10 personality traits of a twin flame chaser that most people don’t know about

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Do you feel an intense connection with someone you consider to be your twin flame?

When these feelings aren’t returned, do you feel a persistent longing to pursue that connection?

If so, you might be a twin flame chaser. 

Here are ten lesser-known traits of twin flame chasers that might resonate with you:

1) Risk-taker

Twin flame chasers are fueled by their firm belief that their connection is unique and that being united with their twin flame will give them a sense of fulfillment.

Given this, they are often risk-takers. They wear their heart on their sleeve and they are willing to do what it takes to pursue that connection. 

This can be a challenging experience that requires a lot of resilience and faith. But twin flame chasers believe that the rewards far outweigh the risks they take in pursuit of who they consider to be their other half.

If you’re a twin flame chaser in a chaser-runner dynamic, try to balance the often emotionally-driven urge to take risks and take a step back to assess the situation. 

Consider that as a chaser, you may be pursuing your twin flame with a certain level of intensity partly out of fear because you’re scared to lose the connection. 

You may also be taking risks that may not be healthy because you’re worried that if you stop, the union with your twin flame won’t happen anymore.

If this strikes a chord with you, the answer is to have faith and understand that you cannot force a union when it isn’t meant to happen yet.

2) Vulnerable

Since twin flame chasers often wholeheartedly pursue their twin flame, they are more expressive when it comes to their emotions. 

This may potentially come across as overwhelming for the twin flame runner. It also leaves the twin flame chaser more vulnerable to disappointment and heartbreak. 

The chaser-runner dynamic involves a lot of uncertainty, with the runner trying to get some distance as their way of trying to manage their emotions. Meanwhile, the chaser never quite knows where they stand.

In some instances, the pursuit of a twin flame causes the chaser to be so focused on attaining that union that they end up neglecting other areas of their life such as their work, health, and family. 

This can make them more susceptible to manipulation given their vulnerable state.

3) Resilient

The deep spiritual and emotional connection that twin flame chasers feel for their twin flame gives them the strength and conviction they need to keep trying. Even when it seems as if the odds are against them.

If you’re a twin flame chaser, remember that while resilience is necessary in order to succeed, you should also take the time to reflect on whether or not it might be better for you to rest once in a while. It might be a good idea to give yourself and your twin flame some space.

4) Prone to self-doubt 

Even though twin flame chasers may seem confident and single-minded in their attempt to unite with their twin flame, they can also be prone to self doubt. 

Yes, they do believe that their connection and union with their twin flame is predetermined. But they may still have moments of wondering whether or not they deserve it. 

Since their twin flame means the world to them, they may seek validation of their worth from their twin flame. 

5) Codependent

Along with their tendency to doubt their sense of self worth, twin flame chasers may be prone to people-pleasing at the expense of their own needs. 

They might have trouble setting boundaries and they would be willing to do everything they can for their twin flame. 

This leads to an unhealthy dynamic where their happiness and sense of purpose are dependent on their twin flame, and often, their well-being is sacrificed in the process.

Another thing to consider when struggling with codependency is that the twin flame chaser might be using the pursuit of their twin flame as a distraction from unresolved emotional pain. 

If this is something that you think you’re going through, consider if there are other sources of trauma you need to heal from. If so, your time and energy might be better spent on focusing on your own healing process first.

6) May have attachment issues

Due to the twin flame chaser’s deep devotion to their twin flame, they may be highly sensitive to signs of disinterest from the one they consider to be their other half. In some cases, this hypervigilance can cause the twin flame chaser to be anxious and they might be unable to give their twin flame some space.

If this is something you’re going through, the first step is to acknowledge your attachment style

People with anxious attachment styles have a fear of abandonment. In order to have a healthier relationship with your twin flame, you must learn how to communicate your needs instead of expecting your partner to read your mind. 

Let them know what you need to feel secure and be specific as much as possible. 

In return, make sure that you also listen to what your twin flame is saying in response to your requests. Remember that while it’s great to be able to communicate your needs, you also have to make sure that you’re both happy with how certain issues are resolved.

7) Perfectionist

Twin flame chasers may see their connection with their twin flame as the ideal relationship that they must endlessly pursue. 

The high standards they place on the twin flame connection can carry over to other parts of their lives, and they run the risk of being frustrated if things don’t turn out the exact same way they would have liked.

Being a perfectionist to a certain degree can be good since it can motivate you to do well. However, bear in mind that this can also have a negative impact on your life. 

Remember that life is filled with impermanence and imperfection, and instead of striving for perfection, focus on self-growth, progress, and building healthy relationships with yourself and with others. 

8) Difficulty with emotional regulation

Twin flame chasers are driven by emotions, which can override their rational thinking. The connection they feel towards their twin flame is powerful and overwhelming, making them feel like it is hard to manage. 

Unfortunately, this can lead them to do things without thinking of the consequences.

If you’re having difficulty with emotional regulation, it might help to adopt coping techniques such as meditation and journaling. 

Try to identify the emotions you are experiencing instead of letting yourself be carried away by them. Pay attention to your thoughts and the accompanying physical sensations and practice self-compassion.

9) Prone to self-sabotage 

Without healthy coping techniques, twin flame chasers who get carried away by their emotions can be overwhelmed to the point that they engage in self-destructive behaviors. 

They may even self-sabotage to gain momentary relief from the anxiety and restlessness they are feeling in the moment.

If you have this trait, make sure to be aware of the instances you are engaging in negative self-talk. 

Treat yourself with kindness and build a support system you can rely on. 

Surrounding yourself with kind and positive people who will have your back and motivate you can do wonders for your wellbeing and minimize the urge to self-sabotage.

10) Difficulty with letting go and moving on

For some twin flame chasers, the thought of giving up on their twin flame connection is unbearable. The deep sense of connection and attraction they feel draws them in so much that even though the feelings aren’t reciprocated or the relationship has become unhealthy, they still hold on and hope that things get better.

They may believe that the struggle is all part of the journey and that despite how rocky things are going, they are still destined to be with their twin flame. 

If the twin flame chaser also believes that their twin flame can help heal their other emotional wounds, then giving up on the connection means that they are also giving up on the possibility of healing.

If you’re a twin flame chaser who has reached a point where the pursuit is causing you and your twin flame continuous pain, it might be time to reassess if this is something you should keep doing.

Consider this

Twin flame chasers are intense and passionate individuals capable of deep love and commitment when it comes to their twin flame. 

However, due to their passionate and emotion-driven nature, they may also be prone to having traits that can lead to negative outcomes.

The twin flame connection’s purpose is for the twin flames to help each other grow on their spiritual journey. While some twin flames end up in a long-term relationship, others are only meant to momentarily be in each other’s lives to serve as a catalyst for each other’s growth. 

If you’re a twin flame chaser who is experiencing an unhealthy dynamic with your twin flame, remember this:

If you decide to let go of your twin flame, it doesn’t mean you’ve given up on the possibility of finding a deep connection. 

It just means you’re giving yourself the chance to grow and heal so that you can eventually be ready for healthier relationships moving forward.

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