10 things to do when your twin flame has changed for the worse

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If you’re in a relationship and have noticed that your twin flame has changed for the worse, don’t panic!

It can happen to even the strongest soul ties.

The good news is that there are many things you can do to bring your twin back to their former self or change them, but for the better.

Here are 10 tips on how to handle the changes in your twin flame, even if it’s for the worse.

1) Help them realize the negative changes

Don’t just sit there, accept the changes and soak in misery.

Get up and do something about it!

Instead of dragging yourself in the mud, help your twin realize why they have changed so dramatically. Have a sincere talk about it with them and see what they have to say about it.

But don’t expect that they’d understand your point easily though – they may even get more irritated when you tell them about it and expect them to change back to how they used to be.

You see, when they have opened their eyes to the changes, they have a choice to make.

They can choose to continue down the dark path or they can choose to turn around and follow their heart. It is also your assignment and act as a tool to guide them.

You don’t have to be mean or strict about it. Just be honest, mild-mannered, but still firm with them.

2) Balance their energy

You may notice that your twin flame is constantly on edge or upset.

Their emotions are more easily irritated and they carry a huge amount of negative energy in their aura as if a black cloud has been following them for ages.

One reason for this is that their energy field is imbalanced or out of control. You see, a twin’s higher frequency of thought and feeling tends to affect the lower frequency of its twin.

So the changes are caused by a shift in your twin’s energy field.

By balancing their energy field, you can help them heal and change into their former self once again.

By doing this, you can:

  • Reclaim their essence
  • Balance their aura
  • Make them happy again
  • Build them up and help them heal from the trauma they had (maybe during their baby years)

You won’t see overnight results, of course. But it will happen gradually if you’re consistent and patient.

It can also work in reverse if it’s too much for them to bear or they just cannot handle the changes.

In that case, it becomes apparent that the changes are too drastic for them and your relationship will have to be reevaluated and adjusted accordingly.

3) Get help from a real psychic

If your twin flame has gone through too many drastic changes, you may need to seek the help of a psychic.

It’s true, no relationships have a one-size-fits-all solution.

I know that from personal experience.

The way I see it, most relationship advice from friends and family just ends up backfiring.

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It was a great decision, which I didn’t expect!

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4) Bring out the old self in them

If this is just a one-off thing, try to bring out the old self in your twin flame.

Remind them of how amazing they are and what a wonderful person they are.

Let them see that you still love and cherish them despite their changes. Remember how beautiful you find them when they’re at their best.

You don’t have to be clingy. Just show yourself and your innermost feelings for them.

Try to see the positive things about your twin flame, even if you can only think of a few of them (it’s better than none).

Don’t put down their negative changes, but also don’t pile on more negative energy by making it seem like it’s never going to change.

When they see that there’s one person in this world who’s rooting for them, it can work wonders for them.

5) Be a good friend in times of need too!

Twin flames are often emotionally exhausted through the whole relationship cycle.

Often times when a twin flame is changing for the worse, that’s because they are having personal struggles or emotional issues.

When twins come from the same entity, they are connected at a very deep level.

It’s as if they share a spiritual soul with each other and it also becomes personal and emotional too.

So when one twin’s sad or suffering, the other twin feels it strongly too. This often happens during troubled love relationships or when twins are going through tough times.

You can help not only just by sharing your love for them, but also by supporting them and being there for them.

It’s good to provide a listening ear and help them brainstorm on their problems too.

Try to be a good friend in times of need so as to strengthen the bond between you and your twin flame.

6) Generate lighter energy

Twin flames are usually made up of people with higher vibrations, who carry light in their aura.

Sometimes, even twin flames aren’t always this way.

This is especially true when they are just learning to be a better version of themselves or they were forced to grow up in a tough situation (like an abusive environment).

Now that you understand more about how twin flames work, you can use your energy to help them make their changes a little softer.

If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas, just remember that light always beats darkness (for everything).

So light is the superior force in nature and it continues to rule all things even when people and situations change.

With this in mind, try to generate lighter energies for your twin flame by being excited about the future and happy about the present too.

You can also help them regain their balance and happiness by doing things that lighten up the mood.

For example, you can watch a happy movie together, surprise them with things they like or just go on a road trip to somewhere beautiful.

These actions will help your twin flame generate more positive energy and be more willing to accept positive changes.

7) Choose your battles wisely

Every situation is different and some are more complicated than others.

Some twin flames need more time to realize what’s going on, while other twin flames may be ready for a change after one conversation.

Avoid getting frustrated if your twin flame does not respond positively, but don’t give up hope either!

Remember, you are in control of your own life and not the other way around.

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8) Make an honest effort to be a better version of yourself

If you’re truly in love with your twin and you want the relationship to work, then you, also need to make some changes.

You need to be a better version of yourself!

Think about how you can make the relationship stronger or how you can solve any problems between the two of you. You can be the one to take the first step to making things better.

It’s important to remember that if you are still deeply connected with your twin flame, this person is deeply ingrained into your aura.

This means that you will inevitably attract twin flame relationship problems.

You can avoid these situations by being a better version of yourself and by being the best possible partner for your twin.

For example, if you’re the one who’s always controlling and micromanaging, it is the best time to stop it!

Be more flexible and patient by relinquishing some control to your twin flame.

9) Let go of any expectations

Sometimes we can’t help it – we’re just not used to our twin flame acting in such a way.

The best thing you can do is stop having expectations of your twin’s behavior and attitude.

Instead, accept them for who they are now and smile about how far you’ve both grown since then. The more you can let go of any expectations, the closer you’ll grow with your twin flame.

If you have trouble letting go of your expectations, just remember that things are never going to be the same between the two of you.

You’ve likely changed as an individual and so has your twin flame.

But this is a good thing. This means that each of you is a new person who’s capable of being better than ever before!

10) Learn how to be emotionally safe for each other

Now that you know about the twin flame energy and how it operates on both an individual and a universal level, we can move on to what’s next. We’re going to focus on how you can keep your twin flame emotionally safe.

People need an emotionally safe environment before they start making changes in their lives.

This means that if you want to help them grow and improve, it’s better if you first need to make sure they feel safe enough to share their emotions with you.

There’s a lot of honest communication that needs to take place here.

Your twin flame needs to tell you about the things that are bothering them and the ways that they want those issues resolved. You need to be open about what is causing stress for you in the relationship as well.

Wait! I am not yet done here.

Also check if you’ve let go of the resentments that you felt when your twin flame changed for the worse and all of the past things that have strained your relationship with them.

The best thing to do is release the anger and resentment from your heart and let it go!

In time, you will never have to worry about these wounds again as your deep bond with your twin flame should keep them healed over time.

You can also celebrate how far you’ve come in life since the two of you met as a couple because of all of your experiences together.

The more you can let go of your past and celebrate your future together, the stronger you’ll become as a couple.

Final thoughts

Your twin flame is part of you and, therefore, it makes sense that you would eventually realize how much you love them before long.

When your twin flame does appear in your life, it will often bring a new set of challenges to the table, especially when they are starting to change for the worse.

They are not going to be an easy person to deal with as they continue to push your limits. But, if you can remain calm and can keep yourself focused on the most important things, for sure, everything will work out fine in the end.

I know that handling the negative changes in your twin flame can be a challenge, and I want to encourage you to never give up.

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