The ultimate false twin flame test

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Do you have a feeling that your twin flame is not really your twin flame?

Dealing with a false twin flame can be heartbreaking, but it’s also necessary. Their role is to prepare you to meet the other half of your soul.

So, the sooner you recognize them, the better.

To do so, answer the following questions honestly – they’ll reveal the truth about your twin flame:

1) Do they bring out issues from the past?

According to Kiran Athar, writer for Ideapod, “with a false twin flame, issues from the past start to arise. They’ll bring up traumas, anxieties, and hurt that you’ve previously experienced, rather than forcing you to work on current and future problems.”

In other words, she explains that a false twin flame triggers your past wounds.

On the other hand, a true twin flame brings healing and unconditional love to the relationship. It’s like they know just how to heal and soothe your pains from before.

So, if you find yourself triggered and worked up, this is a good indication that the person you are in a relationship with is your false twin flame.

2) Do you see any repeated sequences of numbers frequently?

As you probably know, angel numbers often occur in the lives of twin flames to confirm their union or guide them in the right direction.

For example, angel number “1111 means that you need to have faith in the unity of you and your twin flame and know that the universe and Creator will bring you together with them when the time is right,” says Angel Number – one of the leading authorities on angel numbers.

So, if you’ve been seeing it when you met your counterpart, take it as a positive sign.

However, if you notice angel number 338, it might be a warning sign: you’re dealing with a false twin flame.

Other numbers may appear to you as well, so it’s up to you to search for their meanings and decipher their message.

3) Do you feel them physically when they’re not with you?

A twin flame bond is like no other. It goes beyond the physical and mental connection we’re accustomed to between lovers.

Since a twin flame relationship is a soul-level connection, it’s also one of the most intense. In fact, you might sometimes be able to feel your twin flame’s presence even when they are not around you physically.

So, if you do experience this feeling on a regular basis, then that is another sign that you are connected to your true twin flame.

In the case of a false twin flame, however, you may not feel that connection, at least not as clear as you would expect.

4) Can you communicate with them through dreams?

“Out of all the forms of twin flame telepathy, dream communication is considered the strongest of all. It’s said to be the purest form as well,” notes Raychel Ria Agramon, writer for Hack Spirit.

In other words, you can communicate with your twin flame through your dreams. This is quite possible because when you share a dream, your subconscious mind allows you to transmit the message much more efficiently.

On the other hand, if you feel unable to reach them in the same way when they aren’t physically around you, then this may be another sign that they are not your true twin flame.

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5) Do you share the same visions for the future?

Sharing the same visions for the future is another indication of a genuine twin flame.

However, “if you’re with your false twin, you see the future differently as your paths don’t merge. If you see that your goals and lifestyle don’t match, you both find it hard to compromise,” says Czaroma Roman, writer for Hack Spirit.

This means that if you and your twin flame have different visions for your future, it’s a good indication that you are with a false twin flame.

The same goes for your past. If you don’t notice similarities, you might be dealing with the wrong person.

6) Do you know what you are supposed to achieve together?

Twin flames have a certain common goal or mission to accomplish. Often, they choose to work together to achieve it.

So, if you’ve been able to see this goal in your mind without any hesitation, then it’s a good sign that you’re with your twin flame. However, if you find yourself confused and unsure about it, then it might be a sign of a false twin flame.

In fact, it’s known that a false twin flame often makes you focus on yourself, rather than on your mission.

Kiran Athar confirms it:

“A false twin flame will make your focus a great deal on yourself and make your world feel rather small.”

7) Would you characterize your relationship as supernatural?

A twin flame relationship has its own unique characteristics and qualities. It’s not the same as a regular romantic one.

It often includes paranormal experiences and unexplainable incidents.

For example, some people noticed that after spending some time together with their counterparts, their eye color changed.

They also felt something similar to an electric shock when they touched their counterparts.

Is this something you’ve experienced?

If not, you might be dealing with a false twin flame.

8) Are you inspired and supported by them to make spiritual progress?

Not feeling supported in one way or another is another sign you are dealing with a false twin flame.

A key aspect of a true twin flame union is that it is there to bring about positive change, empower you and inspire you to grow spiritually.

Instead, if you’re dealing with a false twin flame, then you may experience depression and a lack of motivation.

Negative emotions are often the result of not being with your twin flame. What’s more, they can delay your twin flame union.

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9) How do they respond when it comes to challenges?

Has your twin flame ever tried to support you during a difficult time? If not, then that might be an indication that you are with a false twin.

It’s also not uncommon for your false twin to project their own issues and darkness upon you. If they try to blame you for their own problems, feel attacked by things you say and do, or try to manipulate or control you – these are all sure signs that they’re not the real deal.

Czaroma Roman confirms it:

“A false twin flame only sticks around for the fun and good times, but disappears when you need them.”

10) Have you ever successfully communicated telepathically with this person?

In the case of a true twin flame connection, you can communicate telepathically with your twin flame.

You can also feel their emotions and thoughts as if they were your own. This is a way of communicating without having to use words. It’s a more direct, almost instantaneous way of sharing thoughts and information.

If you don’t experience it, then it’s likely that you are involved with a false twin flame.

Now, if it happens to finish each other’s sentences a few times, don’t mistake it for a real sign of telepathy. This can also come intuitively after spending some time with a person.

11) Do you feel an infinite connection to this person?

This is a big one!

To figure out whether you’ve met your false twin flame or real twin flame, think about the moment when you realized what you felt for this person.

Do you recall a specific moment when you fell in love?

Or, do you feel like you’ve always loved them?

According to TFS, you can recognize your true twin flame as someone you’ve always loved, not someone you fell in love with at a certain moment in time.

Simply put, you have a feeling that you know them for more than a lifetime. This indicates that you’re with the real deal.

12) Do they bring out the best in you and help you shine like a star?

If your twin flame makes you feel amazing and lifts you up, then it’s likely that you are with a real twin flame.

But if your partner doesn’t make you shine, doesn’t inspire or uplift, and brings out the worst in you – then it’s likely that you are with a false twin.

How so?

A real twin flame is a source of incredible love and support.

A false twin often makes you feel self-conscious and dependent.

Your false twin flame will also try to make you feel like they’re the only reason why you feel great and shine.

As a result, they will try to make you think that your life wouldn’t change if they weren’t in it. This is definitely not true!

13) Do you love yourself more if you look at yourself through their eyes?

A true twin flame relationship helps you appreciate and love yourself more. In other words, they help you have more self-love.

And if you are with a partner who doesn’t do this for you, then it’s most likely that your partner is a false twin flame.

In fact, the presence of love in your life can help you heal any emotional wounds from the past. But in order to fully heal, it is important to love yourself more than a loved one can ever do for you.

The truth is… you can’t be loved by another person and be fully healed if you don’t love yourself first!

14) Is their energy extraordinary and filled with light?

A key aspect of a twin flame relationship is feeling an almost instantaneous connection. This connection is not all about their physical appearance, but also about their energy.

When you are with a false twin flame, they will often drain your energy or even take it away. Their energy is toxic and dark, while a real twin flame is filled with light and love.

Nevena Glogovac, a writer for Nomadrs, explains it:

“This happens because your false twin flame is an energy vampire. This means that they feed on your energy and make you feel as if your purpose in life is overlooked and considered as something worthless.”

So, if you notice that you feel drained, exhausted, and unhappy, then the person you love might be a false twin flame.

15) Are they trying to change you?

Here’s the truth about your real twin flame: they won’t try to change you.

However, a false twin flame will try to change you and that’s not a bad thing. They’re basically preparing you for your true twin flame.

But if any change they try to impose is harmful or unnatural to you – this might be a sign of an abusive relationship. Don’t get me wrong, your twin flame partner should challenge you and help you grow, but this should be done in a healthy way.

The false twin flame will look to change your personality and try to mold you into the person they want you to be. The real twin flame won’t do this because they recognize that you are perfectly imperfect.


A false twin flame is someone who will feel like your real twin flame for a while. But then, you’ll see that you only experience general synchronicities with them and not specific ones.

You’ll also see that you can’t really communicate with them telepathically. You might intuitively know what they’re thinking and the other way around, but that might not be very accurate.

What’s more, a false twin flame will try to change you, bring negativity into your life, and even hurt you.

If these signs apply to your relationship, then you know that this person isn’t who you thought they were. You can thank them for their impact and move on to your real twin flame!

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