds commonality among all who meditate is the fact that they’re more receptive to the energy of others.

Lots of people also report seeing images of deities, ancient places, lights, angels, spirit guides, etc. The images can also be of people they are connected to energetically.

As we mentioned before, twin flame bonds are strong, so when in a meditative state, it’s highly liking that you’ll pick up if your twin flame is thinking of you. You might see their face or just their name in your mind’s eye.

20) Feeling like something is missing

Some people feel a lot of angst when they are separated from their twin flames. When they aren’t together, twin flames will think about each other incessantly.

They feel each other’s pain and emotions because they likely are feeling the same thing.

So, when twin flames are apart, and one is thinking of the other, they will have the sensation as if something is missing.

This is the twin’s way of communicating that they are not whole when they’re apart.

Being separated from your twin flame is painful. Even though there is a large number of people who find their twin flames, some situations may not allow them to be together.

For this reason, that sense of something being missing is your twin flame’s way of telling you that they’re thinking about you.

21) Pressure on your body

Twin flame thoughts can also lead to you experiencing pressure at certain points of your body. It will seem as if someone is reaching out and touching you.

You’ll find that some areas of our bodies are more sensitive, and it’s often in these regions that you would experience the pressure.

The most common type of pressure is at the top of your head (also called the crown chakra). This is a part of our body that is the most receptive to telepathic or psychic messages, so when you feel pressure here, it could mean that your twin flame is thinking of you.

22) Temperature change

Experiencing sudden changes in your body temperature despite the weather outside remaining the same could indicate that an energetic shift occurred in your body.

This energy shift is usually caused by twin flame connections. If they have you on their mind, then you’ll feel your energy change to mimic theirs, resulting in chills or hot flushes.

Besides hot flashes and chills, you may also experience icy fingers, a cold nose, sweaty palms, and other physical signs of extreme temperature change.

23) Floating or lightheadedness.

Sensations of floating or lightheadedness are both symptoms of many medical issues, but they also have a spiritual meaning.

Triggered by energy changes in your crown and heart chakra, these physical sensations could be caused by your twin flame.

Twin flame energy carries the power of your soul’s highest form of divine masculine and divine feminine energy. For this reason, any changes brought to light from your twin flame could affect you in drastic ways, such as lightheadedness.

If you experience this and you’re sure it doesn’t have a medical cause, then lie down and try to focus your mind on your twin flame. You’ll be able to pick up the message they’re putting out and figure out why they’re thinking about you so intensely.

24) Feeling their presence around you

Some people may think it a bit scary to have an invisible presence in your midst; however, feeling your twin flame around is more comforting than terrifying.

When your twin flame thinks of you a great deal, you may start to feel their presence around you wherever you are.

It can manifest as seeing someone out of the corner of your eye or just feeling like you’re not alone in a room.

Some might even talk to the presence as if the person were there with them. If you’re experiencing or have experienced something like this, then your twin flame is ready for their union with you and is thinking about you a lot.

This is a union you can’t stop. It was fated and offers many lessons your soul chose to learn in this lifetime.


Twin flames have many methods with which they can communicate, and these don’t always have to be physical signs.

If you’ve experienced any of the above, then your twin flame might be trying to connect with you. If you’ve experienced more than one, then it’s highly likely your twin flame is thinking of you.

Hopefully, the signs above will shed some light on what you might encounter if your twin flame thinks of you.

But if there’s a part of you that still wants to know more, I recommend speaking to a genuine advisor.

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