Who’s the best twin flame love match for Cancer? Epic love guide

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If you’re a Cancerian, you’ve most likely done a bit of digging as to which of the star signs you’re not compatible with. 

Once you’ve sorted the wheat from the chaff, your next step is to determine which zodiac sign is your ideal match. 

Also, we’ve taken it a step further to reveal who comes out tops in terms of twin flame zodiac compatibility.

So, if you’re a Cancerian, or if you’ve got your sights on one, you’re in the right place!

I’ve done all the groundwork for you. Read on to find out everything you need to know about Cancer twin flame Zodiac compatibility.

Cancer personality and traits

If you’re born between June 22 and July 22 you fall under the star sign of Cancer.

It’s the fourth sign in the Zodiac and is represented by the symbol of the crab. 

Craustations by nature have hard exterior shells to protect their squishy bits. When we look at the personality of those born under the Cancer sign, it’s an accurate representation. 

They put up a hard, stony front to protect the delicate empathetic, and loving reservoir that lies underneath.

As a cardinal water sign that’s ruled by the moon, Cancer energy is emotive, protective, and comforting. Their typical traits include:


Expect unwavering loyalty from a Cancerian Twin Flame. It’s one of their most striking traits.

Initially, it can be hard to connect with a Cancerian, because they often stonewall you and don’t trust you easily, but, once you get through the stony exterior their commitment to you will be unparalleled. 

They’re notoriously devoted to loved ones and they will do whatever it takes to help those they care about. So much so, they’re prepared to abolish their beliefs and own sense of judgment. 


In addition to their inherently emotional nature, cancers are known for being kind and caring. 

Cancer’s loyalty and protectiveness are clear examples of this characteristic.

They are particularly generous toward their partners as Twin Flames, but expect the same level of loyalty and attention in return and will be unhappy if they do not get it

Overly sensitive 

Those born under the sign of Cancer are true empaths and have the innate ability to understand the emotional needs of others.

On the flip side, that can be challenging to deal with because they take everything extremely personally. 

They don’t take criticism well, especially in emotional situations. 

They tend to brood over things and are often self-loathe.

With a Cancerian as your twin flame, you’ll find yourself choosing your words wisely and will find yourself working on eggshells.


You might find it weird to associate this trait with a Cancerian Twin flame. However, cross one and you’ll find out why. 

Mostly, they try to get their way using kindness or acts of selflessness but, if that fails, they’ll do whatever it takes to take revenge on those who are hurting them.

As a Twin Flame, be wary as their emotions often cause them to feel insecure and they can be manipulative.


Due to the complexity of their emotions which can go from happy to sad in the blink of an eye, they can be moody and difficult to deal with. 

When they get upset or feel uncomfortable, they’ll put up a wall and will retreat to their shell.

As the moon is their ruling planet is the moon, expect abrupt changes in their mood, similarly as the moon waxes and wanes.

If your Twin Flame is a Cancerian, be prepared to nurture and care for them as they do for you. 

If not, you’ll find yourself the outlet for their emotional outbursts and intense mood swings.


Cancerians are known to be overly protective of their loved ones and will go to great lengths to ensure they offer the best possible protection.

They’re homebodies and deeply cherish family and friends, going out of their way for them. They’re comfortable in their homes because it’s where they feel most at peace.

So, don’t expect them to be party animals, they prefer the comfort of their homes.

As a Twin Flame, you might find this overly protective trait overbearing at times but know it’s coming from a good place and a pure heart.


Cancerians are deeply intuitive and have a tendency to rely on their intuition as opposed to being reliant on logic and rational judgment. 

The intensity of their emotional state helps them to pick up on the emotional changes of those around them.

They expect complete honesty and despise inauthentic discussions. If you’re going to lie to a Cancerian – don’t, they can see right through you!

Signs a Cancer is your twin flame

When you meet your Cancerian twin flame, you’ll feel an instant connection with them. 

You might have just met but it will feel like you’ve known each other for eternity, kind of like you’re having deja vu.

You’ll notice that they’re creepily similar to you and will share bizarre coincidences. The small differences in your personalities will compliment one another. 

Also, the connection you have might feel strangely psychic. You’ll have plenty of moments where you find yourself finishing each other’s sentences!

As for the Zodiac, Virgos are most likely to complement Cancer as they provide support and structure. But, we’ll get to that a little bit later, so keep reading.

Twin flame zodiac signs Cancer should avoid

Sometimes it’s simply a case of it’s NOT “written in the stars”.

Each star sign has signs that they match with and those who just don’t gel. 

With that said, here are the zodiac signs that Cancerians need to avoid:


Aquarius and Cancer are like oil and water in terms of twin flame compatibility. 

Even though they’re positioned right next to each other on the zodiac wheel, they couldn’t be further apart from each other in terms of everything else.

Although both signs are great at taking care of each other and value fairness and transparency, Cancerians find them to be unreliable. 

Cancer requires a sense of security and they thrive on consistency within their relationships. Something the Aquarian is simply not able to provide.

Also, Aquarians are renowned for needing their space and enjoying their freedom, something that does not sit well with a Cancerian


This star sign has made both lists, best and worst. There’s a fifty, fifty chance that it could be amazing, or, a huge mistake.

The biggest point of contention between these signs is that the Gemini is an independent and free-spirited soul who enjoys many casual encounters.

Cancerians are homebodies who value intimacy and closeness and like to keep their inner circle small. 

Geminis are also well-known for their audacious behavior. Their razor-sharp tongues exacerbate these relationships.

Cancerians, being overly sensitive souls, do not tolerate this type of behavior, and unsurprisingly, these relationships often end in disaster.

Cancer during a twin flame separation

Each and every twin flame will experience a separation during their relationship together. 

This period where twin flames spend time apart is a completely normal part of the process and is to be expected.

A twin flame separation typically happens once the “honeymoon phase” comes to an end which signals the beginning of the insecurities and attachment issues phase.

Due to the intensity of emotions a Cancerian harbors, the separation phase is an extraordinarily agonized one for them. It’s a turbulent period where they’re likely to retreat into their shells.

They can become deeply depressed, isolate themselves, and overanalyze everything about the relationship they had. They put up a strong front, but beneath this, they are in deep despair.

Cancer during a twin flame reunion

In a reunion, the Cancer will emerge from their shell re-energized with a fresh perspective and a deeper sense of self. 

They’ll learn from their mistakes and will do everything in their power to not repeat them.

When you’re nearing a reunion after being apart you will start to notice feelings of excitement, feeling drawn to certain places, and will notice synchronicities and symbols to signify the dawn of a new beginning.

Cancer twin flame sex

If you’re the type that enjoys spontaneous sexual encounters in public random places, then a Cancerian might not be your twin flame. 

They’re pretty unadventurous in terms of location but will surprise you with their talents in the place they feel most comfortable in, home.

Their number one priority in terms of sex is that it has to be meaningful and it has to occur where they’re comfortable. 

They’re not into one-night stands or being friends with benefits.

For sex to be enjoyable, they need to trust their partner, something that can take time.

Know, however, that it’s something they aren’t likely to rush and will wait until they trust 100%

Which twin flame zodiac signs are most compatible?


Virgo is probably the ideal twin flame match for Cancer. They are made for one another.

  • The emotional connection these two signs share is unparalleled and they are both excellent at communicating and place a huge emphasis on trust.
  • Virgo understands how to be interdependent with Cancer, without getting lost, unlike Cancers’ other Zodiac pairings.
  • They are equally sensitive and they are both highly emotionally intelligent. When something goes awry, they have the patience and the communications skills to help them work it out.
  • The love and respect they both hold for each other grows deeper as time goes by, connecting them eternally.


When looking at synergic connection, Taurus is another great potential twin flame.

  • They share a potent connection in the areas of emotion, intimacy, and sexual connection.
  • Sparks fly between them as well as the satisfaction of the senses and self-fulfillment make for a great duo.
  • Both enjoy accomplishing one another’s goals as well as setting their own.
  • Due to their similarities and shared values, their love is strong.

It might take them some time to trust each other and understand values, but it will get easier over time.


A Scorpio twin flame is one of the most intense, emotional, and loving of Cancer’s twin flame zodiac matches

  • Due to their similar values and life philosophy, this pair is almost a match made in heaven.
  • Both of them are attracted to each other and have intense chemistry.
  • It’s almost impossible to break the bond they share when the two merge so much so that they’d need to be physically separated at opposite ends of the words.
  • As with Cancer, Scorpios require a deeply emotional and magnetic connection to become twin flames

The fixed water sign of Scorpio lets them hold on to the security they desperately seek in a Cancer’s life.


As previously mentioned, this could go either way,

Gemini is just as good as any of the other twin flame’s mentioned but the difference here is that Geminis  polar opposites to Cancer:

  • Their explosive and energetic intellectual personalities are opposite to the Cancerian but this is what makes them compatible.
  • Despite their differences, they are very affectionate and have an amazing emotional connection as well as an impressive ability to communicate.

Gemini’s are notoriously hard to tame however, the calm and nurturing Cancerian makes for a great combo as they balance out each other’s weaknesses and flaws.


You might think otherwise, however, Capricorns and Cancers are perfect for one another in twin flame relationships.

  • They have an inexplicable magnetic attraction towards each other. 
  • The Capricorn Cancer dynamic makes for a great twin flame power couple as both exude strong values and emotional connections.
  • The calculating Capricorn is renowned for planning and therefore can envision placing themselves in a Cancerian life.

Both enjoy planning their futures which is something deeply cherished by Cancer.

Have you met your Cancer twin flame?

If you’re a Virgo and your twin flame is a Cancer, you might as well consider it a done deal!

Your compatibility is undeniable and you’re destined to be together. You compliment and care for one another and your lives together will be filled with love, nurturing, support and comfort.

You know how to deal with an overly emotional Cancerian and just have it in you. There is nothing that can stop you from being together.


Those born under the sign of the crab are caring, loving, nurturing, and protective.

Prepare to experience unconditional love as you’ve never felt before but be wary; think before you speak, and be sure that you give as much as you get.

In doing so, you can expect a relationship that’s made in heaven!

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