Are twin flames real? The science and history of twin flames

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At first glance, the idea of two people sharing a soul seems like pure fantasy. However, many people say twin flames are real and that they exist.

In this article, I’ll discuss whether twin flames are real or not, and I’ll share the science and history of the concept of twin flames.

But first:

What is a twin flame?

The twin flame concept is a spiritual term that denotes a soul twin relationship between two people. The theory of twin flames states that, in rare cases, two people can be strongly connected to each other in a special way.

“Twin flames are two halves or mirrors of two different individuals,” according to Barbara Spinelli, a therapist and relationship expert. “They are literally two parts of the same person. Their soul energy is so deeply intertwined they literally become one being.”

When does the twin flame relationship develop?

In rare cases, twin flames can begin forming long before a couple actually meets.

For example, some twin flame couples have met each other during an intense astral projection or deep dream state.

The final meeting between a twin flame couple happens on earth, but sometimes it occurs in an earlier life experience.

Twin flames often remember each other and their early connection comes as a surprise to their partner.

It’s an interesting idea, right? But how long has the concept of twin flames been around?

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The history of twin flames

The concept of twin flames entered the mainstream around 2014. It’s referred to in popular culture, such as the movie “The One” (2001) and the television series “Once Upon A Time” (2011-2017).

But according to Dr. Gary Smalley, who has studied twin relationship dynamics for more than 25 years and has written five books on the subject, twin flames have been around for thousands of years.

According to Dr. Smalley, in ancient times, twins were special in many cultures because they were thought to be connected by a soul connection or spiritual force.

For example, Plato referred to the idea of twin flames in his Symposium.

In Symposium, Plato suggested that man’s soul is “split apart” from its original whole state, as recounted by Amber Blaize.

In the original state, a human had four arms, four legs and two sets of genitalia. This is when humans were at their highest creative level, experiencing enormous power.

At this time there were supposedly 72,000 fully formed and very powerful humans.

But the gods, according to Plato, were fearful of the immense power of humans. They wanted to avoid being overpowered by humans but also needed to feed off humans as an energy source.

The solution was to split humans in half.

This created 144,000 “twin flames”, with the original 72,000 humans being split in half.

This way the power of humans was reduced while remaining intact.

Each soul that’s been split is a twin, or a “twin flame”, of the other soul, both of which share a very similar personality and even appearance.

The two halves take different forms in the human element, with one adopting the masculine form and the other adopting the feminine form.

Every person has their own unique pattern, and your twin flame is a perfect match for yours. When you’re reunited with your twin flame, the two split souls are brought back together.

The concept of twin flames has a long history. But is there scientific evidence to back up its claims?

Scientific evidence for twin flames

Is there scientific evidence for the concept of twin flames?

In short, the answer is no. There isn’t any scientific evidence to support the idea of twin flames.

But before we throw out the concept of twin flames because of the lack of scientific evidence, we need to be realistic about the possibility of science having anything to say about twin flames.

Plato wrote about twin flames in a pre-scientific era. He was basically telling a story about the creation of humans. His story of humans having their souls split in half has parallels with Christianity’s story of Adam and Eve.

Both Plato and Christianity suggest that the human soul was split into a masculine and feminine form.

These stories are known as myths. These myths touch on key elements of reality.

Science, on the other hand, attempts to objectively describe reality. It uses the scientific method, which means that a key aspect of reality needs to be demonstrated through an experiment, and the experiment needs to be able to be replicated.

In history, science has described key elements of reality without being able to account for everything. Then over time, scientists devise ways to yield more information about what’s really happening.

At this time, science has no way of even getting close to describing the existence of souls or spirits.

Therefore, science has nothing to say about whether twin flames are real or not.

If someone says to you that science says that twin flames AREN’T real, they’re wrong.

If someone says to you that science says that twin flames ARE real, they’re also wrong.

Twin flames exist outside the realm of science, as we understand the world today.

Twin flames in Indian mythology

The Hindu holy text, the Mahabharata, speaks about twin flames. They are called ātman. Many ancient texts describe these ātman as eternal soul mates.

In other words, they describe a parallel between the idea of twin soul mates and the idea of twins being connected by a soul connection.

According to Indian mythology, and in particular the philosophy of Vedanta, humans are essentially immortal beings that are just temporarily shrouded in physical bodies.

When a person dies, they return to the spirit realm. Before they reincarnate, they choose their next parent, or even how and where they will be reincarnated. They then return as two separate individuals with a soul connection that goes back through the generations. These two individuals are the twin souls.

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Who came up with the idea of twin flames?

The idea of twin flames has been around, and the concept of a parallel between twin souls and twins being connected by a soul connection was brought into the mainstream around 2014. But who came up with the idea?

If you ask most people, they would probably say that it’s a modern concept. I can see this because Western culture has always seen twins as being connected by an invisible force, or if not an invisible force then at least having experiences that are beyond their control.

But in reality, the idea of twin souls and twin flames has been around since at least 2000 BCE. The ancient Sumerian symbol of twins is a lion’s head with two tails. Twin flames are also referred to in many ancient texts, including the Mahabharata in India, as well as Plato’s Symposium.

The earliest known reference to twin souls is from Africa and dates back to the 23rd century BCE. It was written down in the Egyptian Book of the Dead around 3000 BCE.

The concept of twin souls and twin flames are known to be in existence at least as far back as 400 BCE, which is the year that Plato wrote his Symposium.

The idea of twin flames was the core of Plato’s philosophical discussion on the nature of duality. According to Plato, there are two types of humans: those with one body and those with two. Both types are “pure” forms, or absolutely perfect.

The dual form is the perfect version of humanity. It’s composed of two souls, but it has only one physical body. This soul is the combination of both male and female genders, with the two halves being equal in power.

Plato says that this dual form needs to be combined with another dual soul in order to create a human. He refers to this as the back side or shadow soul of a human.

If the two halves of a dual soul don’t merge, then they are doomed to spend eternity searching for their other half.

But Plato says that despite their immortality and their ability to manipulate reality, they still need a physical body in order to go through the process of incarnation. Plato refers to this vessel as an “animal body.”

Plato also goes into great detail about what happens when a dual soul finally finds another that matches its pattern. He describes it as when the halves of a dual soul unite and become one. As long as the two halves remain united, there is no death for that soul.

Plato doesn’t tell us anything about twins being connected by a soul connection. But he does touch on the idea of twins having experiences beyond their own control, experiences that people can use to come to greater understanding about reality and spirituality.

In Plato’s philosophy, this is called mimesis, or learning through imitation.

Are twin flames in the Bible?

Some people think that the concept of twin flames is new, but in fact it appears in the King James version of the Bible. In Genesis, Joseph has what would be called a twin flame relationship with his wife, Asenath.

Genesis 41:45-46: And it came to pass, when Pharaoh heard [of it], that he sat in [his] throne… and Joseph said unto Pharaoh,…

Asenath also had a twin flame relationship with her husband, but it’s not even mentioned in the bible.

In fact, the first use of the word soul mate (as a verb) is in the King James version of the bible. It appears in Genesis 2:24: And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.

The concept of twin flames has been around, at least in the context of ancient cultures, for thousands of years.

What does astrology have to say about twin flames?

Astrology is one of the most ancient forms of human knowledge, with records of it dating back to the 4th millenium BCE in Chinese culture.

Astrology has always been fascinated with the connection between twins and has known about twin flames for thousands of years. The Zodiac twin souls are Cancer and Capricorn, which happen to be the year signs associated with twins (although these signs don’t necessarily indicate twins).

Astrology is also fascinated with mimesis and learning through imitation, a process that involves twin souls.

I don’t know if it’s a coincidence that these two ideas are connected to astrology, but they do seem to be related somehow.

A relationship between twins can sometimes feel magical, uncanny, and even supernatural. This may be because twins develop their own language that no one else can understand at an early age, just like the twin souls who are supposed to represent the marriage of male and female genders.

Twins also tend to have more psychic abilities than other people, at least in the form of being able to read each other’s thoughts.

They can also be soul mates and even twin flames. The connection between them is so strong that they may be able to sense each other’s feelings, read their minds, predict what the other twin will do, and even move objects with their minds.

The ability to do these things later in life may not be as strong, but they can definitely still be present to a certain degree.

Why did this become more popular in the modern era?

There’s no concrete answer for why the idea of twin flames gained popularity in the modern era, amid all the information about them being spread through social media.

But I think that when people open their minds to new ideas, it allows them to see old ideas with a new perspective.

Final thoughts

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