Are twin flames spiritually married? A big guide to a complex question

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If you’re wondering whether your twin flame is also your spouse, this is the article for you! 

We’ll take a long and detailed look at what the idea of marriage even means – spiritually, in terms of world religions, and in terms of power dynamics. 

So, read on to find out everything you need to know.

Let’s dive in.

What are Twin Flames?

To understand the concept of a Twin Flame spiritual marriage, we first need to define what twin flames are. 

The term ‘twin flame’ is used in many spiritual traditions to describe the relationship between two people who bond in a unique and powerful way. 

Twin flames are said to have connections that extend beyond time – they feel as though they have known each other always (even though it’s only since their twin flame was born that they began consciously meeting).

Every spiritual tradition has a different explanation of how twin flames can be formed.


In Theosophy, twin flames are said to be soul mates who have been together over many lifetimes, gradually building a perfect relationship in which both twin flames can help each other to evolve spiritually. 

In this view, the most important thing is that both twins want to grow and learn; if only one wants it then the relationship will end after a certain number of years. If neither twin wants it then no relationship will form.


In Druidry, twin flames are said to be the souls of two people who lived on the same planet at the same time. 

When they were human, they were soul mates and were meant to come together once again. When they were born on Earth, they were separated by great circumstances, but after death, they will be able to reconnect.

Modern Paganism

In modern Paganism, twin flames are said to be two people who meet in this life – and possibly others – but don’t necessarily have a past connection. 

They’re still soul mates, sharing a powerful spiritual connection that is forged through the combination of their souls’ energies. 

When they bond, it’s as if they’ve always been together; they never met before, but they’re well aware that they share a deep connection.

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In Wicca, twin flames are believed to be the souls of two people who were meant to be together. We are born with a soul mate, which is a spiritual connection that is not necessarily based on genetics. 

When you meet the right person, it’s like the “right person from a different planet” comes and joins you in your life. 

You feel this connection from the moment you meet; it’s not always obvious what that means at first, though later you may realize that something about them suggested them for you. 

The essential thing is that this other person completes you – bringing out new sides of yourself that you didn’t know you had. You feel a deep connection to each other, and they make you feel happier than ever before.

New Thought movement

In the New Thought movement, twin flames are people who have always been joined together in their spirit bodies and have been reincarnated together many times throughout history. 

They’ve lived all around the world, and they know each other very well; they’ve already known all your pet peeves, your dreams, and your humor. 

Christian Mysticism

In Christian Mysticism, twin flames are people who were born with an extremely powerful connection together. 

They’re very different and yet they fit together perfectly; it’s like they’re two pieces of a puzzle. 

They will always be meant to be together and will always find each other after many lifetimes apart.

Celtic tradition

In the Celtic tradition, twin flames are people who were soul mates when they lived on Earth before, but in a previous life. 

They haven’t met in a very long time, but they’re bound together by a strong spiritual connection; there is no physical connection because they were never physically joined together. 

If you meet your twin flame in this lifetime, it’s not necessarily meant to be what you thought it might be.

So, as you can see, the concept has been around for centuries, so when we talk about marriage in the identical sense, it’s not all about that piece of paper. 

The marriage of Twin flames goes far deeper and is a spiritual marriage, not just a ceremony and legal obligation.

What are the stages of a twin flame relationship?

Unlike the conventional, meet, date, fall in love, get engaged, and then married, twin flame relationships are very different.

In traditional dating, two people try to get to know each other. In twin flame relationships, the two-match is there when they’re born. 

It’s like a light turning on in their eyes; it’s not necessarily that they have known each other all their lives, but there is a significant spiritual connection between them from the moment they are born.

What are the stages of a Twin Flame relationship?

Twin flames go through various stages in their relationships.

In fact, there are eight stages of a twin flame relationship

  • Stage One – Yearning: This stage is when you first meet your twin flame. It’s an intense feeling of longing and yearning for them.
  • Stage Two – Meeting Them: In this stage, twin flames begin to get to know each other; it’s not always easy because there can be a lot of obstacles along the way, and sometimes one twin flame is afraid of commitment while the other is eager to commit. 

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  • Stage Three – Engaging: In this stage, twin flames become emotionally committed to one another. They both want to be together, even though they’re scared that it’s too good to be true.
  • Stage Four – The Crossroad: This stage marks a turning point in the relationship; there is a fork in the road, and both twin flames must decide whether to continue their relationship or not. In this stage, they will both make a decision to be together or separate forever.
  • Stage Five – The Resistance: This stage is full of misunderstandings and arguments. After a relationship takes off, there is often a force that tries to break the bond between twin flames; it’s like the universe will try everything to stop them from being together.
  • Stage Six – The Sacrifice: This is when one twin flame sacrifices their own happiness for the sake of their relationship. They want to make the most of their relationship, and they may put their own life on hold in order to make it work.
  • Stage Seven – The Union: This stage occurs when one twin flame makes the ultimate sacrifice and moves towards their twin flame, leaving everything behind for love. This is the stage in which we can see that if two people truly want to be together, then nothing will come between them.
  • Stage Eight – Oneness: The final stage in twin flame relationships occurs when each twin flame has had enough of the spiritual connection and decides to fully merge. They look into each other’s eyes and everything is said, so they can continue sharing their life together.

Now that you understand the various stages each twin flame goes through, let’s take a look at the signs that indicate that you’re spiritually married to your twin flame.

Signs you’re spiritually married to your Twin Flame.

Some people believe that twin flames can only be recognized in a very general way, without the concept of twin flames having to be explained in detail – because the two people are so attuned they share a kind of telepathic understanding. 

Here are some of the signs that you and your twin flame are in a spiritual marriage.

1) You feel as if you’ve met someone before.

This could be in the form of a feeling of déjà vu when you meet someone or the feeling that this person knows all your secrets and is the one person you have always been meant to meet. 

You recognize their energy, and it feels as though you’ve been together for years. 

2) You feel like you’re meant to be with this person, no matter what.

You feel as if you’re meant to be with this person, no matter what. 

How you feel about them is an important part of forming a relationship. 

When someone is meant to be with you, and they are, it’s often very clear that they share an incredibly strong connection. 

3) You feel a sense of deja vu when you’re around them.

It’s like you’ve met them before, and that they’ve known all your secrets. This feeling can last for years, or even a lifetime. 

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4) You can’t stop thinking about them, no matter what day it is.

You are so drawn to this person that they occupy your thoughts constantly – no matter what day it is, or how long you’ve been together, you think about them constantly. 

5) You feel a strong connection even when they are not around you.

It’s as if you’ve always been with them, and that you never left. 

When this happens, it’s almost like you’ve always been together, although the physical connection is not there. 

6) They make the world brighter just by their presence in it.

Their presence changes your life for the better; before meeting them, your life was on a downward spiral and after meeting them, things start to change for the better. 

You just feel so much better about yourself when you’re with them. 

7) You don’t really get to understand this connection, it just is.

You can’t really explain the connection, because it’s so strong, but you know that it’s real; you feel as though this person is meant to be a part of your life forever and always. 

8) You feel connected to them like no other person.

Often you feel a connection to this person that is stronger than you’ve ever experienced with anyone else, and it’s impossible to explain – it doesn’t fit into words. 

9) You have strong spiritual feelings when around them.

This is not the same spiritual connection that you feel to your twin flame – this is something else entirely. 

You have a strong sense of knowing who they are and that they’re there for you. You also have some kind of feeling around them, but it’s difficult to describe what it is exactly. 

10) It’s like you’ve known them forever and never left them behind.

This person is an important part of you and plays a big role in your life. Your lives are connected and they have always been. 

If you experience these things, then it’s possible that you’re with your Twin Flame in this lifetime, even if you’ve never met them face to face. 

It’s like two pieces of the same puzzle; each piece is meant to fit in perfectly with the other.


Hopefully, you should now have a good idea of spiritual marriage between twin flames. But if you’d still like to get more clarity on the situation, speaking to a gifted advisor is the best way to go. 

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