Can my twin flame have a different twin flame?

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So you think you’ve found your twin flame. Congratulations! This is a very exciting time in your life.

But you might be wondering, is this person truly my twin flame? And if they are, do they feel the same way about me?

And are you especially concerned because it seems like your twin flame actually has someone other than you as their twin?

If you want to learn whether your twin flame has a different twin flame, just keep reading:

The twin flame concept

Can your twin flame have a different twin flame? The short answer: No. A twin flame is the other half of your soul, so unlike soulmates, you can only have one twin flame.

The long answer? That’s where things get a little complicated.

It’s true that the twin flame concept focuses on two people being one soul. But personal belief also has a powerful effect on the concept, as Justin Brown lays out in this video.

As Justin says, twin flames are subjective and unable to be confirmed by a scientific process—though that would certainly make things easier! Instead, information comes from people who have experienced the twin flame concept and shared their belief with others.

So if you truly believe you have more than one twin flame–triplet flames, perhaps–then that could totally be true.

But there are still a few things that might make it seem like your twin flame has a different twin flame to you, which I’ve laid out below.

1) You’re just so different

If you’re two halves of the same soul, shouldn’t you be super alike? Well, not necessarily.

You may be from different ages or different cultures, or even different socioeconomic areas. 

While the lives of twin flames contain many coincidences and similarities, the truth is you were raised by different people and possibly even in different areas of the world. You’ll both have had different experiences just going through life.

So it’s pretty normal that it might seem like your twin flame is into someone else, especially if you have romantic feelings and they’re already in a relationship.

But remember that you’re not the same person, just two halves of the same soul, and you mirror each other. And because you reflect back at each other, you may be perceiving your own flaws and shadows differently by seeing them in another person.

On the other hand, maybe the person you think is your twin flame has another twin flame because they’re actually a false twin.

2) You’re false twin flames

That seems a little ominous, huh? Don’t worry, this person isn’t doing this on purpose or out to take advantage. In fact, they’re often still a catalyst for change.

But it’s the small things that will tell you that they’re false, not your true twin flame. Basically, they’ll be inconsistent and they won’t be willing to commit to you. They also won’t support you, and you’ll have arguments without the corresponding make-ups.

Part of you will know when you’re in a relationship with a false twin flame. Though you may not be consciously thinking about it yet, you’ll feel anxious and uncertain. And if you’re doubting your partner, then they probably aren’t your true twin flame.

So while it is true that a false twin flame can still be a catalyst for change, that change comes at your expense, because they aren’t changing with you. With a true twin, you will both go on this journey of change and healing—together.

But what if you are changing together, but you still feel like there’s something a little off about this whole twin flame thing?

3) You can have multiple soulmates

You might be more familiar with the concept of soulmates than with twin flames; I know I was. The concept of soulmates shows up in all sorts of media, as well as in relationships you might’ve seen in your own life.

Maybe your parents call each other soulmates, or you have friends who tell you they felt incomplete until they met their soulmate. Maybe you’ve even had a relationship where you could confidently call your partner your soulmate.

Soulmates are a lot like twin flames. You’ll feel an instant connection and soulmates often help you grow as a person. 

But where you only have one twin flame, you can have multiple soulmates—and they can be both romantic and platonic.

The other big difference is that soulmates will make you feel confident and uplifted, but your twin flame will show you your insecurities and flaws. 

That doesn’t sound great, but it’s a necessary component of the twin flame concept. As the other half of your soul, your twin is showing you your flaws in order to help you become a better version of yourself.

This makes twin flame relationships much harder than soulmate relationships. With a soulmate, things might be smooth sailing, but with your twin, you’ll experience plenty of negative emotions along with the positive.

Fortunately that just means you’re growing as a person and you’ll come out the other side stronger.

So now that you know some reasons you may be feeling like your twin flame has a different twin flame, what do you do about it?

Next steps

First, determine if any of these three reasons apply to you.

If you feel like this person is too different to you to be your twin flame, first know that twin flames are meant to separate and reunite. Even if you live on completely separate continents, you’ll know your twin flame by the unspoken bond between you—literally.

You don’t need to talk to your twin flame to know them; you share a kind of telepathy. But that physical absence will still hurt and you’ll yearn to be together.

Remember also that these differences are a good thing. You may share a soul but you’re both complete people alone. Embrace these differences between you and learn from each other; you’ll both become stronger for it.

What if they’re a false twin flame?

On the other hand, maybe this person really is a false twin flame. In that case, your best move is to end the relationship.

Kind of blunt, I know, especially if you’re truly in love with this person. But the realization that you need to move on is actually the first step.

Breakups are also really hard and you have my sympathy if you’re currently considering one. Letting it consume you won’t help, though, so while you should consider it carefully, you shouldn’t let it take over your life.

And don’t let it discourage you from trying again either. As Justin says in the video I linked above: if you truly believe you have a twin flame out there somewhere, you will find them.

What if they’re my soulmate?

Not considering a breakup but feel like maybe this person is a soulmate instead? This time, you can certainly keep them in your life.

Though I have a partner, I also have a close friend that I totally consider my soulmate, though not romantically. We always get along, we often think the same things, and I absolutely believe we’ll be in each other’s lives for as long as we live—even though we live in separate countries.

So soulmates benefit each other in many ways and having one–or more!–will only enrich your life.

They’re unlikely to be your twin flame though, so try not to push them into that role. Your twin flame will come to you; after all, you’re meant to be together in some way.


Hopefully this article has helped you feel steadier in your thoughts and psychic energy. The most important thing to remember is that, twin flame or not, you’re complete just as you are. You don’t need them to make you more of a whole person, so relax a little. It’ll help the universe bring you and your twin flame together.

You may feel pressure to find your twin flame but trying to force the connection will only blow back in your face. Concentrate instead on opening yourself up and vibrating at a frequency that allows your twin flame to connect with you.

Your twin flame is meant to help you be the whole person you already are—just more enlightened and less egocentric. Together you’ll improve your empathy and strengthen your connection to support and commit to each other.




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