19 unmistakable characteristics of twin flame energy

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The trickiest part about twin flames is that no two journeys ever look alike.

For example, my twin flame and I have such a unique relationship that it’s impossible to explain it adequately. It’s difficult to describe to people what exactly our twin flame energy feels like.

But here’s the thing: it’s an unmistakable feeling.

Twin flame energy is unlike any other kind of energy you’ll feel. When it enters your life, it feels life-changing, earth-shattering, and cosmic.

So even though twin flame journeys vary so much between people, it’s possible to identify that unmistakable energy and find some commonalities.

This article will identify 19 touchstone characteristics of twin flame energy: what that relationship feels like.

I’m also going to answer a few common questions: Can my twin flame feel my energy? What are the stages of a twin flame relationship? And how can I use twin flame energy as a guide?

But wait, what exactly is twin flame energy?

Let’s start with that.

Defining twin flame energy

Some twin flames will tell you that they’re two separated parts of the same soul. That’s how intense and unbreakable their bond feels. In this way, the energy they share and feel is the same energy. The same wavelength.

The energy you feel is going to be intense and guiding. Twin flame energy also has momentum. You can feel it guiding you and your flame on a journey together.

Just as twin flames grow and change as one, so the energy they share will change and develop. But they will always share that energy. It forges their bond together.

Some twin flames will tell you that they can use this energy to guide their actions and find their twin flame again.

In short, twin flame energy is unlike any other kind of energy. It is entirely unique, like a trademark, and only grows higher in frequency and intensity as twin flames draw closer to each other.

With that being said, there are some key identifiers of twin flame energy that can help you pinpoint and identify it in your life if it’s there.

So, let’s get started.

Characteristics of twin flame energy

It’s important to note that not all of these have to apply, as each journey is so unique. It might just be a key few, but they’re very intense. Or it might feel a lot different than most of these listed. It could be all of them and so many more.

1) Deep pain when apart

One of the biggest characteristics of twin flame energy is the strong feelings of emptiness when you aren’t with your twin.

How do you feel when you’ve gone separate ways with your twin flame?

Your energy will feel separated, distant, painful, like an aching hollow in your chest. The deep connection that you share makes separation all the more present.

This can be especially hard for twin flames during the separation phase(s) of a twin flame journey.

If you’re wondering what to do when your twin flame is ignoring you, take a look at this article.

2) Deep change when together

One of the most identifiable signs of a twin flame relationship is the strong ability the two of you have to push each other to change.

When you’re spending time together, your energy is melding, growing strong, and changing.

The energy you fuse together encourages you to make deep personal changes.

Really, all healthy relationships should inspire change and growth.

Your twin flame will help you grow. Through every stage of a twin flame relationship, you’ll see growth as an identifying characteristic.

Here’s what that means: you and your twin flame will feel the deep change when you’re together.

3) A real psychic confirms it 

The signs above and below in this article will give you a good idea of the characteristics of twin flame energy.

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4) Impossible to describe

The overwhelmingly strong and unique feeling of twin flame energy leaves most at a loss when asked to describe it.

There really is no way to put a finger on it.

Here’s how I would describe the feeling when I’m with my twin flame, especially at first:

It feels electrifying, like burning in your chest. It feels fateful, lovely, and sometimes overwhelming. Your ears might get hot, your breath might be taken away.

The thing is, even these descriptions fail to accurately pinpoint the feeling.

Truly, then, twin flame energy is remarkably difficult to describe.

5) Yin and yang

One of the driving characteristics of a twin flame relationship is the yin and yang nature of the relationship.

Oftentimes, twin flames reflect the weaknesses of each other.

It’s why twin flame relationships can be so frustrating, difficult, and hard-won. It’s not always fun to be around the person who always shows you your flaws.

On the flip side, this is what forges such a strong bond and inspires such growth.

Furthermore, it’s the exact same way with twin flame energy. They embody the same amount of  the energy they shared before they met. Their energy is two parts of the exact same kind.

Even though those two parts might be the yin and the yang separated.

When they come together, balance and harmony is achieved.

6) Magnetic and polarizing

In the same way, the energy of a twin flame relationship is very magnetic.

You feel helplessly drawn towards your twin flame. You feel pulled towards them with powerful force. You can’t stay away.

To put it a little differently, the energy feels fateful. And once you start to be drawn in, you can’t stop.

It’s an exhilarating and often scary feeling.

And if your twin flame polarizes, then they are repelled just as strongly.

This reason is why so many twin flame relationships go through a “runner and chaser” stage.

But here’s the thing: magnets always return to each other. And the twin flame journey is a long one, often for an entire lifetime, or multiple lifetimes.

7) Safety and relief

While the feelings of relief might not always last in a twin flame relationship, that doesn’t mean the energy won’t feel the same.

It may be a painful and difficult journey to unite with your twin flame completely, but it’s worth it.

Why is it worth it? Because of the energy, you feel when you are with them.

You feel safe with them, you feel whole, complete, and have a sense of relief.

In fact, a healthy relationship, regardless if it’s twin flame or not, should feel safe and secure.

It will feel like everything is okay — and is going to be okay — because you’re with your twin soul.

The hero instinct is a new concept in relationship psychology. And I think it goes to the heart of why twin flames feel so safe when they’re together.

Simply put, men are driven to step up to the plate for the woman they love, ensuring her safety and protection. This is deeply rooted in male biology.

Instincts are a powerful driver of human behavior, especially for men when it comes to relationships.

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8) Time dissolving

The energy of twin flames resonates with higher intensity than most other types. It reaches out and even affects other people around the twin flames.

Time isn’t a factor when it comes to the intensity of love and energy between twin flames.

In other words, time apart doesn’t diminish the feelings you have for your twin flame. It doesn’t change the strength of the energy.

That’s why so many feel like the energy they share has been shared for multiple lifetimes. It’s a strong and dynamic energy that it lasts beyond just their current life.

In that way, then, twin flame energy dissolves time.

9) Synchronicity

Twin flame energy runs on the same wavelength.

Like I mentioned earlier in the article, a lot of times people will describe their twin flame energy as two parts of the same, older, and more ancient energy.

Think of it like this: twin flames are joining together and sharing an energy that is bigger than they are.

Yes, that’s how intense twin flame energy can feel.

No matter the distance, twin flames will feel like they’re on the same page, completely in tune with each other. They might even be able to sense when the other person’s mood changes.

Synchronicity and unity are important in every relationship; achieving it is something not just reserved for twin flames.

10) Metamorphic

A true twin flame relationship will push both people towards a higher calling of some kind.

They share a higher, radiating energy, along with the synergy and ability to push each other to be better.

As twin flames continue along their journey through life together, they undergo metamorphosis many times as they inspire each other to become the very truest version of themselves.

So in this way, twin flame energy can be very unique. It’s not every relationship that inspires you to become the very best version of yourself.

If this quality is lacking, it might be because of a false twin flame relationship.

11) Gravity and Importance

Twin flame energy will have a sense of gravity and weight.

That’s not to say that it’s heavy or burdensome, but rather that it feels important.

It feels big.

That’s because, as many people will attest to, most twin flames share an energy that might have been around before their relationship even began. It could be that they share one soul split into two bodies.

Of course, each relationship is different, but the fateful feeling of twin flame energy is often a huge clue.

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12) Sympathetic response

This ties into synchronicity pretty well. While a long-established, healthy, and especially close relationship will achieve an incredible level of synchronicity, it’s different from a twin flame relationship.

Here’s what I mean: the energy you share with your twin flame will connect you immediately with them. You might even be able to tell when they are feeling sad or have just received bad news. You might know exactly when you’re thinking about each other.

It might be that when you bring something up, they will mention that they were just thinking the same thing.

The energy you share has a sympathetic response. Think of it like a spider web and you both have your finger touching it, so you feel the same vibrations.

13) Quantum entanglement

Here’s the definition of quantum entanglement from Merriam Webster: “(a subatomic particle’s) quantum characteristic…is directly and immediately correlated with the equivalent characteristic of the others regardless of separation in space.”

Essentially, that means that no matter the distance between two particles — if one moves, the other moves too.

The energy shared by twin flames can be described in a similar way.

That’s because, no matter the distance, the connection stays the same. The strength of the energy doesn’t wane even if twin flames are separated by vast amount of distance.

The bond between them allows them to feel each other’s energy, often the same energy, no matter the distance — just like quantum entanglement.

14) Multi-dimensional

Many of the feelings we get from relationships can be described as two-dimensional. They may be good feelings, positive energy, even lasting and enduring.

But that’s kind of where it stops.

Is that a bad thing? No, of course not. Positive relationships, no matter how simple and straightforward, are really good for us. They keep us healthy, happy, and sane, among other things.

Twin flame relationships are three-dimensional, expanding much wider and deeper than the average relationship.

And because of that, the energy felt is stronger and more profound also.

15) Driven to a higher purpose

I’ve touched on this a little bit already but it’s worth mentioning as its own point.

Why is that? Because one of the reasons a twin flame relationship is so unique, special, and powerful is because of this very reason.

Not only do mirror souls inspire each other to become the greatest version of themselves but they inspire each other to do even more.

When they unite their energy, twin flames are able to achieve their higher purposes, whether it’s helping other people, working for a cause, bringing about vital change in society, or anything else.

16) A mirrored image

Twin flames are often called “mirror souls” and with good reason. They are very identical in that they share so much. They also reflect each other’s weaknesses, allowing for intense personal growth.

It can sometimes be a bit tricky to know whether or not the energy you’re feeling is because you’ve met your twin soul.

You should feel challenged and uncomfortable because of how uncannily they reflect not only yourself, but also the weakest parts of yourself, and challenge you to do better.

Here’s a great article that goes into detail about mirror souls and breaks down some common myths.

17) Burning in the chest

Twin flame energy opens up the chakras. It’s invigorating, awakening, and intense.

A lot of people will describe the way it feels like there’s a burning in their chest.

And no, not like a painful feeling. Yes, an intense one, but in a thrilling way. Pay attention to how your body reacts around your twin flame. It will feel unlike it does any other time.

18) Divinity

The level of divinity in a twin flame relationship really depends on each person and each relationship.

Because it’s so individual, some twin flames might just see each other as compatible and inseparable, but not necessarily anything more.

On the other hand, some twin flames might view their relationship as entirely divine. They see it and feel it as something far greater than just what they have experienced in their lifetime.

How so?

They’ll tell you that they are two parts of the same higher being, that they have shared energy for centuries, and they will continue to do so even after this life.

My twin flame and I feel the divinity in our relationship for sure. There’s such a deep connection between us that we are certain, in our case, that it was forged long ago.

In any case, the bond and energy shared between twin flames will feel sacred and special. Something to be cherished.

19) Shared dreamscapes

There’s so much about dreams we don’t understand.

For instance, why do we dream at all? No one is really sure.

What we do know, though, is that they can be a powerful window into the subconscious, unlocking feelings, motives, and fears that we might not normally understand.

So how does that relate?

Well, it’s common for mirror souls to share dreamscapes. The idea of shared dreams might seem a bit far-fetched but there’s a staggering amount of reliable anecdotal evidence to support the idea.

With that in mind, twin flames will often learn of each other in dreams, connect in dreams, or use dreams as a sign to reconnect.

Here’s a great article that talks about why twin flame dreams appear and what they might mean.

So now, let’s go over some common questions people have about twin flame energy.

Can my twin flame feel my energy?

In short, yes.

Twin flames will often say that they share two parts of the very same energy.

In that way, each person can feel whether they’re close to each other or not and feel the energy that flows freely between them. They can both follow that shared energy to achieve a higher purpose, too.

What are the stages of a twin flame relationship?

This question is one of the most asked.

The nature of a twin flame relationship is a long and oftentimes arduous one.

And each relationship is unique, so your personal journey will likely be entirely different from my personal journey.

However, there are some commonalities between most twin flame relationships and so it can be broken down into some keystone stages. Usually, they are broken down into around 8 different stages. They can be found here.

How can I use my twin flame energy as a guide?

There are going to be periods of doubt and uncertainty in your twin flame relationship.

It’s just a facet of life. We don’t always know what’s going to happen, if we’ll be okay or how things are going to turn out.

Being able to focus on the intense energy you share with your mirror soul will help guide you through these difficult times.

The clarity and surety of your shared energy are more than enough to help you through. Especially, if you allow your twin to help you in these times. Of course, always help them if you can.

Make your relationship last by doing this

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It’s a beautiful thing to experience.

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