My twin flame rejected me: 10 things to do when this happens

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When you’re on the receiving end of a rejection, it can be heartbreaking. 

And the worst part? If your twin flame is the one who rejects you, it can feel even more heartbreaking because of your deep connection – you know that better than anyone.

No matter how strong and confident you are, rejection is an inevitable part of life – and, surprisingly enough, it’s pretty common to be rejected by a twin flame, too.

So, to help you get over this pain, I’ve put together a list of ten things to do when you know that your twin flame has rejected you.

Let’s jump right in…

1) Accept that now is not the right time to be together

In the case of twin flames, there is such thing as perfect timing. How come? 

As you probably know (since you’re a twin flame), both twins have to be awakened to recognize each other. 

In addition, they have to meet at the perfect time so they can connect on an even deeper level as they realize how much they have in common. 

If the timing isn’t right – because both twins have to go through the necessary steps prior to meeting each other – then you won’t be able to be together.

In other words, your twin may have rejected you because they are not ready to connect with you in a deeper way yet.

It could be because they have not reached their full potential because of their past, and that’s the problem.

So, the best thing you can do is accept that now is not the right time to be together, then move on with your life. 

Don’t worry, though! Maybe you won’t have to wait for long until your counterpart is ready to take things further with you.

Remember: Twin flames are destined to be together, so a simple rejection means nothing in the bigger picture.

2) Don’t stop working on improving yourself

Although your twin rejected you and you are heartbroken, you have to understand that working on yourself is really important. 

With this in mind, try not to pause this process.

Your development is essential not only for your happiness but also for your relationship with your twin flame. How so?

Twin souls have a lot of progress to make if they want to experience all the stages of a twin flame relationship (union, separation, reunion, and so on).

Therefore, it’s recommended that you find ways to keep practicing self-love and self-acceptance. In addition, know that everything you do is a kind of preparation for your twin flame to come back into your life.

Once you see changes in your life (i.e., improvements in your behavior, learning how to forgive yourself, etc.), you’ll know that you’re one step closer to a relationship with your twin flame.

You just have to keep improving yourself from inside and outside, one step at a time. In this regard, try to focus on improving all aspects of your life, not only your spiritual side.

After all, your counterpart is also a human who appreciates a hot body. So, work on making yourself a better (-looking) person for yourself and your twin flame journey.

3) Get tailored twin flame advice 

The points we cover in this article will give you a good idea of what to do if your twin flame rejects you.

But even with our expert advice, we know how unique every situation is. 

That’s why we recommend getting a personalized reading to really address the issues you’re facing.

The key, however, is finding someone trustworthy to speak to.

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4) Try to find out the real reason your twin flame rejected you

To be honest, most of the time there’s nothing you can do to change your twin flame’s mind when they reject you. 

However, maybe their reason is something you can solve right away. Maybe it’s not even related to your progress and/or enlightenment.

So, to make sure you’re not missing out on an opportunity to be together with your twin flame, ask them why they rejected you.

If they give you an answer, great! You can do your best to change their mind or fix whatever you did wrong.

If not, at least you’ll be certain that it wasn’t your fault – and this means you can move on knowing that the rejection was due to something related to them, not you.

In fact, when things don’t work out between twin flames, it’s usually not because of the other half’s fault, but because of something related to themselves.

To be more specific, maybe they’re not ready to be with you yet. After all, even the most dedicated twin soul can’t realize their full potential unless it is ready.

Even though you may feel as if your twin flame is being unfair or cruel for rejecting you, most of the time it’s because of something unrelated to you. And this is really important to acknowledge!

For example, their past has made them develop a pattern of self-sabotage. Or, they are going through an emotional upheaval, which is giving them a hard time at work and in their love life.

5) Make sure they are not your false twin flame

False twin flames, what’s that? 

A false twin flame is someone who isn’t the real half of your soul but sure feels like they are. You might think that you’ve found true love only to be told that it was a false twin flame

But how can you tell? How can you recognize a false twin flame?

  • You don’t feel “at home” when you’re with them.
  • You can’t communicate telepathically or in dreams.
  • You don’t feel like you were connected before.

However, if you do feel that strong pull and seem to have a lot in common with this person, don’t be too hard on yourself – it means you just followed your heart. Instead, just let them go and move on with your life. 

Look at it this way: This person is not your real twin flame, which means that your counterpart has not rejected you. That’s good news! 

Now, you can concentrate on finding your true twin flame. Because you know that they are out there, and they’re probably waiting to meet you and be with you, just as much as you do.

6) Don’t let this experience disillusion you

A lot of people think that a twin flame relationship is a key to happiness – and if it doesn’t work out, they become disillusioned with love and spirituality. 

Don’t be fooled, though! Your twin flame relationship is very important for your spiritual journey; however, you can’t let a bad experience change you.

In fact, the relationship with your twin flame will not be the best experience of your life – no matter what happens. 

The reason is simple: You two have to face challenges just like every other couple does, and more. You’ll have to go through difficulties that other couples don’t have to deal with.

For example, your twin flame will probably come back into your life only to disappear again, over and over again (the separation stage). Although this might feel terrible, it’s for the greater good.

It will teach you to let go and trust that everything happens for a good reason. So, don’t let the presence or absence of your twin flame define who you are.

That said, try to take this experience as a learning lesson. And, for the love of God, don’t give up on love and your spiritual journey!

7) Focus on finding your soulmate instead

Instead of focusing on your twin flame, focus on your soulmate! 

Wait, what? Yes, there are other people out there who are meant to be in your life.

Maybe your twin flame rejected you because now you’re meant to have a better experience with another person – i.e., your soulmate.

One of the best ways to deal with your twin flame rejecting you is to find someone who makes you happy or who at least doesn’t make you feel as miserable as your twin flame did. 

Of course, this is not a solution that will work for everyone all the time, especially when it comes to being in a relationship with someone else.

But how can you know for sure if someone is your soulmate?

Let’s face it:

It’s not always easy to know when you’ve met “the one”. That’s why so many of us waste valuable emotions and time on relationships that never lead anywhere, like a relationship with a false twin flame.

But what if there was a way to know for sure who your soulmate is?

I’ve just stumbled upon a way to do this…  a professional psychic artist who can draw a sketch of what your soulmate looks like.

I wasn’t convinced at first, but then I gave it a go after a friend recommended it. 

Now I know exactly what my soulmate looks like. Even more surprising – I’ve known them for years.

So, if you’re ready to find out what your soulmate looks like, get your own sketch drawn here.

8) Try to discover parts of yourself that you repress or hide

Have you ever heard of shadow work? 

If not, it’s basically the process of bringing conscious awareness to unconscious patterns of behavior that don’t serve you. 

Simply put, it’s a way to reprogram your unconscious mind. 

Why is it important? Because, to be more specific, it will allow you to discover the parts of yourself that you repress or hide.

In your twin flame journey, there might be some “shadow aspects” of yourself that are causing you to repel your twin. 

That’s why shadow work is so important. Because it’s the only way to discover these aspects of yourself and bring them into the light.

If you don’t do that, if you’re hiding things from yourself or fearing them, you’ll set yourself up for failure. Because these aspects won’t leave you alone. Not until you face them.

So, to save yourself a lot of pain, try shadow work and find out what these aspects are!

Once you do so, you’ll know how to work with them and make sure they don’t ruin your future and the relationship you’ll have with your twin flame. 

In this regard, finding someone to help you out with this could be a great idea. And, if you don’t know where to begin, I suggest starting with your dark side.

9) Start looking for your true soul’s purpose

Did you know that finding your true soul’s purpose can bring you one step closer to your twin flame?

The reason behind this is that twin flames usually have common goals and shared soul purposes.

If you’re not sure where to look, try looking within yourself. 

You can start this process by doing the following: 

  • Describe what you want to achieve in your life (i.e., spiritual growth, emotional balance).
  • Ask yourself if this is something that you really want. If not, don’t do it. 
  • If you really want this, focus on it and try to see it in your third eye. 

Imagine yourself in your mind’s eye doing what you want to achieve. For example, if you want to find your true soul’s purpose, imagine yourself doing that now. If you know exactly what you want but can’t see the image clearly, ask the universe to make it clear to you. 

Although it might seem like you’re doing nothing, the universe is working behind the scenes to give you what you want. 

So don’t give up on this “quest.” And don’t ask for anything else right now. This is just a first step. 

10) Don’t stop chasing your twin flame

So, your twin flame rejected you. What does this mean? It means he/she is the runner.

Let me explain:

In a twin flame relationship, one of the twins is the runner and the other one the chaser. Twins have these roles for multiple reasons, such as lack of awakening, immaturity, and so on.

In other words, if your twin flame rejects you, it means that he/she is meant to be the runner in your twin flame relationship and you are meant to be the chaser. 

The chaser has to go after the runner because it feels right, and that’s how it is meant to be. 

So, now that you know this, you can choose not to give up on chasing your twin flame. Don’t run from your twin flame relationship. Keep chasing it and don’t give up on love. 

However, keep in mind that if you choose this path, you might get hurt a lot during the process. Being the chaser is not easy. 

In fact, it’s the most challenging role of all, because you’re forced to follow your twin flame even when he/she rejects you.

Here’s one last tip: If you’re trying to avoid pain, don’t chase your twin flame at all. You’ll end up with a lot less pain in the long run.

Can your twin flame not love you?

Love is included in a twin flame relationship, right?

Well… not really. To your surprise, I have to tell you that it’s common for twin flames not to love each other. At least not in the beginning. 

But why? As I mentioned before, some twins are not aware they are twins. So, instead of surrendering to their counterparts, they pull away because they’re confused and scared.

Another reason why twin flames might not love each other is immaturity. One or both of the twins might not know how to love and might be unable to develop these kinds of feelings for their counterparts in the beginning.

And, even if they do love their mirror souls, they might not want to admit it. Why? 

Because they might fear that expressing their feelings would make them vulnerable. So, instead of admitting that they feel love for their twin flame, they reject them.

The truth is, it’s hard to tell what’s really going on.

That’s why I recommend getting a personalized reading by one of the gifted advisors over at Psychic Source

I mentioned them earlier.

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So, what are you waiting for?

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Can your twin flame love someone else?

The answer is: yes. Your twin flame can love someone else. He/she can love their friends, family, and soulmates. Also, they can love someone else who is not their twin flame.

Love is a powerful thing. It can define a person’s personality. And your twin flame might’ve already fallen in love with someone before meeting you. 

But that doesn’t mean they won’t be able to love you as well. In fact, they’re perfectly capable of loving both you and other people at the same time.

However, if your twin flame has fallen in love already, it might be hard for them to give their heart to someone else.

That’s why it’s important to be aware of this fact and accept it as a possibility.

Why is the thought of your twin falling in love with someone else scary? Because it might mean that they won’t love you anymore.

I know, it’s scary. But you don’t need to worry, because that’s not going to happen. Your twin’s love for you will never go away.

Can I be friends with my twin flame?

Unlike soulmate relationships, twin flame relationships are usually romantic in nature. That’s because twins usually fall in love with each other.

However, that doesn’t mean they can’t be friends. Your twin flame can be your friend but not your lover, at least not right after you meet.

In a way, it’s better to be friends with your twin flame at first because that’s how you avoid that overwhelming sensation that scares most twins.

However, it’s always better to have love in your life too. 

So, you can decide to move in your relationship step by step. And at some point, if the two of you are ready and if feelings are mutual, there’s no reason why you can’t become lovers. 

Your twin flame rejected you. What next?

I can’t begin to imagine how it feels when your twin flame rejects you. You must be going through a very difficult moment right now.

However, despite this reality, I believe both of you will be able to manage it.

Hopefully, you should now have a good idea of the things you can do if your twin flame rejects you. But if you’d still like to get more clarity on the situation, speaking to a gifted advisor is the best way to go. 

I mentioned Psychic Source earlier. Based on my own personal experience with them, I know they’re the real deal. Their advisors are kind and genuinely helpful.

So, if you really want to get to the bottom of why they rejected you, get in touch with an advisor and take your future into your own hands. I did, and it changed my life.

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