My twin flame won’t talk to me: 15 things to do

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There’s nothing more painful, hurtful, and frustrating when your twin flame isn’t contacting you.

You’ve been trying to reach your twin flame, but they would rather stay aloof. Now it feels like a deep part of yourself is being ignored and rejected.

You spend hours understanding what went wrong and you can’t figure out why they’re pulling away.

So you won’t get confused anymore, it’s time to find out what you can do right now so your twin will communicate with you again.

Steps to take when your twin flame isn’t talking to you

Being ghosted and getting that silent treatment from your twin soul is the worst feeling in the world.

But this doesn’t mean that you’re not on a twin flame journey together. It could be that you’re in another phase of your twin flame relationship.

Here’s what you can do:

1) Give them space

Pay attention to what you’re doing.

While you keep on contacting your twin flame and smothering them with your presence, be careful. Doing this and trying to catch their attention might push them further away – and you don’t want this to happen.

The thing with twin flames is that energies can be too overwhelming. This isn’t good as it makes your twin flame feel scared, confused, or exhausted.

This is known as “soul shock” – which often makes one the runner and the other one the chaser.

When this happens, it’s best to give your twin flame space to breathe and time to reflect and work on their emotions.

In time, your twin flame will come to see that since the pull between you is too intense and real.

And once your twin flame acknowledges that, they’ll work their way back to you.

2) Respect yourself and their silence

As much as you want to catch your twin flame’s attention, refrain from forcing any kind of communication.

What you can do is understand their silence.

Respect that your twin soul doesn’t want to talk. But there will be signs if you want to know if your twin flame is thinking of you.

Let your twin flame meditate and process this twin-flame relationship.

During this period, it’s best to give yourself respect as well. Doing this will boost your self-esteem and you’ll get to realize your self-worth.

This way, your twin flame will also get to do the same. Your twin flame will rise and mirror what they feel towards you.

With this kind of love and respect, you’ll be able to meet at the same level.

3) Get a real psychic’s confirmation

The signs I’m revealing in this article will give you a good idea about what to do when your twin flame isn’t talking to you.

But could you get even more clarity by speaking to a real advisor?

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4) Allow your twin flame to venture out in their much-needed journey

Sometimes, we need to grow and learn separately – so you don’t have to panic.

Understand that your twin flame has the right to be distant from time to time.

This means that separation is part of your twin flame journey and doesn’t mean the end of your relationship.

Realize that having a twin flame connection is sharing unconditional love for each other.

It means loving in moments of silence and distance – and allowing the relationship to grow no matter what.

Value this true gift of love that exists within you.

In time, this journey and twin flame separation will be over.

5) Heal yourself

Instead of feeling frustrated with your twin flame’s silent treatment, use this period to fuel yourself to heal yourself – mentally and emotionally.

Self-healing is a way of caring for and loving yourself again. You need to heal to find peace within yourself.

It’s about healing yourself from pain, heartbreaks, past traumas, loss of loved ones, and betrayal.

To start this healing process, you have to address and face those fears. Identify negative beliefs that are affecting your life and who you’re becoming.

Even if it seems hard as it can hit you to the core, it’s not as complicated as it seems to be.

You can start with these simple self-healing techniques:

  • Take a rest and meditate
  • Breathe into your pain and discomfort
  • Practice yoga
  • Practice self-compassion and forgiveness
  • Recreate your thoughts and perspectives positively
  • Find a form of self-expression

With self-healing, you become your best self.

And when you and your twin flame have gone through a period of healing and self-understanding, that’s the time when you’re ready to reunite.

6) Focus on yourself

Try not to worry too much about what’s going on in your twin flame separation.  It can be unhealthy and even destructive when someone occupies your thoughts too much.

Why not remove your attention away from your twin flame and give it to yourself?

Rather than chasing your twin flame, shift your focus back onto yourself.

For instance, you can focus on what you’re passionate about or what you feel you’re called to do.

Thinking less about your twin flame can give you that much-needed healing and understanding.

See this as a journey to awakening, self-realization, and being comfortable in your own company.

Look within to recognize your soul.

And fill yourself with love that you feel is missing at this moment.

Know that even your twin flame is a part of you, you are still complete on your own.

This “How to find your twin flame (7 key steps)” video by Justin Brown encourages us to believe that we are “whole” on our own. This makes us realize to stop seeing ourselves as a “split in half” because we know that our twin flame is out there.

This way, you can prepare yourself to be the person you can be in a relationship.

YouTube video

7) Raise your vibration

Even if you’re not feeling good because of your twin flame’s absence, try to connect with your higher self.

Positive energy works to bring positive results in your life – so let this vibration move into your life.

You can do simple yet powerful ways to raise your vibrations

  • Listen to feel-good music
  • Meditate and practice breathwork
  • Do anything that makes you happy
  • Spend time with your family and friends

Once you learn how to embrace, love, care for yourself and bring joy to your life, your twin flame will soon make a comeback.

And there are things you can do if you think that your twin flame doesn’t recognize you.

8) Turn on your inner light

Be cautious about how you’re spending your emotions and energy as your twin flame is mirroring this.

Your twin flame’s energy is always with you and will guide you on your journey.

Make your twin soul see the good and purest part of yourself that they wish they could connect with.

The best way to work on yourself is to develop your inner energy – and that’s your light.

Here’s how you can awaken your inner spirit and the strength of your soul:

  • Connect with the source of your inner strength
  • Take a walk to experience the beauty of nature
  • Do things that make you feel powerful
  • Spend time with high-vibration people
  • Be open to things that excite you

You’ll come to a point where you won’t need to reach out to your twin flame as you’re content with your life.

Within your inner self is a strong spirit that’s far greater than what you realize.

Allow that light that you have to grow and blossom.

9) Find a distraction

Worrying too much about why your twin flame isn’t talking to you will hurt you even more.

You’ll feel a lot disappointed when your twin soul won’t respond to your messages.

There’s not much you can do until your twin flame decides to open up. So stop chasing and waiting anxiously.

Keep your mind off this by living in the moment. Though this doesn’t mean neglecting your twin flame.

And when you think that your twin flame shuts you out, do this.

Just enjoy doing things that you love. Be with the company of your family and friends.

10) Stop chasing – but never cut off communication

When you keep on chasing after your twin flame, the more they’ll turn to be the runner.

Also, let go of all your expectations and fears.

But you don’t have to give up on your twin flame either.

Instead, keep the channel of communication open – even if it’s a simple note saying that you’re ready to talk whenever they are.

Let your twin flame know that you’re respecting their space and that you love them nonetheless.

By letting this situation unfold on its own, you’re lifting the pressure off them.

It means trusting the Universe, trusting this situation and the reason behind all this.

As you’re sharing an energetic connection, your twin flame is likely to come back sooner once they’re ready.

11) Trust your intuition

Twin flames affect each other energetically and communicate telepathically.

Since you share a special connection with your twin soul, listen to your gut feeling.

Instincts are powerful – as they are your inner soul.

If your gut is telling you that your twin flame is having fears, experiencing difficulties, or searching for something, find out what it is. It could be unresolved conflicts or past issues that need to be resolved.

And if your instinct is letting you know to reach out to your twin flame after some time, follow it.

You will know that your twin flame is thinking of you when you can feel their presence within you.

When you have learned to trust and follow your inner soul, take it as a clear sign that your twin flame is ready to talk – and that the twin flame reunion is almost near.

You will know that someone is coming back – you just have to pay more attention to those signs.

Our YouTube video below will help you discover more signs that your twin flame is returning back to you.

YouTube video

12) Ponder other twin flame possibilities

For a moment, try not to get stressed about whether your twin flame will manifest itself in your life or not.

There are clear signs if you want to know if your twin flame doesn’t want you.

While the idea that your twin flame isn’t interested in a romantic relationship with you is painful, consider other twin flame possibilities.

It could be a sign that you have other twin flames. Or it could be that your soulmate is waiting for you.

You don’t have to let go of this twin flame connection. It simply means embracing change and being able to open your minds and hearts to more possibilities.

If this is the case, you can continue moving on with life.

13) Find purpose behind this silence

Everything that happens in life – both the good and the bad – has meaning.

Life is a journey of lessons, challenges, and growth. Embrace and find the value of this experience.

The Divine is using this silence as an instrument of healing on many levels. So pay more attention to what your soul is trying to show you.

Most of the time, it’s the hurtful silence that turns us inwards and propels us through this healing process.

See this twin flame situation as a step closer to where we need to be – a true, loving relationship.

Regardless of how this situation turns out to be, know that your twin soul’s silence is golden.

Twin flames naturally come together after isolation and separation to share their learnings.

14) Look beyond the label

Relationship labels can either give us comfort or limit us.

Similarly, labels like soulmate, kindred spirit or twin flame give a deeper essence of the connection you have, these labels remain to be a concept.

Thus, it’s vital to open your heart and mind to look beyond these – so you can figure out the true beauty that lies within it.

Justin Brown’s  “How to find your twin flame (7 key steps)” video suggests resisting the need to label our relationships as twin flames.

Keep in mind that our experience matters more than the label we use to define our relationships.

15) Be open to getting help

If it feels overwhelming and you’re having problems in the relationship, it’s best to seek further help.

You can consider astrology to gain clarity and help you figure out why your twin flame isn’t talking to you. This will help you connect with your twin flame.

You can also speak to a real psychic or get your psychic reading to confirm if there’s something wrong with your twin flame.

Just make sure to find a truly caring and knowledgeable psychic. A real psychic will guide you and even reveal all your love possibilities.

Doing this helps end your twin flame’s silence.

Trust yourself

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