9 signs of a non-romantic twin flame

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Although twin flames often fall in love and get married, not all twin flame relationships are romantic.

Twin flames are described as being two halves of one soul.

The purpose of twin flames is to encourage spiritual growth in one another.

So if you’ve found someone that you have a deep soul connection to but you’re not interested in them romantically, here are 9 signs of a non-romantic twin.

1) Your paths keep crossing

It’s commonly reported that non-romantic twin flames find themselves drawn to one another again and again.

For example:

You might keep running into each other at the supermarket, the bank, yoga class, or even on vacation.

The fact that you’ve kept finding yourselves in each other’s paths is a big clue about your relationship.

It’s a sign that the universe is trying to unite you.

So even though there’s nothing romantic about these encounters, it doesn’t mean that you should rule out that this person is your twin flame.

2) You feel like you’re meeting yourself

Picture this:

You meet someone for the first time and it’s the most strange and familiar feeling…

You feel like you’re looking in the mirror. And it’s not really about physical appearances, though it is possible that you share some traits, but, it feels like you’re reuniting with some part of yourself.

Getting to know each other, you may find that you have the same likes and dislikes.

You’re able to communicate effortlessly, it almost feels like you can read each other’s minds.

When working on a project together, you’re totally in sync.

You feel very comfortable in each other’s presence, which is an undeniable sign that you’ve met your non-romantic twin flame.

3) Multiple similarities

Turns out that many non-romantic twin flames are reported to have a lot of similarities.

You may find yourselves talking about the same things, agreeing on certain issues, or understanding one another in ways that you don’t with others.

But wait, there’s more.

Twin flames often share life stories.

  • Did you grow up in similar neighborhoods?
  • Were you both bullied at school?
  • Did you both wear braces?
  • Did you both have chickenpox when you were 10?
  • Did you both have a dog named Buster?

You’ll find that you may have gone through similar experiences growing up – some actually mirroring each other.

It’s possible that you even lived through similar trauma – such as a fire or car accident.

4) You share hobbies and interests

It’s not uncommon for twin flames to share the same hobbies and interests.

If you play tennis together, both of you might get into tennis a year before you meet.

Now, maybe you both love knitting and decide to open a yarn store together.

Maybe both of you want to become teachers, or perhaps start a nonprofit.

It’s common that twin flames share the same desires, dreams, and aspirations – not just in romantic relationships but in non-romantic ones as well.

It’s more than likely that your common interests are what brought you together.

5) Shared desire to grow

Besides having the same goals and similar interests, your twin flame will also likely have a shared desire to grow.

They want to be better people, better parents, better lovers, better friends – better human beings.

They want to learn to love themselves. They want to balance their lives in a new way.

They want to live their lives with greater compassion and understanding for others.

The general rule is that twin flames want to grow and evolve together.

If you’re merrily living your life, living with ‘no agenda’, you may find that the person you believe is your non-romantic twin will come in and start pushing your buttons, causing conflict just so they can show you how to stand up for yourself and raise your vibration.

They might want to show you how many of your agreements are in place that keep you stuck.

They may even try to get you to break free from limiting beliefs.

You’ll feel like a leaf in the wind whenever they’re around (in a good way).

6) The meeting is life-changing

The meeting of twin flames can be life-changing.

Maybe meeting your twin flame will be the reason you decide to return to your spiritual practice and devote more time to being more present and living in the moment.

It might show you how much you need another person in your life.

You see, each non-romantic twin flame is unique and there are many factors that can cause a meeting with your non-romantic twin flame to be life-changing.

It’s also possible that your twin shows up at a moment of crisis when you need someone the most.

When you’re at a crossroads in life and feel like you’re utterly lost – they come along to show you the way.

It could be a deep friendship. Or, it could be a mentor-mentee relationship.

They’ll come into your life when you need them most and show you that you can be yourself without having to judge or hide anything from anyone else.

You’ll find that there’s never any judgment with this person, only understanding and love.

One thing is for sure…

The meeting is likely to have a significant impact on your life in some way.

7) Synchronicity

Twin flames share many common interests and experiences, but you may also find that there’s a lot of synchronicity in your relationship.

Let me explain.

You might find yourself telling your twin about a dream you had, only to have them tell you they dreamt the exact same thing.

You might both find that you’re listening to the same song, watching the same TV show, or reading the same book.

Or maybe you’ll think of them only to have them text you the next moment…

The bottom line is, you’ll find there are plenty of “coincidences” that connect you to your twin.

8) You feel close to them

Once you’ve met your twin, there’s no question that you have an intense connection with them.

You’ll feel very close to them, like you’ve known them all of your life.

This may not always be the case with other people in your life – and I’m talking about people you’ve known for years.

You’ll feel like they’re a part of you and don’t know how you could possibly live without them.

There’s a true sense of oneness – both emotionally and spiritually – that connects you to your twin flame.

And the best part?

You feel safe talking to them about anything, even things you’ve never shared with anyone before.

9) They make you want to be better

The meeting of twin flames is majestic because it shifts your perspective and makes you want to become a better person.

It’s like a wakeup call that things can always be better – especially once you’ve met your other half.

Twin flames can make you want to change habits that you’ve had for years…even decades.

They’ll inspire you to live life with greater purpose, meaning, and joy.

They’ll show you another way to exist in this world where the word “love” is not just a word, but something that’s felt within your soul and expressed through your actions.

Sounds good right?


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