“My twin flame is happy with someone else”: 13 tips if this is you

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If you’re like most people, you probably think of your twin flame as the love of your life. 

But what if you feel our twin flame is happy with someone else? What if you feel like you’ve been passed up for them?

You’re not alone. In fact, a lot of people experience this feeling.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, if you’re in a relationship and your twin flame is happy with someone else, it can be tough to know what to do. 

Here are 13 tips to help if this is you.

13 tips if your twin flame is happy with someone else

1) Have an honest communication with your twin flame

Did you know that communication is a key to happy and healthy relationships?

If not, then that’s a big problem.

Bad communication is the main source of conflict in relationships.

If you don’t communicate openly, you can get hurt and your relationship can suffer.

In fact, communication is so important that it’s one of the top deal breakers for a healthy relationship. And if you don’t know why he’s happy with someone else, chances are that you don’t really communicate with him openly.

You’ve probably heard this before:

“If you love someone, tell them. If they love you, tell them. If they don’t love you, it doesn’t matter. You have to let them go and move on with your life”.

Sounds a bit cliche, right?

However, that’s the truth.

In other words, open communication will help you sort things out with your twin flame.

But what if you won’t communicate with your twin flame?

Then, chances are that he’ll end up being unhappy with someone else. And you don’t really want that, do you?

So it’s very important to have healthy communication with your twin flame.

The more sensitive the topic is, the more important it is to communicate openly and honestly.

That’s why I’m glad to share with you that I’ve just found a way to have honest communication with my twin flame.

Remember: it’s not only about communication but also about understanding and trust.

2) Explore their reasons

Ever wondered why your twin flame prefers to be with someone else?

After all, they’re your twin flames and not someone else’s, right? They’re supposed to love you.

If you’ve ever felt like this, it’s worth exploring why.

It’s possible that your twin flame just isn’t ready for a relationship with you. Or perhaps they’re waiting for something to change in your life before they commit to you.

But there’s another thing.

Do they acknowledge that you have twin flames? What do you know about this other person?

Maybe they think they’re not your twin flames but someone else’s. Maybe you’ve been mistaken about the situation and need to reevaluate it.

Let me explain. Sometimes twin flames aren’t always aware that they’ve met their soulmate. Why?

Because they don’t know the signs that they’ve met their soulmates.  So they don’t recognize that they’ve met their twin flames.

Sometimes, twin flames can meet someone else who makes them feel good about themselves. And this person ends up showing them all the love and affection that you would have given them.

3) A gifted advisor confirms it 

The tips in this article will give you an insight into how to get over with the situation when your twin flame is happy with someone else.

Even so, issues related to love and dating can be confusing at the best of times, especially as your situation is unique to you. 

So could getting some outside guidance help?

It’s fair to say there are plenty of frauds out there, who are just waiting to take advantage when we’re at our most vulnerable.

But after a really challenging breakup, I found that speaking to an advisor from Psychic Source was super helpful.

The advisor I spoke to was kind, understanding, and insightful.

My love of reading gave me the guidance I was looking for (and needed) during a painful and confusing time.

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Not only can a gifted advisor tell you whether you can be happy if your twin flame is with someone else but they can reveal all your love possibilities.

4) Try to overcome being jealous of your winning flame

Let me talk about one important issue.

Jealousy is a very common problem in relationships.

A lot of people have jealousy issues, and it can be a real obstacle to relationship success.

If you don’t know how to deal with jealousy, it can even destroy your relationship.

For example: you find out that your partner has kissed someone else, and you feel jealous. You begin to think that they’re cheating on you and start thinking negative thoughts about them. And these thoughts lead to an argument, which leads to more negative thoughts… And so on… this vicious cycle will continue until the two of you are no longer happy together.

This is why it’s very important for you to overcome jealousy.

You need to understand that jealousy is an emotion. It’s normal, and it happens to everyone.

However, if you don’t know how to deal with jealousy, it can ruin your relationship.

I know it’s hard. But you should try to avoid being jealous, even when it’s about your soulmate. Why?

Because you don’t want to destroy your connection. You want to enjoy it.

So stop being jealous of your soulmate and try to let them be happy.

5) Have a healthy attitude towards yourself

Your twin flame is happy with someone else, and now you constantly blame yourself. You think it’s all your fault, and you begin to lose confidence.

You’re certain you’re the reason your relationship didn’t work out. And now you feel desperate because you’ve lost the love of your life.

Does this sound like you?

Don’t fall into this trap!

It’s not your fault that your twin flame is happy with someone else.

You’re feeling down because you’re jealous, and it’s a normal emotion.

However, you should try to have a healthy attitude towards yourself. At least for the time being. This will help you lift your spirits and give you the motivation to move forward in life. And then you’ll be able to deal with jealousy much easier.

But how can you maintain a healthy attitude? How can you stop blaming yourself?

I’ll tell you how.

You need to understand that your twin flame is perfectly happy with someone else.

They’re not cheating on you, and they’re not unhappy with you.

And as much as it may hurt you, it’s true that they could be happier with someone else.

That’s the nature of attraction. You don’t always have to be happy with the person you’re attracted to; sometimes another person can make you happier than your current partner. And this is normal.

It’s sad, but this is the way it works! You just have to accept this fact and learn how to deal with jealousy in a healthy way.

And guess what?

You can also be happy with someone other than your twin flame.

So, try to focus more on yourself and your life, and less on your twin flame and his relationship.

6) Do you recognize them?

If you worry so much about your twin flame being happy with someone else, I bet you’re certain that they’re your twin flames after all.

But how can you know for sure you’ve met your twin flame or soulmate??

The truth is:

We can waste a lot of time and emotions with people with who ultimately we’re not compatible with. Finding your soulmate is no easy task.

But what if there was a way to get absolute confirmation?

I’ve just stumbled upon a way to do this…  a professional psychic artist who can draw a sketch of what your soulmate looks like.

Even though I wasn’t convinced at first, my friend convinced me to try it out a few weeks ago.

Now I know exactly what my soulmate looks like. It’s crazy that I recognized them straight away.

If you’re ready to find out what your soulmate looks like, get your own sketch drawn here.

7) Don’t stay in contact with your twin flame

If you’re not sure about a relationship, it’s best to stay away from it.

Just as I said before, it’s better to be alone than to be unhappy.

But many people stay in contact with their old flame, despite the fact that they know their relationship is over. They feel desperate and try to hold on to the hope of a miracle happening.

But guess what?

This just leads them into more pain and disappointment, which can be very difficult for them to get over.

You should avoid staying in contact with your twin flame if you’re not sure about a relationship. This will help you mentally prepare yourself for the possibility that your relationship is over.

But how can staying away from them help you become closer to them?

The answer is simple. Having some space will eventually help them realize how much you mean to them. Why?

Because you’re their soulmate, not someone else. They should be happy with you. And they need time to realize this. So,  if you don’t contact them, they’ll eventually realize how much you mean to them.

And when they realize this, they’ll be able to let go of their current relationship and move on with their life.

8) Don’t expect anything from them

If you think that your twin flame will change and start loving you again, don’t expect them to do so.

You’ve probably heard this before, but it’s true: they’re not going to change.

They’re already happy with someone else and might never love you again.

And this is something you should accept: your twin flame is happy with someone else, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

You can’t force them to love you, so don’t expect them to love you again. They’re not going to change their minds.

This will help you mentally prepare yourself for the possibility that your relationship is over, and it will also help you learn how to move on from relationships more easily.

But you know what?

This is not a bad thing.

After all, knowing that your twin flame is happy with someone else will help you become a better person.

Knowing that you’re not the only one who’s unhappy lets you appreciate how lucky you are to have your twin flame.

And this makes you a much happier person, which is what matters most.

9) Give your twin flame some space

Now that you know how to deal with jealousy, you need to take action. 

And the first thing you need to do is give your twin flame some space. 

Let them go out with their other people without you. Don’t follow them everywhere they go; just let them be happy in a way that doesn’t involve you. 

You’ll feel sad, for sure, but I promise it will be much better for both of you if you do this. 

I know it’s hard, but if you do this, your twin flame will feel much more comfortable with someone else. And that’s good for you both.

Remember: staying away from your twin flame is temporary. The actual reason why you’re doing it is that you want to be happy with them. You want to help them realize you’re meant to be together.

And that’s why you should give them some space.

Just try to reassure your twin flame that you’re happy for them. and this will eventually make them feel sad. Why?

Because deep down, they want to be happy with you too.

And this is the best way to make that happen.

So don’t panic about being away from them for a while; just try to be supportive and understanding. And remember, it’s temporary.

10) Make sure your twin flame is really happy with someone else

Now I want you to stop right there and think about something.

  • How do you know if your twin flame is happy with someone else?
  • Are you certain that they do not want to be with you anymore?
  • Are they really seeing someone else at all?

Just ask yourself these questions and try to be honest with yourself.

If you know your twin flame isn’t truly happy with someone else, you can rest assured that they’re not going to leave you for that person.

What if they do this to make you jealous?

What if they feel a lack of attention from you and decide to go out with someone else?

Well, that’s what I want you to think about now. This is an important point in the process.

But if your twin flame is truly happy with someone else, what will happen?

In that case, you might have to deal with it in a way that I just talked about.

And the good thing is that you’ll be prepared for it.

I know it’s hard to think about, but if your twin flame truly does love someone else, then you need to face the truth and deal with your jealousy.

11) Find out why our relationship didn’t work out

If you and your twin flame had been dating for some time, then you might want to find out why things didn’t work out.

You need to know what caused your twin flame to leave you. This is something that you can only find out if you both talk about it.

And that’s why I suggest that you go for a relationship session with your twin flame. The best way to find out the reasons why your relationship didn’t work out is by talking about it with them. 

The good thing about going for a session is that both of you can have the chance, to be honest, and express what really happened between the two of you. And this will help clear up any misunderstandings or mistakes that might have occurred in the past. 

You’ll also be able to get to the bottom of what really caused your relationship to end.

  • Was it because you were not as compatible as you thought?
  • Was it because you weren’t so understanding towards your twin flame?
  • Or was it something else that caused the relationship to fail?

Whatever the reason is, one thing is for sure – your relationship didn’t work out, and you need to find out why.

That way you will increase the chances of having a true, loving relationship with your twin flame.

12) Get rid of stress and release your emotions

I’m sure that you’ve had a lot of stress in your life. And I also know that you might be feeling so much anxiety and worry.

And it’s not surprising because we’re all human beings, and we’re all prone to feeling stressed out from time to time.

But when it comes to your relationship, there is something you can do to feel better. 

And it’s as simple as taking a breath. 

When I was struggling the most in life, I was introduced to an incredible free breathwork video created by the shaman, Rudá Iandê. 

With a focus on dissolving stress and boosting inner peace, it was hard to resist giving it a go.

But with the turbulence of emotions I was facing and the pain of my twin flame dating someone else, I didn’t have high hopes. I had little self-esteem and confidence? Out of the window. 

So what made this breathwork video so effective?

Well, it comes down to the man behind it all. Rudá created these unique flows using a combination of ancient shamanic techniques and healing breathwork sequences. 

He’s spent years developing them to help people find their inner peace.  

So, if you feel a disconnect with yourself due to your twin flame being happy with someone else, I’d recommend checking out Rudá’s free breathwork video.

He’ll give you the tools to start injecting peace and confidence back into your life, from the very first breathwork exercise. 

Here’s a link to the free video again.

13) Do whatever your inner love instinct tells you

And finally, I’m going to conclude these tips on how to fix your twin flame relationship by reminding you of something that is essential.

You have an inner love instinct, and it’s designed to help you along your journey of self-discovery.

And as a result of this, you will be able to return home to yourself and find your twin flame. 

So do whatever it takes in order for this inner love instinct to guide you towards finding the right person for you.


Because deep down you know that the person you’re looking for is out there.

And you will be able to feel it when the time is right. 

And even if your rational side is telling you it’s not the right thing, if you feel you’re doing the right thing, for it!

Let the universe reconnect with your twin flame

Are you sick and tired of seeing your twin flame happy with someone else?

Do you feel like you’re not getting the love or attention from your twin flame?

Well, here’s what you can do. 

The universe is a powerful force and it will always deliver what you need. So if you want to fix your twin flame relationship, start looking at things from a different perspective. 

And don’t worry if your twin flame seems to be happy with someone else. Because guess what?

The universe will always deliver what you need. If this person is truly your twin flame, then the universe will send you signs to help you reconnect with them.

So, just wait and you’ll see how things will turn around. 

Final thoughts

By now you should have a good idea of what to do if your twin flame is happy with someone else. But if you’re still unsure, I recommend getting in touch with a trustworthy advisor. 

I mentioned Psychic Source earlier. Based on my own personal experience with them, I know they’re legit, kind and helpful.

So instead of leaving things up to chance, take control of this situation and clarify what’s in store for your future.

Speaking to one of their experienced advisors was a turning point for me, and I think it could be for you too. Especially if you want to find out about how to reconnect with your twin flame when they’re happy with someone else.

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