Is my ex my twin flame? 15 ways to know for sure

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Did you have a really intense relationship with your ex?

Are you having a hard time moving on without them and wondering if it’s because they are your twin flame?

The thing is that twin flames are supposed to trigger each other in order to help each other grow and evolve spiritually. These types of relationships can become too much for some people to handle.

If your ex is your twin flame, these signs will confirm it:

1) You recognized each other when you first met

Often, when twin flames see each other for the first time, they recognize each other. 

Think back to when you met your ex:

  • Did it feel like you’d already seen them somewhere?
  • Did it feel like you were running into an old friend?
  • Did you recognize them?

Twin flames recognize each other because they are two halves of one whole and know each other from previous lifetimes.

So, although you may not have known why, you knew that there was something special connecting you to them.

2) You share a deep connection

Even if you broke up with your ex, you may still feel a strong connection to them. They’re probably on your mind all the time and you want nothing more than to be with them.

When twin flames meet, they often feel an intense attraction and connection. They just “click” together.

The connection is so strong and the relationship is often very intense, that people go from loving each other to hating each other.

But even if you only shared a short-lived relationship, the connection between you is still strong and very much present.

It’s important to understand that even though you went through a really bad time together, it doesn’t mean that it’s not meant to be.

It just means that you need to take time off from one another and then see how things go at a later date.

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4) You mirror each other

You may find that your ex and you are very similar in a lot of ways. It could be something as simple as having the same taste in music or having the same sense of humor.

The thing is that twin flames often mirror each other because they are two halves of one soul.

Here’s the thing:

You may even recognize some negative attributes of yours in your twin flame (and they may not be easy to face).

5) You are constantly challenging each other

Twin flames spend a lot of the time challenging each other.

You probably spent a lot of time challenging your ex to see how they would react and they did the same to you. You may have even challenged your ex up until the day you broke up with them.

Now, the reason this happens is because the job of a twin flame is to challenge you in order to make you stronger and help you grow.

The problem is that this can cause a lot of bitterness and resentment because one of the twins may not be ready to make changes just yet. Essentially, this is often what leads to separation.

If your ex is your twin, you’ll find your way back to each other when you are ready.

6) The relationship was very intense

Here’s another sign that your ex was your twin flame.

You really hit it off in the beginning and you felt that they were the one.

And then, when the honeymoon period was over, your relationship became very intense with a lot of drama and arguing.

Twin flame relationships often get very intense because both twins suffer from the same problems. They are two halves of one whole so if one has a problem, the other twin will have to deal with it as well.

The good thing about having a twin flame relationship is that if you can get over the difficult moments, it can be a really powerful and life-changing experience.

Regardless, you must remember that if you’re not ready for the intensity that comes from being with your twin flame, it’s ok to take some time off from one another.

7) They’re your soulmate

Were you sure they were the one, your soulmate? Even now that you’re no longer together, you can’t help but wonder…

But how can you know for sure if you’ve met your genuine soulmate?

Let’s face it:

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8) You complement each other

Another sign that you and your ex were meant for one another is that you complimented each other very well.

Although you are very similar, you’re not identical and in those areas where you were different, you complimented each other.

For example, maybe you like to cook and your twin likes to do the dishes and clean. Maybe your twin is scared of spiders, and you’re brave enough to capture them in a glass and throw them outside. Or, if one of you is very extroverted, the other will be introverted.

Your seemingly opposite personalities actually bring them together perfectly and make them a great match.

Basically, you are like yin and yang.

Having a perfect balance is exactly what twin flames are all about.

9) You’re very similar

Twin flames often have similar goals and dreams which means that they are on the same path in life.

Twin flames also share common values and beliefs because they are two halves of one whole soul.

All in all, they have the same purpose in life and are there to help each other achieve it.

10) You push each other to become better

Twin flames push each other to become better individuals.

Do you remember all the times your ex pushed you to do something that you didn’t want to do? They may have even pushed you out of your comfort zone.

What this means is that you’re constantly growing and evolving when you’re with your twin flame.

And no matter how hard it got, you must remember, it came from love.

11) Your relationship feels divine

When you think back to your relationship with your ex, did you feel like you two were meant to be?

Did the relationship feel divine?

If being in love with your ex felt like a spiritual experience, as if the universe or the gods decided that you should be together, then chances are that they are your twin flame.

When twin flames meet, it’s for a reason. They are brought together by the universe.

12) You felt drawn to them

If your ex is indeed your twin flame, you may have felt drawn to them before you actually met.

You may have had a dream or a vision of them.

Maybe you felt an intense attraction to them and you didn’t know why because you hadn’t met them in person yet. The reason for this is because your souls recognized each other from a previous life and it was time for you to meet face-to-face again.

13) You’re struggling to let go

Even if you are trying your hardest to move on from the relationship, you probably have a hard time letting go and getting on with your life. You can’t stop thinking about your ex and you aren’t happy with the way things went down.

Twin flames often struggle with letting go because they are two halves of one whole and ultimately, belong together.

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14) You feel driven towards a higher purpose together

Twin flames usually come into each other’s lives to help them awaken, mature, and grow.

You may have found that your ex made you feel like you have a higher purpose and you have a greater reason to live.

Twin flames are here to help you tap into your intuition and connect with your heart. They can teach you how to be more confident and how to grow as a person.

Just because they put you through a lot of hardship doesn’t mean that they don’t love you or want the best for you. This is an important lesson that everyone should learn, especially in relationships.

15) You’ve experienced more growth with them than ever before

You learned and grew more in the short time that you were with your ex than you did in all the years before.

That’s because twin flames are here to help you in many ways such as teaching you how to open up, understand that life isn’t all about you, and connect with your intuition.

Many twin flames say that they’ve experienced more growth in their relationship than with anybody else.

Even if it didn’t turn out the way you wanted or was exactly what you thought it would be, it’s important to see the good things that came from this relationship because they made a difference in your life.

If you are currently going through a separation, that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t meant to be.

Think about it:

Even though you’re hurt and feel broken, this breakup has really helped you to become a stronger person.

Growth is the main reason why twins reunite again and again. In fact, if they don’t learn their lessons the first time around, they’ll keep coming back until they do.

What is the purpose of a twin flame?

Here’s the thing:

Twin flame relationships are all about helping each other evolve. A twin flame relationship is a catalyst that helps the people in it to grow and evolve spiritually.

Twin flames challenge and trigger one another as part of the process.

A twin flame triggers their twin to awaken certain qualities within them and helps them find their special purpose in life.

What’s more, twin flames are also supposed to help each other evolve through many trials and tribulations that may come up between them.

Why are twin flame relationships so difficult?

The thing about twin flames is that they show each other the truth. Twin flames reveal everything that is truly inside you and they show you who you really are.

This is all done in order to help each other grow, but it can get ugly.

Childhood wounds, memories from past relationships, and a lot of painful experiences will be triggered by your twin flame as part of the process.

Things that you’ve buried deep inside you start to surface and they can be difficult to come to terms with.

Some people just aren’t ready to face the skeletons in their closet which is why they start to resent their twin and more often than not, this leads to separation.

What are the stages of a twin flame relationship?

1) Yearning to be with them

Even though you’ve never met them, you just feel that your twin is out there somewhere and you long to be with them more than anything.

Now, you may even find yourself dreaming about them often. You’ll feel a strong pull towards someone that you’ve never even met and you just know that you have to find them and be with them.

2) You finally meet your twin

When you finally meet your twin flame, there are fireworks!

You feel like you’ve finally found what you’ve been searching for your whole life. You know that everything is going to be okay now that you’re together.

You feel as if you’ve known them for a long time even though you’re meeting them for the first time. There’s an instant connection and you’re comfortable in each other’s presence, like old friends.

You’ll also find that there’s a lot of chemistry between you. They just seem to “get” you and the attraction is off the charts.

3) The honeymoon phase

Everything is still new and exciting.

Your twin flame relationship is great and you’re happy. Everything seems perfect.

This is known as the honeymoon phase.

You want to know everything about your twin flame and you want to be with them all the time.

You feel like nothing could go wrong and you don’t have a care in the world.

It’s like the whole world revolves around your twin flame and you and nothing else matters except for how happy they make you feel.

4) Challenges

And after the honeymoon period, things start to get serious. This is when certain challenges start to arise.

Suddenly things are not so perfect anymore. You start to notice differences between you. You start to have problems with your twin flame.

Here’s the thing:

The challenges that come up are actually about the work you need to do on yourself, they’re not really about your relationship.

Because you have old wounds to heal and issues to deal with, an intense relationship like the one you have with your twin will trigger you and remind you of all the work you have to do.

5) Separation

Your relationship is strained and things are not getting better. You’re not happy together and it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to get along with each other.

You feel like you need more space from each other and it feels like you’re losing your partner.

And even if you can’t stand to be with them anymore, it still hurts to be separated.

6) The chase

After separation, you start to feel like you need your twin flame in your life again. You find yourself yearning for them and wanting them back.

That’s when you start to pursue them and try to get them to come back. You’re what’s known as the chaser – the twin flame that’s chasing the other twin flame.

Now, if your twin isn’t quite ready to get back together because they still need some time alone, they’ll resist or “run” from the relationship. They’re known as runners.

In short: It’s a game of cat and mouse.

7) The surrender

Once your twin flame has dealt with their issues and is ready to come back, they’ll start to feel the connection between you and the desire to be with you again.

That’s when they surrender to your love and energy and stop running.

8) Restoring the relationship

When the runner finally comes back, you have to work even harder on your relationship than before. You have to go through a lot of self-work and face many challenges together before you can finally be happy again.

You may even find yourself needing to reevaluate some of your old beliefs or certain beliefs that come up during this period too.

But wait, there’s more. You have no desire to be apart from your twin flame and things just seem to flow naturally between the two of you.

Everything works out perfectly and it feels like everything is falling into place just how it should be.

Are twin flames and soulmates the same thing?

This is a question that I get asked a lot, “Are twin flames and soulmates the same thing?”

While a lot of people think that twin flames are another way of saying soulmates, the two are not exactly the same.

Let me explain:

Soulmates are two people that share a deep connection. These are two people that have a natural affinity for each other and get along like two peas in a pod.

Soulmates are often involved romantically, but they can also have platonic relationships such as between friends and family members. Sometimes even, your soulmate is also your twin flame.

Now, twin flames are said to be two halves of one soul that are supposed to find each other in order to be complete.

Twin flame relationships tend to be intense and problematic and go through a separation, whereas soulmates tend to comfort each other.

To conclude…

Okay, I know that’s a lot to take in.

Hopefully, you should now have a good idea if your ex is indeed your twin flame.But if you’d still like to get more clarity on the situation, speaking to a gifted advisor is the best way to go.

I mentioned Psychic Source earlier. Based on my own personal experience with them, I know they’re the real deal. Their advisors are kind and genuinely helpful.

So, if you really want to get to the bottom of why you broke up with your ex if they are actually your twin, get in touch with an advisor and take your future into your own hands. I did, and it changed my life.

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