What to do when your twin flame is too busy for you

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Finding your twin flame is an exciting time in your life. That feeling of love and connection is like no other. It’s intense and exhilarating, and it brings up a whole flood of emotions.

But sometimes it might seem like you’re the only one feeling so excited. We all lead busy lives, but when your twin flame is too busy for you, you can easily feel rejected.

If you’ve been feeling like this, then I’m here to help. In this article, I’ll go over some reasons behind your twin flame being busy, and what you can do when your twin flame is so busy, you’re starting to feel neglected.

Ready?  Let’s get right into it:

Do they still love me?

This is probably the biggest question on your mind, so I wanted to make sure to address it first. A twin flame relationship is a unique relationship, but it’s still fully grounded in the real world.

Your twin flame being busy doesn’t necessarily mean they no longer love or care about you. Take a deep breath and look at exactly why they’re busy.

Maybe they picked up a new job recently. Maybe they’re having health or family issues. Maybe they’ve started a new hobby.

Whatever the reason, it isn’t an excuse, but it is something you can look at and explain to the worried part of you.

On the other hand, what if there is no new reason and they simply don’t seem to want to spend time with you?

Are they a runner?

A twin flame connection is intense, and overwhelming for people who aren’t used to this kind of psychic energy.

That kind of person is known as a ‘runner,’ which means basically what it sounds like: they’re running from the connection between you. For whatever reason, they think they need to protect themselves–and by extension, protect you.

The thing about twin flames, though, is that you’re the same soul and therefore mirror each other perfectly. So if they’re running… so are you.

Seems crazy, especially if you’re the one trying so hard to keep up the connection with your twin flame when they’re acting like they’re too busy to make you a priority. But if you’re a woman and your partner is a man there is a way to get him to stop running and come back to you.

The hero instinct

Have you heard of this concept before? Coined by relationship coach James Bauer, it basically claims that men have a biological drive to earn their partner’s love, and to feel like they’re needed.

Now, you may feel a little offended at the concept. I know I did originally, as someone who considers herself a strong independent feminist. But in looking into it further, I found it makes a certain kind of sense.

The hero instinct isn’t trying to say that men should always be the protector and the ‘alpha male.’ It’s simply saying that triggering a man’s hero instinct enables him to become more present and committed in your relationship.

So how do you trigger the hero instinct?

First, whatever you do, make sure that it is sincere and authentic. You’re not trying to manipulate your partner; you’re just trying to encourage his natural instinct to protect and cherish you.

Here’s five quick tips to trigger this instinct:

  • Ask for help. This is really the simplest way to trigger the hero instinct in your partner. Give him the opportunity to help you out and he’ll feel needed–especially if you show your appreciation for his help.
  • Give him genuine praise. The key word here is genuine. Make him feel good and he’ll see you as the unique woman you are–and his twin flame.
  • But don’t go overboard. He’ll sense it if you’re being insincere and you’ll do the opposite of making him feel loved and needed.
  • Let him protect you. As women, it’s an unfortunate fact of life that we often get catcalls on the street. Most of us either ignore it or get aggressive. If this happens, let your partner take care of it instead.
  • Communicate. Tell him when you’re happy, and be honest about your feelings. Let him know that you love and appreciate him, and the things he does for you.

Hopefully these tips help you if your twin flame is on the run, but also keep in mind that you’re a whole and complete person even if you’re separated from your twin.

Concentrate on yourself

Your twin flame might be the other half of your soul, but they aren’t your missing piece. They complement you; they don’t complete you.

So if your twin flame is too busy for you, take some time to work on yourself. Indulge in some self-care and treat yourself a little. Explore your neighbourhood, hang out with friends and family, or buy yourself that video game or makeup kit you’ve been eyeing.

And while you’re doing that, take some time for a little self-reflection. You may have flaws–hey, we all do–but you’re still worthy of love. Having a twin flame means having a catalyst for self-growth, and you both deserve to heal your psychic wounds and come out stronger for it.

That being said, sometimes you may have to face up to the hard truth that your twin flame isn’t interested in a close relationship with you, whether that’s romantic or platonic. This isn’t your fault, but fate might just have other plans in store for you both.

We can’t control the universe–and trust me, I definitely wish I could. And since we can’t, you’ll have to trust that if you and your twin flame are meant to be together, you will be. 

The universe will reveal its full plan eventually, so until that happens, you have someone very important to take care of: yourself.

If you don’t think that’s the problem, though, then there are still a few ways you can bring your twin flame’s attention back to you.

Communicate, communicate, communicate

If you’ve been trying to reach out and your twin flame’s just been ignoring you, there’s a good chance they’re not interested. But if they’re honestly just caught up in the other parts of their life, you should be able to sit them down and ask them what’s going on.

And the best thing about being twin flames is that you can communicate on a deeper level than just words. You may already have a sense of what’s really bothering your twin. But that doesn’t mean there’s no benefit to an honest conversation using words.

For example, with my partner I feel like we can just vibe most of the time. But we still make the time to check in with each other and ask how each other’s doing. It only strengthens our relationship–not to mention triggering his hero instinct.

With your twin flame, you both experience intense emotions, feeding off each other. Some of these emotions are positive: happiness, love, attraction. And some are negative: anger, jealousy, and depression. Your connection just amplifies each of these emotions, for both of you.

But though communication is important, clinging to your twin flame will only drive them further away. You may be feeling panicked and grasping at your twin flame makes you feel better.

Put a little distance between you

Just a little. Take a deep breath and step back if your twin flame isn’t receptive to your attempts to talk things out. Sometimes a separation between you is actually a good thing.

For one, you’ll be able to determine if they truly are your twin flame. If they are, it doesn’t matter how many times, or for how long, you separate, because the universe will always bring you two back together.

And if they’re not? It doesn’t mean you don’t have a twin flame, or that you should give up on finding them. 

Sometimes the person you think is your twin flame is really just a brief spark. The connection you feel is still completely valid, don’t get me wrong; but you may just find when you meet your true twin flame, it’s more of a bonfire.

Feeling better? Always remember, no matter what: you’re a complete and whole person, with or without your mirror soul. 

And if your twin flame is too busy for you, it’s not a matter of what you’ve done wrong. At the end of the day, you and your twin flame only want what’s best for each other.

So focus on yourself first, and trust that your connection will bring you back together.

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