I stopped dreaming about my twin flame: 10 reasons why this happens

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Ever dreamed about your twin flame?

It is a good feeling to dream about someone you cherished, however, as time goes by, the same dreams were becoming less and less.

Then you’ve probably wondered, “Why do I stop dreaming about my twin flame?”

There are many reasons why we stop dreaming about our twin flames. Here are 10 of them.

1) You’ve found the love of your life and you’re in a relationship with this person.

Sometimes, our dreams about our twin flame are just a reflection of that special feeling of love for someone else.

Something else will happen when a new relationship comes into your life and it could affect your dreams too.

We may be attracted to someone else and this can affect our dreams.

Sure, you may have loved your twin flame but it could be that you’re no longer interested in them and you’ve made other choices.

Please know that your dreams are part of your manifested potential.

They’re about what you want, not just about your twin flame.

If you’re no longer interested in someone, there’s a big chance that you’ll stop dreaming about them.

It can happen that if you decide to have a relationship and be in a committed relationship, your subconscious is manifesting memories of them.

If this person is not your twin flame, the dreams will not be about your twin flame.

It’s not easy to admit it, but sometimes the dreams about our twin flame are just like a cry for attention.

It is possible that your dream partner is just someone you want to be with physically and spiritually, but deep down you know it’s not meant to be.

You’ve started your relationship with someone else and you’ve let go of the connection you have with your twin flame.

You’ve accepted that your twin flame is not for you.

Your life has changed completely and this means that there are new priorities in your life with your new partner.

With this, your dreams reflect that reality.

2) You’re afraid of what your twin flame’s expectations are from you.

Sometimes it happens that when we’re not aware of our expectations and we’re afraid about what the other person will expect from us, we start to avoid thinking about the other person.

The same applies to your twin flame. There are times when they want you to do certain things and fulfill certain roles for them but you feel pressured you might not be able to do it.

This is not a good feeling and many times it is completely unconscious, but it’s there.

Sometimes, we fear what our twin flame will expect from us. We also feel anxious about what they’re going to say or do if we don’t meet their expectations.

And this fear is planted in our subconscious.

As this fear starts to grow, your subconscious will try to deviate from the issue which could lead to you not dreaming about your twin flame anymore.

3) The link between your twin flame is weakening and your dreams need to change accordingly.

Let’s admit it.

Sometimes, our connection with our twin flame weakens.

And even if we are not aware of this, it’s a fact that when the link between us and our twin flame starts to weaken, things start to change in our dreams.

For all of the reasons mentioned above, your dreams are changing, and sometimes they need to change for you to feel better.

The physical connection with your twin flame isn’t the only thing that is changing.

As your dream connection with your twin flame weakens, many other puzzling things occur in our dreams.

Things start to happen that are not part of our conscious reality and this can lead to us not having dreams about our twin flame anymore.

This is something that happens when you’re very attracted to someone else and you start to build up a strong connection with them.

Just as we fall in love with someone, our dreams about them will shift as well.

This is just how our subconscious works.

This is confusing at times but let me tell you something.

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4) You’re emotionally unable to handle the twin flame romance.

When we meet someone and start to feel attracted to them, we may naturally want to go for it.

We want a strong connection with this person, and this connection is represented in our dreams.

However, there are some people that we’re not ready for and they can be revealed in our dreams as well.

If you’re not ready for a relationship with your twin flame, you will stop dreaming about them or you will have very short-lived dreams about them.

This is another reason why we don’t dream about our twin flame anymore.

There is an old saying, “you will know when you are ready” and this applies to everything in life.

When you’re ready for a relationship with another person, they will also be ready and your dreams will reflect it.

But if you are still not emotionally available for your twin flame, then your dreams about them will start to fade.

5) Your life situations move in a way that doesn’t make you happy and dreamy anymore.

Let’s face it.

Sometimes our life situations start to change and we don’t enjoy being in the same environment as before.

We can be in a relationship with someone, but if our lives start to move in a different direction, like getting a new job and separating from our partner.

Most of the time this is not planned and it’s just the way things happen. We don’t resort to this change in our life, but it’s the way things happen.

The same applies to our dreams.

Your dreams may start to shift as your life changes and you’re not happy with these changes.

There may be times, for example, when you are not happy anymore because you are not living your dream life.

This can reflect in your dreams. You will start to have fewer dreams about your twin flame, and they will be short-lived and vague.

Our dreams change as our priorities and life plans change.

This is another reason why we don’t dream about our twin flame anymore.

6) You don’t know what the future holds for you and know that the connection with your twin flame may no longer exist.

There are many reasons why we don’t dream about our twin flame anymore.

And this is another one of them. If we don’t have an idea of what our future is going to be like, we can see in our dreams that our twin flame doesn’t exist.

The dreams can go from being very positive to the point of being negative.

Our subconscious mind isn’t a computer to calculate the future for us.

It doesn’t know if you and your twin flame will be together in the future or not.

So, your dreams can start to become quite confusing since our subconscious mind doesn’t know.

It can be a good thing to get a dream reading and see what the future holds for you and your twin flame.

This will help you prepare for all types of situations that could happen in the future, and it will keep your dreams positive.

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7) You’re going through a rough patch of your life, such as a divorce or fight with someone close.

This is another reason why we don’t dream about our twin flame anymore.

When there is any type of problem in our relationship with another person, we can go through a rough patch of our life and therefore stop dreaming about them.

This can be because we don’t want to face the problems and issues from the past or face them in the present.

Also, sometimes this rough patch or period of not being happy, for example, a divorce, will last for a long time.

As I mentioned, when we’re not happy with the results of a situation, it will show as less of an attraction towards it.

Our subconscious mind doesn’t want to focus on something that makes us feel bad.

This can also happen if you’re going through a breakup and you’re not over it yet.

Our dreams can start to reflect this and show us that the attraction you felt for each other is no longer there.

8) Your twin flame doesn’t have time for you.

This is interesting.

When the person you thought was the one for you, had other ideas about the relationship, the time they’ll spend with you becomes less and less.

If you can relate to this, then it’s possible that the person you were dreaming about, your twin flame, has moved on.

The moment your time spent with your twin flame lessens your subconscious also starts to lose focus on that person.

Now your dreams may start to change because your subconscious mind knows that this relationship is now on the rocks.

There will be fewer opportunities for you to meet up with your twin flame, and with this, you’ll also have fewer conversations and fewer interactions.

For example, it could be a case where you and your twin flame didn’t get along very well and you decided to separate.

Now you’re not dreaming about each other anymore. This is because your subconscious mind doesn’t want to focus on a person who makes you unhappy.

In this case, we may just feel like the relationship doesn’t work anymore and that things aren’t going as planned.

9) Your twin flame has moved on from their dreams, and their dreams are no longer the same as yours.

This is another reason why we don’t dream about our twin flame anymore.

Sometimes there are times when we have different dreams from our twin flame. We stopped sharing the same passion and the same goals.

And when this happens, it may become more about us doing things for ourselves and our lives rather than what we want to do in our lives with them.

On the other hand, our twin flames are also focusing on their dreams and want to live their own life.

We may have lived through many phases like this in our relationship, and our subconscious mind is no longer focusing on that person as much anymore.

This is also a reason why we dream about them less and vice-versa.

They aren’t as interested in living your dreams anymore so you dream about them less.

This is because your dreams are taking over and your focus is more on you than them.

If we want our relationship to be a success, then it’s important that we share the same dreams.

If we don’t agree on what the future holds for us, then how can we expect a successful relationship?

This is why it’s important to respect each other’s views so that you have a successful relationship in the long term.

And lastly.

10) You have lost your twin flame and you are mourning her or him.

This last reason is a sad one.

Perhaps, you lost your twin flame because they passed away and you are mourning them.

Before they died they were still alive in your dreams and help you through tough times.

Now, the person you had a first love with is no longer physically present which also translates into your dreams.

If they died, then it might not be possible for them to be in our dreams anymore.

This is because our dreams are a reflection of the reality we live in.

For example, if you had a twin flame and they passed away, they are no longer physically present in this reality.

This means that their energy isn’t with us anymore, so how can they appear in our dreams?

So, this is why there are times when we wake up in the morning remembering our twin flame instead of having any dreams about them.

The reason is that we can’t focus on the past. This is because our subconscious mind doesn’t want to focus on something sad or depressing.

It wants to stay happy and positive so that we can face the future positively.

Our dreams are a reflection of our reality, and so when something bad happens to us, it can also show in our dreams.

When you lose someone in your life, you need to grieve and accept that they’re gone.  

It might be sad but that’s just how our subconscious works to help and protect us from the pain.

We have to let go even if we don’t want to because our subconscious is pulling the reigns for us to survive the hurt and despair.


Now, we have come to the end of the article.

Just remember, our dreams can mark our lives and how we feel about things.

Hopefully, you should now have a good idea of why we stopped dreaming about our twin flame.

But if you’d still like to get more clarity on the situation, speaking to a gifted advisor is the best way to go.

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So, if you really want to get to the bottom of why our dreams about our twin flame are slowly diminishing, get in touch with an advisor and take your future into your own hands.

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