Can my twin flame be a narcissist? Yes! Here’s why….

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Have you ever thought that your twin flame might be a narcissist? Well, you’re not the only one!

However surprising it might seem, your twin flame can actually be a narcissistic person who’s greedy, selfish, and manipulative.

But having a twin flame is a beautiful and mystical thing, isn’t it?

A twin flame is someone who we are deeply connected to on a soul level, who shares both our light and our darkness.

And guess what? It’s not surprising that many of us fear the narcissist twin flame.

But, can a narcissist be your twin flame? Is it possible for twin flames to seek an intimate relationship while being a narcissist? Yes! Here’s why…

9 signs that your twin flame is a narcissist

1) Your twin flame wants to control every aspect of your relationship

How many times have you noticed that your twin flame wants to control you and lead the relationship?

Don’t even try to deny it.

He or she insists that you do things their way. And if you don’t, there’s hell to pay.

Yes, they’re your twin flames, after all, and sometimes you want to make them feel good, but if you’re always giving in and being pushed around, it’s a sign that your twin flame is narcissistic.

Why am I saying this?

Because there’s a fine line between having a partner who cares about your life and someone who wants to take control of it.

So, admit it.

Your twin flame doesn’t respect boundaries or privacy in the relationship or sometimes, even outside the relationship.

Now you might wonder why that is such a big problem.

The simple truth is that a narcissist twin flame will violate any boundaries and invade any privacy that they can get away with.

They have no respect for other people’s limits at all. And they will never see themselves as the ones who are doing anything wrong when they do it.

So, the next time you notice your twin flame trying to control you, pay attention.

2) Your twin flame is jealous of your friends and family members

If your twin flame is a narcissist, chances are that he or she will be jealous of other people in your life.

And guess what?

Jealousy can take many forms.

Your twin flame might get jealous if you spend time with other people or if they care about something more than you.

And even worse. If they’re narcissistic, your twin flames might even be jealous that you have friends and family members who love and support you.

Think I’m exaggerating?

Well, the truth is that they might also accuse you of cheating because they don’t want to deal with the fact that there are other people in your life who love and care about you besides them.

And to be honest, this type of jealousy isn’t just a sign of insecurity or possessiveness—it’s actually a sign that someone is narcissistic.

And that kind of relationship isn’t healthy. It’s toxic, and you should immediately do something about it. Otherwise, you’ll regret it later.

3) Your twin flame is obsessed with themselves

Ever noticed how much time your twin flame spends on themselves?

Just imagine that you’ve just had a tough day at work and you want to tell your twin flame about it. But he or she doesn’t care about anything other than what’s happening in their life.

Believe it or not, that’s another sign of a narcissist twin flame!

Your twin flame is extremely self-centered and only cares about what they want and need. In fact, your twin flame will do whatever it takes to get what he or she wants.

And you can be sure that they won’t care about the feelings of other people in the process.

Their number one priority is always going to be themselves, even when they’re with you.

If there’s something you want or need that doesn’t fit into their agenda, forget about it. They’ll make you feel guilty for asking for anything at all from them.

And if your needs are really important to you and you don’t have anything to do with them, your twin flame will probably try to talk you out of having or doing those things altogether.

Does this sound familiar?

Well, if you’re in a relationship with someone who’s narcissistic, then your twin flame probably thinks that they’re the only ones who matter and that they’re the only ones who are important in your life.

I mean, after all, they’re your twin flames, right?

They should be able to take up all of your time and attention, right? Right?

But here’s the thing: it doesn’t have to be this way. You can have a healthy relationship with someone even if they aren’t narcissistic. And the truth is that you deserve a healthy relationship with someone who will love and care about you too.

Still not convinced?

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4) Your twin flame keeps a distance

  • Do you notice that your twin flame is too focused on their career and doesn’t have time for you?
  • Do you feel that they are not good enough for you?
  • Do you feel that they are not worthy of your love?

If your answer is positive, then chances are that your twin flame keeps a distance from you. And the reason why they do this is that they are narcissists.

Yes, that’s right. Another sign you can look for is a twin flame that keeps a distance from you.

They might not check in with you very often, and when they do, it’s only to ask for something. They never want to talk about how your day was or what’s going on in your life.

You’re always the one reaching out first, and that’s because you want more from them than they ever give you.

If this sounds like your twin flame right now, then this is another clue that they have narcissistic tendencies. And if they keep a distance from you, then there’s no way they could be as in love with you as they claim to be.

Annoying, isn’t it? But you know what?

Narcissist people don’t want anything to get in the way of their plans, so they’ll push you away before they get too close to anyone.

And then when they do decide to get close again, it’s like a new beginning for them. They can start over and pretend as if nothing ever happened before – like it’s just a fresh start for both of you.

So, try to be careful and think about it. Do you really want that kind of relationship, even with someone you consider your twin flame?

5) He or she lacks empathy for others’ feelings

Let me tell you something important.

Understanding each other’s feelings and being empathetic are vital for any type of relationship to work.

If you can’t feel what your partner feels, if you don’t understand why they’re upset, or if you can’t even try to understand, then there’s a problem.

This is especially true for twin flames because twin flames are supposed to have such a close connection that they will feel each other’s emotions. They’ll know when the other twin flame is feeling upset or heartbroken, and they’ll do whatever it takes to make them feel better.

But if this isn’t the case with your own twin flame, then there’s something wrong here. And the reason why this is happening is that he or she lacks empathy for others’ feelings.

And this means that he or she could be a narcissist – someone who only cares about themselves and their needs and wants nothing else but their own happiness and well-being.

How so?

The truth is that the narcissist twin flame is more concerned about his or her own needs and desires than yours.

And what’s more, a narcissist twin flame will not be able to see how his or her actions affect you and others, as he/she is too busy taking care of him/herself.

That’s how a narcissist twin flame will be able to easily push you away and ignore you when they’ve decided that they don’t need your help or support anymore.

They’ll simply think that they don’t need you anymore and they’ll start treating you like a stranger.

And then, when he or she realizes that he or she needs your help again (because he or she just can’t get along without it), he or she will come back to you as if nothing ever happened before.

That’s why if a narcissist twin flame keeps pushing you away, it’s another clue that he/she could be a narcissist.

6) They never apologize for things they did wrong

Are you sick and tired of the fact that your twin flame never apologizes for things he did wrong?

If you are, then you’re not alone.

Because this is one of the most common complaints of twin flames who are in relationships with narcissist twin flames.

Believe it or not, so-called twin flames are the ones who are never sorry for things they did to hurt you.

They’ll never say “I’m sorry” because they don’t think of themselves as wrong and they’re entitled to do whatever they want.

And if you try to explain why this behavior hurts you so much, he or she will simply ignore your feelings and continue doing what he or she wants.

That’s why if your twin flame is always denying what he or she did wrong and saying “I’m not sorry,” then there’s a big chance that your twin flame is a narcissist who only cares about his/her own needs and desires.

But you know what?

If that’s the case, they might be your false twin flames. Why?

Because your genuine twin flame would never treat you like this and would never be so selfish as to hurt you like that.

So if your twin flame isn’t treating you right, then he or she is not really your twin flame.

And if that’s the case, then it’s time to get yourself out of this relationship and move on.​

7) Your twin flame is seeing other people

What could be worse than cheating in a relationship?

I bet imagining that your twin flame is seeing someone else is the worst possible scenario for you.

And that’s because if you are a twin flame, it means you’re meant to be with each other.

So, any time your twin flame is seeing someone else, it means he or she isn’t really committed to your relationship and he or she doesn’t care about your feelings.

And guess what?

That’s exactly what narcissist twin flames do – they cheat on you. And then they expect you to accept it and to look the other way.

But do you know why narcissist twin flames are doing this? It’s because they feel confident that they can easily find someone else who would be willing to take their place.

To make matters worse, they might not even consider you as their twin flame and might not even have long-term plans regarding you.

And if that’s the case, then why should he or she stick with one person for a lifetime? That sounds crazy, doesn’t it?

That’s why if your twin flame is already seeing other people even before committing to you in a relationship, then there’s a big chance that he or she is a narcissist who doesn’t really love you but only wants to use you for his or her own selfish needs and desires.​

And if he or she is also treating you like a stranger at the same time, then that’s a clear sign that he or she has already moved on to someone else. ​

8) You’re always second in line for them

I know that having a relationship with a narcissist is hard work on its own because these guys have so many demands on their partners.

But if you’re dating a narcissistic twin flame, then things can get even more complicated because of their overwhelming needs.

They are always on a mission to get their own way, and they don’t care how they do it. If they can’t get their own way, then they will either cheat on you or leave you.

That’s why it’s so important to be careful when dating a narcissistic twin flame because he or she will always place his or her own needs above yours.

If you try to talk about the problems in your relationship and suggest some solutions, he or she might continue to ignore you and expect things to stay the same. ​​

But if you’re second in line for them, then who’s in the first line?

The answer is simple and straightforward: themselves! Why?  Because they always want to get their own way, and they don’t care who they hurt in the process.

You might think that this isn’t true, but it is. Narcissist twin flames are only interested in themselves and how they can benefit from you.

That’s why your narcissistic twin flame doesn’t even care about your feelings.

9) They don’t return your unconditional love​​

Do you understand the importance of unconditional love for your twin flame?

Well, I can’t stress the importance of unconditional love too much because it’s the essence of a happy and healthy relationship.

Unconditional love is what you give to your twin flame without expecting anything in return. It’s that pure and divine kind of love that you’ve been searching for all your life.

And yes, you do your best to offer your unconditional love to your twin flame, aren’t you?

But do you feel the same unconditional love from him or her?

If your twin flame is a narcissist, then chances are that he or she will not return your unconditional love. And that’s one of the biggest signs that he or she is a narcissist.

Dealing with a narcissist twin flame

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