“My twin flame chose his wife”: 11 tips if this happened to you

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If you have a twin flame, and he/she chose someone other than you, this post is for you.

Trust me, I know how hard it is to get over this.

But with these tips below and a lot of love and time to recover, you’ll be on the road to recovery in no time!

Here are some things you can do if your twin flame chooses someone else:

1) Be grateful for being a part of your twin flame’s life

We don’t always meet a person who understands us the way our twin flames do.

So if you happen to have met yours, you are lucky – even if you don’t end up together.

Your twin flame is both a part of you and a separate entity from yourself who has free will and can choose who he wants to choose.

They might have chosen someone else, but at least, they chose to be in your life.

And maybe, to be honest, it’s for the best.

Your twin flame might be “looking for something better”, as you say.

They don’t know how much unconditional love you can give them at this point in their life.

There are lessons for you to learn from being his/her twin flame.

You taught each other how to truly love and appreciate someone.

You shared happy memories. You loved each other.

You were happy.

This person did a lot for you even though they didn’t end up with you.

It just goes to show that you are better than you think.

You changed this person’s life for the better by being a part of it.

I’m sure your twin flame is grateful to have met you too.

Believe me!

2) Stop asking “why?”

This isn’t effective.

You’ll never know the reasons why your twin flame chose his/her spouse over you.

But if you keep asking this, you’ll put yourself down and make yourself feel worse.

Also, your twin flame has free will – unless they were forced to marry someone else against their will.

And if this is the case, there’s nothing you can do about it.

Trust me, your twin flame chose to marry someone else because the timing wasn’t right for you two.

And your twin flame might have chosen his/her spouse for a reason that you don’t even know.

Being strong and accepting this is the best way to get over it.

So stop worrying so much and trying to find out the reasons why.

I know it hurts to say this, but accepting this truth will help you get over this.

It will all come naturally eventually anyway, so stop worrying and accept it.

3) Stop blaming your twin flame.

This is very important!

Don’t blame yourself or anyone else.

It’s easy to point the finger at your twin flame but don’t do it!

Sharing the blame with somebody else won’t make you feel better, trust me.

It will only make you feel worse and create more pain in your heart.

It’s not your fault that your twin flame chose someone else over you.

It is not their fault either if they chose another person to be with.

The more you blame them for not being with you, the more you will hurt yourself.

If you need to do so, understand that it wasn’t their fault.

This is a very powerful realization to have but maybe it isn’t the case.

Understand that there could be other reasons why your twin flame didn’t want to be with you at that time.

Let go of this cause you know that in the end, you’ll get over the pain.

4) Stop blaming yourself.

When we’re rejected, we tend to blame ourselves first.

We think it’s our fault that our twin flame chose his/her spouse over us.

“Maybe we failed in letting them know how much we love them.”

“Maybe they hated the way we do things.”

“Maybe we should try to change for them not to leave us.”

Hold up! There is nothing wrong with you.

And you didn’t do anything wrong.

So if you were rejected by your twin flame, it’s important to stop blaming yourself.

Look at it this way.

This person has probably been in love with you for a long time- they’re just choosing to be with someone else.

Do not forget that your twin flame has his/her own life – one you know nothing about.

This person has his/her thoughts and opinions too.

And they have the right to choose their life partner.

Stop beating yourself up and start loving yourself – maybe that’s what your twin flame was trying to do for you:

To help you love and accept yourself.

5) Have a good cry, and let it out!

No matter how tough you are, it’s important to let yourself cry it out.

So do just that!

Cry your eyes out and get it all out so you can feel better.

This is important because it helps you to get over your twin flame.

And since you felt so much pain when your twin flame chose someone else, crying will help you let it all out.

Let us admit the fact.

You can’t control what they choose to do. They’re human.

They can’t be with you just because you want them to. That is just how the world works.

So cry and let all the painful baggage out. After a while, you’ll start to feel better.

Then, think of the good times you had with him/her.

Be thankful because it happened rather than mope because it ended.

You’ll feel much better after doing this.

6) Accept the situation so you can move on.

The only thing you can do at this point is to accept the situation – look down, and get over it.

You’ll feel better if you go through this with acceptance.

It will be easier to let go of your twin flame if you accept things more naturally that way.

That’s right!

Not struggling so much will help you get over it faster.

So maybe accepting that your twin flame is seeing someone else is the way to move on quickly.

There is no point in being miserable about things that might never come true.

Think about this.

Your twin flame may end up with someone else for a reason.

They might be choosing someone else because they are meant for them.

If you want to get over the pain of being rejected, you have to accept it.

Accept that your twin flame chose someone else over you.

Then, remember that life goes on.

You can still be happy without your twin flame.

7) Learn from this experience and focus on yourself.

You might think you need this person in your life to be happy.

You might think you will be lonely without them.

But don’t let this make you feel guilty.

Do what makes you happy and stop worrying about your twin flame choosing someone else.

Focus on yourself and love yourself more.

This will allow you to get over your twin flame sooner than later.

Well, think about it.

Your twin flame might have chosen someone else for a reason – whether it’s for the best or not – and you don’t even know why.

Maybe it wasn’t your twin flame’s fault at all. Maybe they just weren’t ready for you at that time.

If you want to get over something as painful as being rejected by your twin flame, many people say that the best way is to let go of it.

Do things you love. Find your passion. Make yourself happy.

Love yourself. This is the most important thing to do.

8) Accept and ask for help if you need it!

It’s important to ask for help at any time if you feel this way.

You might feel like your twin flame chose someone else because they don’t care about you.

If you want to get over this, you can always talk to friends and family.

It is never a bad thing to admit your weakness and ask for help.

If you’re still angry about your twin flame choosing his/her spouse over you, it’s important to let that out.

Feel the pain but do not dwell on it!

If you feel like you need someone to talk to, ask your family and friends.

They will be more than willing to comfort you.

One more thing.

Don’t be angry at yourself.

Take some time to think about this and realize what happened was totally out of your control.

9) Go out with other people.

Letting your twin flame go is hard.

Maybe it even feels impossible.

But if you don’t start dating someone else, you’ll go crazy. Trust me!

You need to distract yourself from the pain in your heart.

Going out with other people will distract you – though it won’t heal the wound.

But you need to be distracted from all this so you can start living your life again and focus on yourself again.

But wait, you need to hear this first.

Before going out with somebody again, make sure that you are ready for new relationships.

If you aren’t, make sure that the relationship you will be seeking and offering is platonic.

Make new friends. Have fun with them. Be happy with their company.

If you can’t find someone who will go out with you, just go out on your own.

Spend time with yourself and remember that you are enough.

10) Allow yourself to be happy.

You got to be happy.

You have a life – a full one.

Stop moping and start living.

If you’re always thinking about how you could have been with your twin flame, you’ll only hurt yourself more because you’re not thinking about anything else but them.

It’s important for you to be happy.

But don’t force yourself to be happy.

You must follow your ways and make sure that you are living a peaceful life.

You can’t force happiness on yourself, so just let it come naturally after a while.

You’ll realize that you can’t be with your twin flame. It won’t work.

Once you can do this, you’ll start to realize that the pain will be gone.

You’ll start to feel happier by just thinking about yourself again.

It’s important for you to remember that things happen for a reason – whether you know it or not – because there are plenty of other things and people in your life.

Then, you’ll realize that you are enough for yourself and you’ll be at peace with how your life turned out.

You’ll start feeling happy again and keep going on your way.

11) Find new things to do.

Many people say that you should keep yourself busy and active if you don’t want to think about the pain of being rejected by your twin flame.

And it’s true!

If you’re always thinking about the pain, you’ll only feel worse.

So find something that will make you happy for a short period.

Maybe it’s just taking a walk in nature or spending time with your friends and family.

Whatever it is, make sure that there is no negativity involved and that it allows you to focus on what is happening in front of you at the moment.

If you want to get over the heartache, then start doing these things:

Read a book. Watch a movie. Go out with friends.

Go for a walk in the park and enjoy nature.

Go on a nature hike and explore the beauty of your surroundings.

Look for new hobbies.

Now is a great time to try new things you have always wanted to do.

If you don’t know what your next hobby will be, get creative and figure it out!

Watch cooking shows. Learn a new language. Do some extra homework and build your confidence.

Find something that will make you feel good when you look at yourself in the mirror again.

The more you do these things, the happier you’ll be.

In conclusion

Anyone wants to be with their twin flame forever. But not everyone is lucky enough to achieve this.

This is just how life is sometimes.

The tips listed above are just a few things you can do to get back on your feet again.

You just need to learn to let go of the pain and start living again.

Life is beautiful – live it to the fullest with or without your twin flame.

I believe you’ll survive this!

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