I hate my twin flame

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In a time when we are all praying to meet our twin flames and enjoy a cosmic connection that feels like heaven, there are those people who have already met them.

When you hear someone say “I hate my twin flame” that can sound strange, to say the least.

We’ve all heard stories about divine connections and all the positive energy flowing between them.

However, keep in mind that twin flames are only people trying to find their place in the world.

What happens when the divine connection goes wrong and what can you do? Well, here is a little help for you!

Keep reading to find out what makes you say “I hate my twin flame”.

1) The same poles repel

Take two magnets and you will see that they instantly stick to each other, but if you turn the same poles they will repel and won’t be able to stick no matter what you do. The same thing happens with twin flames.

The connection between twin flames is very rare and it comes to serve as a mirror to us, so we can see all the things we were running from. This is why twin flames have issues when they spend more time together.

Since the twin flames are so similar, there is no energy this can cool things down, but completely opposite. When there is love, there are fireworks all the way.

When there is sadness and frustration, there is no calming effect. Everything goes up in the air pretty much in seconds. It can get pretty explosive and no one even tries to put down the fire.

The intensity of the feelings between twin flames is unbearable. Even though we spend most of our lives wishing to find someone we will be able to understand completely, actually finding one is a completely different story.

The intensity of feelings is very high which can lead to all kinds of reactions that can surprise us.

2) A highly intuitive advisor confirms it

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3) You can handle the truth to a certain extent

You’ve probably watched the movie A Few Good Men when Tom Cruise interrogates Jack Nicholson and then he yells “You can’t handle the truth”. Well, something like this happens in the relationship between twin flames as well.

The whole truth is out there which can be very hard to handle. This can lead to some pretty harsh behaviors and reactions.

Every discussion gets heated extremely fast and every word said may feel like a knife going through your flesh. Since the twin flames are so similar and can completely understand each other on a level that is unknown to most people, lying is not an option.

However, since we all want to portray ourselves as good, pretty, capable, hearing anything else but that can be a big blow to the ego. And, when the ego gets hurt, what can you expect?

Well, an eruption of rage! This is why twin flames start hating each other at one point. The relationship is not easy in any way and even though it can be extremely enjoyable, it can get extremely painful too.

It is simply something that you need to accept as it is, because there is no way around it. If you would like to enjoy the positive sides, you need to handle the negative ones as well.

4) Twin flames cause internal conflicts

Every love story has a few struggles between heart and mind. However, when it comes to twin flames, this goes to a completely new level.

Every emotion is stronger than usual. This is why twin flames get involved in a story full of love and hate.

The emotions switch fast, giving us very little room to get used to it and realize what is happening. This is when the internal battle begins.

Since twin flames tend to tell us the harsh truths bluntly, the initial reaction is resistance and counter-attack. Well, this sounds a little bit like a war and it usually starts being one.

This is why there is always a period of separation involved in the story. The fights are fierce, and the emotions are never mild.

Everything is multiplied when it comes to twin flames, so don’t be afraid of your feelings. This can be expected when the two parts of one soul come in contact.

Besides, the things the twin says to another can cause internal injuries to the spiritual body when the other side is not ready to hear the truth.

5) Are you the Runner or the Chaser?

In the twin flame relationship, there is usually one person who is a Chaser, wanting to get back together. When there is no response or the other person is not willing to go back, there is usually lots of resentment involved.

This happens because the Chaser cannot comprehend why their twin would refuse to be with them. It can be pretty painful and cause great confusion.

On the other hand, there is the Runner. That is a person who is running away from it all.

There are many reasons why this happens. It can be because the intensity of the feelings is too strong and the Runner is not ready to face them.

In addition, the Runner may feel an internal conflict that needs to get resolved. When there is no understanding from the other side for this troublesome period, the Runner may feel hurt.

The basic problem here is the lack of understanding and the need for space. However, considering the intensity of the feelings, twin flames can feel incapable of providing either.

6) Your twin flame pushes you to your limits

Being with the twin flame can be extremely challenging because the purpose of them coming into our lives is to help us develop our potential. This is not an easy process though.

It can be extremely hard, especially if you are going through a denial phase. People who are not willing to go through the growing pains can fight back and cause clashes in the relationship.

If your twin puts extreme pressure on you to change or to work on your spiritual side, it may result in feeling negative emotions that you may perceive as hatred.

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7) You didn’t wait for the storm to pass

You may feel guilty when you start having all these negative feelings towards your twin. However, it is necessary to keep in mind that this is just a phase.

Even though you may think that this situation cannot flip without a miracle, you can be sure that it will at some point. This is the thing with twin flames – you cannot be with each other, but you cannot be without each other either.

During this challenging period, you must strive to be kind to yourself and don’t make it worse by torturing yourself with guilt. When this storm passes, it will be like nothing happened.

Imagine it like a summer storm. It happens without any warnings, it usually gets very heavy and the sun appears just as suddenly as it began.

Just like it appeared, it will soon disappear, and you will be able to enjoy the best time with your twin. You will probably be surprised just how easily things can turn.

8) The time is not right

What you need to bear in mind about the twin flames is that sometimes is simply not the right time. While one twin may be ready to start a relationship and go deeper, the other one may simply think that the timing is wrong.

Try to have some understanding for this and keep in mind that some time should pass for everything to settle down. If you are reacting to rejection with great pain and suffering, try to be a little bit more objective and wait until your twin is ready.

This could be the reason why you may start thinking that you are starting to hate your twin. This may actually be a mix of sadness, love, lust, insecurity, and negativity you were dragging down from your previous relationships.

It’s not easy to be away from someone you want so much, while your twin may be on the run. In this case, you may be the chaser which can be extremely difficult sometimes.

Keep in mind that the relationship between twin flames is truly special and cannot be broken easily. There is not much that you can do until your twin is ready to be with you again.

Acknowledge the feelings, make peace with them and wait for some better days.

9) Was your connection toxic?

All of these feelings can be pretty overwhelming and too much of everything can lead to feeling trapped. It can become toxic pretty fast and start impacting you negatively.

If you have been working on your spiritual growth for a while, this can certainly be a setback. The connection between twin flames brings all negative and positive traits into the relationship.

This can mean that you will bring in the relationship all the unresolved issues that you will be facing all of a sudden. The clashes and the separation, as well as the reconciliations and showing love and affection can be pretty draining and challenging on every possible level.

This can lead to a feeling of incapability to handle all these situations. If you started feeling overwhelmed by everything and you’re simply can’t function normally, then it means that the relationship became toxic.

10) Is this person really your twin flame?

Sometimes the person you think is your twin flame is actually the Catalyst. There are certain similarities between the Catalyst and the twin flame, but the main difference is that the catalyst will stay in your life for a very short time.

Their purpose is to be in your life until you heal a certain wound, which is preventing you from reaching a higher level of spirituality.

Even though the catalyst can provoke strong reactions and even hatred, the true response to this is to take a deeper look into yourself and see what you need to change.

There is certainly a great difference when compared to a twin flame because you will notice that your feelings fade in time. On the other hand, with twin flames, the emotions only get stronger.

I hate my twin flame. Now what?

It’s not easy to be with a twin flame or to be apart. If you start being scared of your own reactions and emotions, you should do a few things that can help you clear your mind:

  • Spend some time alone
  • Talk to your friends
  • Seek help if you need it
  • Develop hobbies
  • Focus on your work

The reason why you should do these things is simply to be able to listen to your thoughts and think things through.

Your friends will be able to give you the best advice. But if you feel you need more concrete help, you can always talk to a psychologist who will be able to explain the situation you’re in a little bit better.

Taking some time to do your favorite hobbies will fill your body with energy and clear your mind from all the issues you’ve been struggling with. Forcing things is never a good idea, so take some time until things start to change.

Being emotionally drained can certainly impact your productivity, so you should not allow all these problems to affect other parts of your life.

Focus on your work and you will get some clarity and the distance you need until you are able to understand what your next step should be.

Take some time apart from your twin flame

If you have been dreaming about the cosmic connection with another human being and you’re completely surprised with what you got, this is the time to take a step back.

Think about the lesson you’re supposed to learn through this experience and how you can handle it better.

Embrace the whole spectrum of feelings and don’t shy away from even the most negative ones. Everything you push deeper, I will come back stronger and cause more issues.

Open your mind to this experience and simply make the most of it while it lasts!

Final thoughts

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