How to get my twin flame back: 16 things you can do right now

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There are many different ways that you can contact your twin flame.

But the real and only way to get your twin flame back is to be in a good place right now. You have to have the right mindset, be happy in your life, and you need to make sure that they feel it too.

In this article, we outline 16 things you can do right now that will help with your twin flame recovery.

1) Remember why you fell in love

When you first met your twin flame, there were special things about them that attracted you.

Perhaps it was their looks or their personality. Or maybe, it was something in your unconscious that knew this person was perfect for you.

Twin flames are destined to be together, and it’s important to remember that as soon as you fell in love with them, your whole life changes.

The point?

There is a very high chance that at the beginning of your relationship you were in love with your twin flame. If you can remember the feelings that inspired you to love them, you will be able to rediscover the reasons why you fell in love.

But how?

Maybe there was something about their manner or appearance that made your heart skip a beat, or maybe you are missing their sarcastic humor that never failed to bring a smile to your face

Or ask yourselves some questions:

  • Did you feel like you could be yourself around them?
  • Did they spark a kind of feeling inside of you that made you want to know more?

Remembering what initially attracted you to this person can help bring back the feelings that initially brought you together.

2) Reach out and talk

If you haven’t been in contact with your twin flame, reach out and make an effort to do so.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the key to getting your twin flame back is as you reestablish communication and let each other know that you still care.

And you know what?

Communicating with your twin flame, even via telephone or a letter, will help you keep the connection alive. This will also help you avoid making assumptions about them and what they may be doing.

Furthermore, you will be better able to assess if there is no longer a future for your relationship if you communicate with your twin flame.

Besides, the other key to rebuilding contact is to relax and be open about who you are and why you are contacting your former flame. The worst thing you could do is to approach them in a way that feels pressured or desperate.

Remember: start by simply saying hello.

3) Reach out to a real psychic

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But could you get even more clarity by speaking to a gifted advisor?

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A gifted advisor can not only tell you what the future holds with your twin flame, but they can also reveal all your love possibilities.

4) Value your connection

It’s not easy to forget those early days, but if you want the chance to find your twin flame again, you must try.

A great way to start is by thinking about what made you fall in love in the first place. By honoring that part of you that drew them to you, you will be putting both of your needs first and leading a more fulfilling life.

Twin flames are deeply intertwined and cannot live without each other. If you learn how to value this connection, you will find your way back to your flame.

When you feel disconnected from them, give them a call or send them a message. Follow up on things that were important to you when together and be there for them when they need someone close.

Never break contact with them because if there’s one thing that twin flames value most, it’s the bond they share.

5) Ask yourself some questions

Perhaps you felt a connection with your former flame that was deeper than friendship.

Perhaps you felt as though you were being pulled into their lives, and at the same time, you were very aware of all the parts of them that attracted you to each other.

It’s important to realize that you cannot rely on your twin flame’s answers. You know them better than anyone else, so it’s best to ask yourself what went wrong.

Why did you drift apart? If you figure out the answer to this question, then finding your way back will be easier.

Sometimes, the answers aren’t easily found, but that’s okay. It’s better. You have to know where your relationship is at and what steps you need to take to get it back.

However, tearing apart the old relationship can be very painful and there are many things that you had no control over in an old relationship (like the fact that your former flame may have been cheating on you).

Whatever the reason, the easiest way to go in search of the answers is to ask yourself questions about your prior relationship.

So, the questions that may help answer the most important ones are:

  • What were the things that made you want to be with your twin flame?
  • What did you enjoy about being with them? Why are they so important to you?
  • Are there any regrets you have about your relationship, and if so, what can be done to make things better?

6) Bring back to life the feelings that you had for each other

When two people fall in love, there will always be a set of feelings that come with the territory. Remembering what those feelings were like can help you recreate the relationship you once had.

And you know what?

You two were once dependent on each other for certain parts of your life, so how does that work now? The answer lies in remembering the feelings that you shared in the beginning.

What were the things that you two used to be able to do together?

What was it like to sit on your couch and watch movies, or go for walks in nature together?

Do you remember how intrigued you would become when your partner would tell you about their dreams and hopes for the future?

Whether it’s love, anger, or any other emotion, you should be able to find it somewhere within you. When you feel something strongly enough, the universe will help carry it through until it manifests in the real world.

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7) Revisit the things that make you happy

We all tend to focus on the negative and dwell on things that are wrong with our lives.

However, if you want to bring your twin flame back, you need to focus on the positive aspects of your life.

Do things that make you happy without worrying about whether or not they’ll impress anybody else. Take time to do the things that make you feel good and just be in the moment with yourself while doing them.

Look: ask yourself what makes you happy.

Are you happy with your life? Do you think your twin flame is dissociating from you because they’re unhappy in the relationship?

If so, then this is something that needs to be addressed. As an individual, if you are not happy, it will show and this will have a bad impact on your twin flame.

So let’s begin!

Start with something that feels right. Something that makes you smile, something that makes you feel like everything is good and will return to normal soon.

Or try to remember: if something feels good, do it. If it makes you happy and you feel your partner is like me, then this will bring them back.

8) Focus your thoughts on healing yourself and receiving love

When you’re in a place of not having your twin flame in your life, it can be easy to spend time hating them for leaving or resenting them for dumping you. This is okay at first.

Sometimes what you need is to heal yourself first, but this can be tricky. For example, if you’re experiencing pain because of a broken bone, your brain may just continue to focus on the pain.

However, the longer this goes on, the more time and energy you’re spending dwelling on negative things.

To heal yourself and activate new brain patterns, it can be helpful to do something that involves movement or exercise.

Next, stop focusing on how much you need love and start focusing on healing yourself. This is a process that you need to do to be ready to accept all of the love that is waiting for you.

Another thing that people find helpful is to use music with a beat or rhythm that they can time themselves dancing to. This will help the brain de-pattern itself by letting it focus on the movement.

Finally, focus instead on the things that you’ve learned about yourself and how open you’ve become to others, on your spiritual growth, physical health, and mental strength.

Believe it or not:

These are all messages from your subconscious that show you are ready for a real relationship with someone capable of giving a deeply committed love.

9) Try to see them again

If you are determined to get your twin flame back, try to reach out to them. If you feel like they may have moved on with someone else, you can try seeing if they’re still available or not.

You have invested a lot into your relationship and the bond that you two shared deserves the opportunity to overcome any obstacles to bring it back together again.

So, follow your gut instincts and don’t be afraid to ask because you never know what could happen in the future.

If you’re lucky enough to feel drawn to your twin flame again, you can try to see them in person and see if the connection is still there between the two of you.

For instance, you can let your twin flame know how you feel about them, even if the relationship is not going well.

But remember this:

Love is a powerful energy that brings people together, so the more that you say it, the more it will spread from your mind to theirs. There doesn’t have to be a response all at once; just let them know that you love them and always will.

10) Let them know that you love them

This is one of the most important steps in letting your twin flame know that you are willing to share your love with them again. You can let your twin flame know how you feel about them, even if the relationship is not going well.

Maybe you were the one that ran away, maybe they left you and you are feeling emotionally hurt. In any case, before trying to get your twin flame back, make sure that they know how much they meant to you.

What if they don’t want to be found? What if there is someone else in their life?

You must be sure that you are ready to move on with your life and let them find happiness again on their terms before trying to contact them again.

Let’s not forget!

You need to make sure that they understand how much you desire their love and attention.

11) Write down your expectations from your twin flame

Write down what you believe your twin flame should be like and what qualities you think they should have. This can help shift your outlook on things so that a healthy relationship can be established once again.

Furthermore, how you want your twin flame to treat you and how you want to treat your twin flame.

How is kissing supposed to feel? What kind of tone of voice should they use?

It’s important that you write down a specific list so that when you meet them, you’ll have a start on what kind of behavior is typical for them.

Since this can help you to be realistic with your expectations as well as being less likely to be disappointed.

Then again, you can become aware of what you’re looking for in your twin flame. You should take this time to be brutally honest with yourself about how you want him/her to act and feel.

Otherwise, it also can help you focus on the positive aspects of your true love, rather than their shortcomings.

12) Think about what you can do for twin flame

If you feel that you want your twin flame back, think about what you can do to help them.

Like so: you can be their advisor, or share a key insight from your spiritual practice, but whatever it is that you want to give them, there will be away.

Often, twin flame seekers find themselves wondering where the connection has gone.

Here’s how:

Maybe they are wondering if they ever had a twin flame in the first place. Maybe they are worried that the connection was never meant to last.

You can take some time to think things through and come up with some ideas of how you can help restore the relationship, such as doing something nice for them or going on a spiritual journey together.

Or think of things that could help strengthen the relationship again on their terms before contacting them.

13) Call your friends

Tell your close friends about your twin flame and ask for their support. This will help you feel more centered, giving you the strength to fight for your twin flame.

Now hang on, you may be afraid that they would judge you, or think you are nuts.

No! It’s the best way to clear away most of that judgment. Most people will be supportive and help to keep you grounded when you want to get twin flames back.

You’d do it like this: You can tell them about how you feel, and how to hurt you are by what your twin flame has done to you.

Sometimes, you may not have realized it, but some of your friends also have issues with twin flames like you. They might have been in a situation similar to how you find yourself and they’ve succeeded in their return.

So, you can ask them for advice, and they can help you do the same thing.

You may wonder why?

“A friend in need is a friend indeed”

14) Have faith

It’s easy to focus on the fact that you are missing your twin flame in your life. This can make it difficult to maintain an optimistic outlook about the future.

Usually, many people have lost faith in their twin flame. However, if you believe that they are the one for you, it can be a concrete step that helps to bring them back.

Know that this works, even if you can’t see the results. If you have faith, it will happen. This is a true statement because it’s your belief in this process that makes it work.

Don’t forget: Twin flames have a special unbreakable bond. Even if they seem to have given up on the relationship, they may be waiting for you to be ready to connect with them.

However, you don’t know what the future holds. If you believe more in your twin flame than the world and all its scheming forces, then there’s a good chance that they will reappear, because that’s where they’re supposed to be.

Faith in humanity is more powerful than any god because it allows you to put things into perspective.

True love will always come through if you truly believe it.

15) Don’t give up

It’s hard to give up on the person that completes you, but it’s not impossible if that’s what feels right for you.

Sometimes, twin flames spend a lifetime apart. If you feel as if you have waited too long to get back in touch with your twin flame, it is important to remember that they are out there.

Furthermore, waiting until the moment is right is important to make sure that you will be able to do what needs to be done and say what needs to be said.

Since it isn’t easy to open up your heart to a twin flame. It means that you are going to have to trust someone with things that you have never trusted anyone with before.

So you must feel comfortable and safe, and if you let go of the past, it can bring more joy into your life than anything else.

Don’t give up if you find yourself in this boat because if your twin flame is meant for you, they will return at the right time.

16) Contact them through a third party

Why do you need a third party to help you to get twin flames back? There are several reasons that you will be surprised when knowing.

Sometimes, they have taken a new lover, or they have moved and it is hard to find them. If you can’t seem to get in touch with them on your terms, contact someone close to them that you do know and trust.

If you have tried contacting your twin flame for quite some time and it hasn’t worked, try using another person to help you reestablish contact.

If you are not having any luck with the person you are contacting through normal channels, it may be time to call in some outside help. A third party can remove any temptation for your twin flame to interact with you and avoid any negative actions on their part.

If they are still interested in reestablishing contact with you, then using a third party is a good way of signaling that this will work out.

An old friend, family member, or even a stranger from the Internet could all be able to play a part in bringing two twin flames back together. You never know how this will work out until you try.

The feeling of being in love with someone that you haven’t met or even seen can be a very intense one. The person you are in love with could be a real-life twin flame that is destined to come into your life and change everything.

So, be brave and follow your heart’s voice to get them back.

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