Karmic relationship vs twin flame: 10 ways to tell the difference

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Do you believe in twin flames and karmic relationships? 

If so, which is which? It’s not as straightforward as it sounds. 

These concepts are all linked in some way and can even overlap. Each has its own distinct meaning and characteristics, but they all center around relationships that are pre-destined to happen. 

Let’s take a look at these concepts more closely and discover 10 ways to tell the difference.

What is a karmic relationship?

A karmic relationship is a relationship that occurs as a result of an energy exchange between two people that dates back to a past life. 

To be more precise, it is a preexisting relationship that is based on the idea of reincarnation. 

Karmic relationships result from the actions and behaviors of each person in a past lifetime. 

For example, if one person harmed another in a past life, they may experience the negative effects of that action in the present lifetime. 

Or, if someone fails to learn something at the right time, that flaw is carried over into this lifetime. 

The goal of a karmic relationship is to learn from past mistakes, which will eventually lead to a positive outcome. 

What is a twin flame relationship?

A twin flame relationship is a relationship between two people who are on a soul journey together. 

The relationship is the catalyst that can help both parties complete their soul’s purpose and ultimately ascend to a higher level of consciousness. 

Twin flames are two halves of a single soul who were once together but were separated at some point in time. 

Some believe that the soul is split into two during each lifetime, with the two halves eventually finding each other again in this lifetime. 

The goal of the twin flame relationship is for both halves to unite and realize that they are, in fact, the same soul. Next, they have a higher purpose to fulfill together.

10 ways to tell the difference

Karmic relationships vs twin flame relationships – how to tell the difference?

1) One is toxic and the other is not

Here’s the first way to tell the difference: Karmic relationships and toxic, while twin flame relationships are not. 

One of the biggest differences between these relationship types is the level of toxicity involved. Karmic relationships are known to be highly toxic and can cause serious damage to one or both partners. 

Twin flame relationships, on the other hand, are more about deep soul healing and spiritual growth, as well as acceptance, letting go of the past, and so on.

Although there is some suffering involved in twin flame relationships too – due to their relationship phases – their connection is never toxic. 

How do you know if your relationship is toxic? 

  • Easily the biggest tell-tale sign is that you are not happy.
  • Your partner is not supportive of you.
  • Your relationships keep going around in circles.
  • You never fix your problems.
  • Your relationship is not stable and healthy.
  • You feel like you’re walking on eggshells.
  • You are being gaslighted.

2) One is about unconditional love and the other one is not

A second way to tell the difference between the two is that karmic relationships are about conditional love, but twin flame relationships are about unconditional love. 

Let me explain: Karmic relationships are what you make of them. 

They can be good for your spiritual growth and even help you move forward with your soul’s ultimate mission, but at the same time, they can also have a negative impact on your life. 

If one partner is not willing to learn from their mistakes, they end up dragging the other into their issues and putting them under emotional and spiritual strain. 

On the other hand, twin flame relationships are always about unconditional love. 

This means that the two partners learn from each other’s mistakes and, in turn, help each other grow and fulfill a higher purpose.

3) One is meant to last forever; the other one is not

A third way to tell the difference is that karmic relationships are not meant to last forever, but twin flame relationships are. 

Although karmic relationships usually result in committed relationships, they do not last forever. 

Why is that? It’s because the two people involved in this relationship are not actually destined to be together for eternity.

Instead, they are together to learn from each other and work through an important phase of their soul’s journey. 

On the other hand, twin flame relationships are meant to last forever. Even if the two halves of the soul have to go through many phases to reach oneness, it is possible. 

In fact, reaching oneness is the ultimate goal of the twin flame relationship.

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5) One is about letting go of the ego and the other is not

Want to know a fifth way to tell the difference between karmic relationships and twin flame relationships? 

In a twin flame relationship, you will be encouraged to let go of your ego and move closer towards oneness with your other half. 

To do this, you must let go of the past, surrender your ego and open up to your partner. If you remain locked into the past or your ego, however, it will be impossible for the two of you to truly connect. 

To be more precise, twin flame relationships are based on the premise of enlightenment, which means that they revolve around your soul’s ultimate goal of ascending and evolving to a higher level of consciousness. 

Karmic relationships, in contrast, are based on the premise of reincarnation. 

What does this mean?

This means that they revolve around the idea that you must learn how to deal with your mistakes and karma in order to become a better person. 

So, if you are trying to make sense of a past life and figure out what went wrong, you may have a karmic relationship. 

6) One is about helping others, while the other isn’t

A sixth way to tell the difference is that twin flame relationships are about helping others, while karmic relationships are not. 

For example, if your relationship is based on the premise of reincarnation or karma, it means you believe that you have been together before. 

It also means that each partner must deal with the mistakes they’ve made in the past, whether it’s by helping each other grow or by learning from their experiences. 

In a twin flame relationship, however, you focus more on your spiritual growth and how to move forward on your soul’s mission. 

Most often than not, twin flames have roles that they need to fulfill to help other people. They can inspire and heal others. 

That’s why some of them have a humanitarian mission. 

7) One makes telepathy possible and the other doesn’t

Did you know that twin flames can communicate telepathically? 

You can experience this phenomenon in your twin flame relationship. This is because twin flames are able to communicate with each other telepathically, even when the two of them are far apart. 


Twin flame couples can do this because their relationship is more about the soul on a spiritual level than it is about a physical relationship. 

Karmic relationships, in contrast, are more physical and contain elements of the physical world. Simply put, there is no such thing as a telepathic connection in karmic relationships. 

The only exception? Karmic soulmates. 

But how do you know if you’ve met your soulmate and you are in a karmic relationship with them?

The truth is:

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8) One is almost always romantic; the other one isn’t

Listen, twin flame relationships are almost always romantic. In addition, they almost always happen between people of the opposite sex. However, there are exceptions to this rule. 

What’s more, I can’t say the same about karmic relationships. You see, they are not always romantic. Not even those that involve a karmic soulmate. 

You can be involved in a karmic relationship with a family member, such as a parent or a sibling. You can also be involved in a karmic relationship with a friend. 

The same goes for soulmates. Since your soulmate is not the other half of your soul, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will fall in love with them. It also doesn’t mean that you will not fall in love either. 

But, when it comes to twin flames, things are different. 

They feel an otherworldly attraction for each other and this makes it almost impossible for them not to get physically and emotionally involved with each other.

9) One has to go through 8 phases, while the other one has to go through 4

What are the phases of a karmic relationship?

1. The initial phase

2. Recognizing the old patterns

3. Accepting your realization

4. Breaking the pattern

What are the phases of a twin flame relationship?

1. Yearning for your twin flame

2. Glimpsing your twin flame

3. Falling in love

4. The honeymoon stage

5. Outer turmoil and inner purging

6. The runner/chaser dynamic

7. The surrender phase

8. Reaching oneness

As you can see, twin flame relationships are divided into eight phases, while karmic relationships are divided into four phases. 

Why is that? It’s because twin flame couples must go through more phases than karmic couples. 

If you think about it, it makes sense since twin flame relationships are much more complex.

10) One is more complex than the other

Twin flame relationships are more complex than karmic relationships because they involve a higher purpose.

In fact, twin flames are often on a spiritual journey, which is why they feel an otherworldly attraction to one another and must follow their destiny for the sake of their souls. 

While the initial connection of a karmic relationship may feel a lot like a twin flame connection, it is often not as deep and serious. 

It only serves one purpose, which is to recognize the mistakes you made in the past and to learn from them. 

Twin flame relationships are much more complex because they are soul-to-soul connections. They have a deeper meaning and purpose, which makes them feel more intense than karmic relationships.

Which relationship are you in?

With all the different criteria you can apply in this situation, it’s hard to say for sure which one of these relationships you are in. 

That’s because karmic and twin flame relationships can be different in some aspects and similar in others. 

To make things even more confusing, it is hard to determine what you are experiencing if both of the relationships have some of the same characteristics. 

If that’s the case, you should try to pay attention to how you feel when you are with your partner. That’s the best way to find out what kind of relationship you are in. 

If the relationship makes you feel weak, needy, or dependent, it is probably not a twin flame relationship. 

If you feel energized and uplifted while being involved in this type of interaction and connection, it is probably a twin flame relationship.

Our YouTube video below can you help you understand more about the differences between these relationship terms:-

Want to know more? 

5 similarities between karmic relationships and twin flame relationships

1) They are both spiritual relationships

One of the main characteristics of both karmic and twin flame relationships is that they are spiritual connections. 

This means that the two people involved in them are on a spiritual journey and that their connection is part of this journey. 

It also means they might share the same soul, or be from the same soul family.

2) They both have deep meaning

The deeper meaning behind these relationships is what makes them so intense, powerful, and otherworldly. 

In both types of relationships, your souls are assigned paths or missions to follow together. There’s nothing superficial about these relationships.

3) Both are meant to teach you something

Do you know how in some movies or books, there is always a lesson or a lesson they want you to learn while you are watching or reading? 

Well, this is exactly what twin flames and karmic relationships do. They want to teach you something while they are part of your spiritual journey. 

4) The attraction can be otherworldly

This is something that twin flames and karmic relationships have in common. 

They both feel an otherworldly attraction to each other, which makes it very hard to ignore this attraction.

5) Both include a strange feeling of familiarity

Twin flames and karmic relationships are both very intense and complex, which means that they have an element of familiarity to them. 

In addition, the feeling of having known each other for an infinite amount of time is a common characteristic of both.

Can you be in a karmic relationship with your twin flame?

Theoretically, that’s possible if we agree that you and your twin flame met in another life and created some sort of karmic debt. 

If you agree with this theory, it seems quite possible that you would be in a karmic relationship with your twin flame. 

However, this could mean that you won’t recognize your counterpart until you pay your karmic debt. 

If that is the case, you could be in a karmic relationship with your twin flame, but you wouldn’t know it until you went through the first few stages of your karmic relationship. 

The explanation?

While there’s no way to know for sure, it is assumed that the karmic debt must be paid before the twin flame connection can be made. 

If both of you are in the same spiritual awareness, it is possible to complete your karmic relationship, but then go on to the twin flame state. 

Why doesn’t this happen more often? It’s because when these relationships begin, they are very intense and powerful. 

That’s why they can feel like a connection between a twin flame couple. 

The good news is that once you pay your karmic debt, the intensity starts to fade away and your twin flame connection is able to emerge. 

It’s actually quite fascinating how all of this works out. 

Can you make a karmic relationship work?

Whether you are in a karmic relationship or a twin flame karmic relationship, it is possible to make them work. 

However, sometimes, this could mean going against their nature. And that has the potential to turn out badly. 

If you want your karmic twin flame relationship to work, you need to be patient. Otherwise, things can get pretty intense and out of control, which could lead to some unpleasant problems. 

There are also some karmic couples that really struggle and fight a lot with each other because they refuse to cooperate or work together for the sake of the karmic debt. 

However, it doesn’t have to be like this. It’s perfectly possible to make a karmic relationship work if you want to.

The main thing is that you and your partner need to make an effort and be willing to cooperate. In addition, you need to be patient and wait for the karmic debt to be paid. 

How long does this take? 

It depends on how serious your karmic debt is.

Once the karmic debt is paid, you could move on to the twin flame state. But just like in the case of twin flame relationships, you won’t be able to do this until both of you are ready. 

That’s why it is so important for both of you to agree to cooperate and make things work for the sake of your karmic relationship.


Now that you know the 10 main differences between karmic relationships and twin flame relationships, as well as the 5 main similarities, you can determine whether you are in a karmic relationship or a twin flame relationship.

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