Capricorn twin flame best and worst love matches (complete guide)

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Are you curious about the Capricorn twin flame?

In this epic capricorn twin flame compatability guide, I’m going to cover: 

  • Signs a Capricorn is your twin flame
  • Twin flame signs compatible (and incompatible) with Capricorn
  • Capricorns during twin flame separation – and reunion

Without further ado, let’s get into the 411 on Capricorn twin flame zodiac compatibility. 

The Capricorn Twin Flame

As a twin flame, Capricorn is known to be ambitious, goal-oriented, practical, and organized. Not only is this good for their career, but it’s also great for their love life. 

In other words, they’ll pursue their twin flame – no matter what it takes. In fact, astrologer Olga Velk says that “They’re ready to give up a lot to achieve that goal.” 

Sadly, the overachieving Capricorn often ends up disregarding the feelings of their partner. They like everything to be as efficient as possible, so they end up rubbing on their lovers the wrong way. 

Sadly, Capricorns often find it hard to express their emotions. They usually keep up walls, which can end up harming their twin flame relationship. 

Signs a Capricorn is your twin flame

If you doubt whether a Capricorn is your twin flame, then these signs should make you believe otherwise: 

1) They’ll make it happen

Of all the other signs, Capricorn has been given total dominion over physical reality. Their innate wisdom gives them the ability to make everything happen – their mirror soul included. 

As such, you need to pay attention to these signs that your twin flame manifesting you: 

  • You feel a special connection with them
  • You keep on thinking about them – even if there’s no reason for you to do so
  • You keep on seeing them in your dreams
  • You meet them – unexpectedly – at random places
  • You feel some sort of deja vu with them
  • You keep on seeing angel numbers

2) They make solid plans – and stick to them 

Say your Capricorn twin flame has asked you out. You can expect them to stick to this plan, even if many things are trying to stop them. 

Capricorns are known to remain faithful to their plans. This is one of the many things that make them great twin flames. After all, they’ll see everything through – no matter what happens. 

If they want to meet or reunite with you, their mirror soul, they’ll commit to this plan 100%. 

3) For them, other things don’t matter

As mentioned, Capricorns will make things happen. They will stick to their plans, no matter the cost.

Unfortunately, this means that they tend to disregard the other things in their life. 

Their focus is only geared towards their twin flame – and nothing more.

Because they feel that this relationship is meant to be, they base all their decisions on it. 

In the end, the relationship takes up all their time, which is why they end up isolating themselves from the other people in their lives.

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Twin flame signs compatible with Capricorn

The high-flying Capricorn is the perfect mirror soul for these signs:


Capricorn and Taurus make for great twin flames and soulmates, mainly because they’re very loyal earth signs.

While they’re highly ambitious, they will readily support each other. 

“Capricorn can provide some stability and security for Taurus, which they will enjoy, and Taurus can help Capricorn to open up more to intimacy,” explains astrologer Clarisse Monahan.

Because of these shared traits, the two signs can easily weather relationship problems – no matter how big or small. 

In fact, this partnership often leads to marriage. It’s kind of expected, given their compatibility rate of 98%. 


Being four signs apart, Virgo and Capricorn are trines that enjoy a natural, easy-going relationship. 

They have a high compatibility rate of 95%, primarily because of their shared traits. Both are hardworking yet grounded in reality. 

“A Virgo and Capricorn would come together to support each other and encourage them to take the crucial steps towards their objectives,” remarks astrologer Lisa Kiss.

While Capricorn can get moody sometimes, their level-headed Virgo twin flame can easily tolerate them. 

With their complementing personalities, Capricorn and Virgo can foster a relationship that’s sure to last. 


Scorpio and Capricorn might be water and earth signs, but they’re an excellent fit for each other. Both are affectionate, sensual, and loyal, which is why they have a 95% compatibility rate under their belts. 

“Both signs seek a deep sense of security, which can be directly tied to how safe they feel. They can work together and feel safety together,” says Kiss.

While Scorpio tends to flare up occasionally, Capricorn is quick to act as the voice of reason. This is helpful for the former, for they end up gaining a perspective they would’ve otherwise missed. 

Despite their power struggles and career-oriented lifestyles, Capricorn and Scorpio are twin flame partners that are sure to last. 

Twin flame zodiac signs Capricorn should avoid

Twin flames are supposed to be mirror souls – but that’s not the case with these signs: 


Leo is five signs away from Capricorn, which means they form a quincunx. In astrology, this leads to a twin flame partnership filled with awkwardness and uncertainty. 

Given their compatibility rate of 35%, it’s not surprising that both are often embroiled in conflicts. Their needs and wants are entirely different, which explains the lack of spark between the two. 

That said, this incompatible couple can make it work. They’ll need to put in a lot of effort, though. 


The Capricorn-Aries relationship can be likened to oil and water. They’re so different from each other that their compatibility rate is at a disappointing 47%. 

For one, Capricorn is quite meticulous – while Aries is very assertive. 

Capricorn likes to be productive, a trait that Aries finds boring. 

Add to that, Aries likes to do things their way. Their Capricorn twin flame may try to stop them, but often to no avail. 

“Capricorns may feel that their security is threatened if they were to get so overwhelmed with hot emotions, while Aries feel like it’s a natural thing to handle,” explains astrologer Stephanie Gailing. 

Given their clashing personalities, quarreling is a common occurrence in this incompatible partnership. 


Libra and Capricorn have different personalities, which is why they should try to avoid each other (if possible.) 

Capricorn likes to keep things private, while Libra is down to have fun.

Both are career-oriented, so they end up disregarding the critical aspects in their relationship (e.g., sex.) 

“This couple could battle for domination and fight over who’s right about everything,” remarks astrologer Stina Garbis.

Despite these issues, these two signs can make things work. As long as they love and trust each other, they can take their 55% compatibility rate to the next level. 

Capricorn during a twin flame separation

Like other signs, Capricorn twin flames are bound to experience separation. It signifies that the honeymoon period is over.

Add to that, issues of attachment and insecurity are slowly bubbling up to the surface. 

As spiritual author Shannon Kaiser puts it:

“Your love will be put to the test as you start to dive deep into your shadow sides.” 

Attachment problems aside, the relationship may also get plagued by the following issues:

  • They feel that it’s not the right time for their twin flame relationship. 
  • Both parties still need to grow. 
  • One (or both sides) lack self-love.
  • One (or both mirror souls) remain emotionally and spiritually immature.
  • They’ve already learned the necessary lessons in life. 

The problem with Capricorn – especially during the twin flame separation – is that they can get pretty pessimistic. 

Because of their past traumas, they always expect the worst. 

As such, they find it hard to move on. Unless they try to heal their old wounds – and make their burdens lighter – they’ll have a hard time reaching the reunion stage. 

That said, this separation is an opportunity for Capricorn – and their partner – to evolve. The temporary disconnection will give them time to grow and learn more as twin flames. 

Capricorn during a twin flame reunion

Although the separation can get pretty hard on Capricorn, it thrives on the possibility of a reunion.

While this might not happen for some partners, Capricorn will do whatever it takes to be with their twin flame again. 

After all, Capricorn is a sign who’s hell-bent on making things happen. 

Capricorns are goal-oriented, and it’s pronounced in their twin flame relationships. 

Since they possess a higher dimensional power, they’re keen to recognize these signs of an impending reunion:

  • A feeling that something is missing
  • An unexplainable sense of excitement – and relaxation
  • A strong feeling that they’re on a mission
  • The nearby energy of their twin flame
  • Dreams about their mirror soul
  • The angel number 1111 constantly appearing

Capricorn twin flame sex

Passionate: this is just one of the words that describe Capricorn twin flame sex.

They know what they want, and nothing will stop them from doing it. 

As with other zodiac signs, Capricorn will find it hard to keep their hands off their mirror soul. 

Sex with a twin flame – like that of your Capricorn partner – will feel like the ‘best sex you could ever have.’ After all, they share a spiritual connection that makes the experience intimate and highly satisfying. 

As for the other quirks, Capricorns like being on top (literally.) They’re known to take charge in the boardroom – as well as the bedroom. 

Sadly, this can mean that they can be a little selfish at times. 

On the upside, Capricorns are all for BDSM and all the other kinks you can imagine. They’re so adventurous that they often need a safe word! 

Given the lustiness of the Capricorn, it’s not surprising that they often think about their twin flame sexually. 

If you’re on the receiving end, these thoughts will come to you as:

  • A strong sexual desire
  • Recurring dirty thoughts about your mirror soul 
  • Titillating dreams
  • A sensation that someone is touching you
  • Twin flame energy sensations
  • Unmistakable tarot card readings

Which twin flame zodiac signs are most compatible?

As mentioned, Capricorn is highly compatible with a Taurus twin flame. While both are ambitious, they’re very loyal and supportive of one another. This relationship often ends up in marriage, many thanks to its almost-perfect compatibility rate of 98%. 

Capricorn and Taurus are not the only good twin flame pairings, though. Here are some other compatible signs – and their mirror souls:

Aquarius – Gemini

Aquarius, for one, is a perfect match for its fellow air sign Gemini. They’re both intelligent and enjoy quite a bustling social life. 

They’re also good communicators, says astrologer Mitzye Ribas.

“Communication won’t be an issue here as these two signs are very verbal. They aren’t shy to confide in their partner the issues they face.”

Even if they have an issue with intimacy, they can patch things up, thanks to their similar views in life (and love.) 

Pisces – Cancer

As fellow water signs, Pisces and Cancer make for a harmonious twin flame relationship. 

They’re both sensitive, nurturing, and compassionate. 

“They have an intuitive rapport that’s difficult to match, and it’s exciting to watch both try to impress the other with variety and style,” adds Monahan.

Although they can profess to love each other at first sight, they experience some issues along the way. 

All the drama aside, they’re keen to keep the relationship as stable (and loving) as possible. 

Have you met your Capricorn twin flame?

You know you’ve found your true twin flame (and not a false one) if they continue to inspire you to be a better person. 

The feeling is instant – there’s recognition and attraction that you’ve never felt before. 

You’re so drawn to them that you can’t help but feel intense emotions whenever they’re around. That said, your relationship may be turbulent – an on-again, off-again basis, you might say. 

Troubles are sure to plague twin flame relationships – it’s a part of the cycle. 

One might end up running away, while one may try to chase the other person back. 

What’s important is that you both work hard on yourselves during this separation. 

You should take this as an opportunity to grow and mature as an ideal twin flame. 

Once you’ve settled all the issues within yourself – and your partner- the relationship will be sweeter – and more stable. 

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