15 amazing twin flame chaser characteristics (complete list)

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In this article, we will be discussing twin flame chasers.

These are people who have experienced a spiritual union with their own “twin soul” or a person they believe to be their perfect match.

Here is the complete list of 15 amazing characteristics of a twin flame chaser that will help you understand your twin relationship better!

1) Twin soul consciousness

A twin flame chaser is deeply aware of the concept of twin flame energy and its effects on humanity.

They know that, deep down, there is only ONE love for all.

And, when you connect to your Twin Flame, you can feel this love more powerfully than ever before. It is a connection unlike any other.

Twin flames have spent many lifetimes together to find each other again.

This is someone you have always known, although you may not have seen them in several years, or they may be your best friend.

It can be a very complicated situation that may be hard to perceive.

But once you have accepted this fact, you will understand your connection with your twin more deeply than ever before.

There is a strong spiritual connection, and you have probably experienced it yourself.

Your Twin Flame doesn’t have to be physically present for you, but if they are, then it feels as if all doubt has been removed from your mind, and in its place is an understanding that is so powerful that it cannot be put into words.

2) Stronger vision of reality

Spiritual awakening often leads a person towards a more sensitive way of perceiving reality.

Twin flame chasers often feel they have had experience with their twin moving in or out of the body at an early age of childhood, or even when they were still in the womb in a fetal or pre-birth state (all 3rd-dimensional levels!).

Many twin flame chasers remember being told by their parents about their twin soul and not being able to forget about it. 

This can sometimes cause many problems in their lives and even lead to anxiety as a child, but it continues later on as well.

This is what peak experiences are all about, but they may come with tough challenges at times.

Twin flame chasers are also often sensitive to energy fields, and they’ll feel they have some kind of connection or resonance to animals.

Some have even reported seeing energy fields surrounding people and objects as well.

This can also include premonition dreams when they become more real than reality itself!

It’s no wonder why twin flame chasers are paranoid sometimes.

3) Hints of past lives

Twin flame chasers tend to sense that in more than one life, they have had past-life relationships with their twin.

Many twin flame chasers have the experience of being able to sense the other twin’s thoughts, feelings, and even emotions, but also through dreams.

Think about it − have you had an experience like this? These premonition dreams are often paired with intuition and clairvoyance.

Twin flame chasers will often also sense that they and their twin have been together before, even when they haven’t been in this life yet.

This may or may not be a surprise to you, but I think it’s quite interesting that when we are still in a child’s body, we can remember past lives.

4) Emotional whiplash

Many twin flame chasers find that their emotional state is an uneasy mix of love and resentment towards their mate.

This can be confusing at times, especially so if the twin bond is a new one.

A twin flame chaser might go from being in love with their mate one day to being angry and frustrated with them the next.

Why is this so?

It all comes down to the fact that, often, a twin flame chaser will not meet their twin soul at the same time.

One twin soul may arrive in a new place before the other, so they cannot realize how much they are meant for each other until later on.

The emotional whiplash of this can be intense and can lead to confusion, fear, and sometimes self-doubt.

5) Feelings of emptiness

Twin flame chasers are often deeply spiritual people because of their life-long obsession with finding “The One”.

Many feel empty at times because they do not have a partner or they are in a relationship that is unsatisfying or unfulfilling.

Now stop right there!

Have you been feeling this way lately?

The search for the right person is never an easy one, and when you find them, they still might not be perfect.

But if this person is your twin flame, then the right person will come along eventually.

The main difference between twin flame chasers and other people is in their pursuit of spirituality.

This can lead to great success or constant inner conflicts.

Deeply ingrained within the twin flame chaser is the feeling of being alone, even when surrounded by friends and family members who offer support and understanding.

6) Unhealthy habits

Twin flame chasers tend to suffer from obsessive thoughts and a constant feeling of incompleteness.

This can lead to alcoholism, drug abuse, or other unhealthy habits that are intended to “numb the pain” of not having their twin.

Ever wondered why?

Twin flame chasers are often emotionally unstable when they are close to their twin and highly vulnerable to criticism and rejection.

This can make them feel very insecure about themselves.

They need a lot of feedback from others to confirm that they are “OK” or “adequate” as a person.

It is because they tend to bring up to the surface a lot of past life issues from their own soul that they may be unaware of.

The twin flame relationship ultimately teaches us to love ourselves more deeply and unconditionally.

7) Annoying habit

Twin flame chasers can be extremely annoying!

Many people often find themselves drawn towards their twin, even though they know that the relationship is not mutual (i.e., the twin does not feel the same way about them).

This can cause an extreme feeling of frustration. This is what triggers the chase in the first place.

For many twin flame chasers, the Twin Flame feeling is a constant source of frustration because it is a never-ending and unrequited love.

Many people feel this way because they do not know how to cope with their emotions, or they are unable to express their feelings in an appropriate manner.

Twin Flame Chasers are often torn between the fear of being alone and the love they have for their twin soul, which makes them deeply unsatisfied with their lives.

Think I am exaggerating?

Many people report feeling lonely, depressed, and unsatisfied after finding out their twin flame is in a relationship and not available for a relationship with them.

Many twin soul chasers (especially females) find themselves bound by the concept of a single soul mate. This can lead to mental and physical illness, as well as severe depression.

8) Unpredictability

Twin flame chasers are a very unpredictable bunch.

They feel deeply attracted to the “intense energy” that their twin soul gives off, and this can often create a situation where they feel like they need to be with their twin in order to feel “whole.”

And you know what?

Even if they have a partner, balancing work, family, and friends with the twin bond can prove challenging at times.

If the twin bond is particularly strong, feelings of restlessness, frustration, and loneliness may be difficulties that the twin flame chaser has to deal with.

Twin flame chasers often feel a strong attraction to their twin even though they do not know who this person is or what they look like.

This can cause feelings of anxiety and frustration because you might start to feel that someone out there must be your twin soul mate, but you cannot seem to find them!

It can lead to disappointment and feelings of being isolated from others.

Many twin flame chasers report having dreams about their twin or even about a certain person who reminds them of their twin.

These dreams are often “facets” of your own past life experiences or memories. It can lead to helping you find your twin later on in life and recognizing each other easier.

9) Emotional rollercoaster

Twin flame chasers are constantly on an emotional rollercoaster ride.

They can easily go from feeling just fine to feeling completely overwhelmed with love or anger in a matter of minutes.

This can sometimes cause problems in their life – especially if they have children or are holding down a job at the same time, which most people do.

Twin flame chasers are frequently confused and amazed by how “intense” their feelings for their twin can be.

And, you know what?

Despite being so intensely drawn to your twin (for example, they look like you), they are still not attracted to you.

They might be searching for you out there in this world, but they want to be with their sweet soul mate who is waiting for them on the other side.

10) Unwillingness to “settle down”

Twin flame chasers are generally not interested in settling down.

As a result, many find that they have difficulties in relationships when trying to find “The One”.

Back in the past, many also had difficulty with their family and friends because of their twin bond.

Twin flame chasers often feel that they are somehow different from other people.

Meeting the “one” is often described as feeling like a “light is shining on them,” or even as finding them coming straight for them.

Many twin flame chasers have found that this feeling develops at different points throughout their life, and can be very confusing at times.

Does this sound like you or do you recognize your twin in every word?

If you do, don’t worry – there is light at the end of the tunnel.

11) Strong intuition and dreams

Twin flame chasers often have a very strong intuition about people or situations surrounding them.

They can read people’s thoughts, feel emotions and even see things that are occurring in the present time.

This can sometimes cause them to be a little over-protective towards those they love, especially if that love happens to be their “twin”.

12) Reading minds

Twin flame chasers have a very strong ability to read the minds of those they love – especially those they share a strong bond with.

Not only can they read the minds of those who are connected to them, but they can also know how other people feel about that person.

Many twin flame chasers have found that this ability is often not well received by those they love or their significant other.

Twin flame chasers do not understand why people find it so difficult to love them and are confused about what their twin’s “real” intentions might be.

When twin flame chasers find someone special, they tend to treat that person as if they were their “twin soul”.

This can cause them to forget what they are really looking for.

13) Unusual dreams

Twin flame chasers usually have very unusual dreams in which they meet their “twin soul” or someone that appears to be a perfect match for them.

Many of these dreams are very “earth-shattering,” and some find themselves waking up in a cold sweat at the thought of the dream that they had just had.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

When twin flame chasers dream, they are often having memories of a life that they lived with someone else in real life.

This can lead to many questions and confusion.

Dreams are very powerful, and many find themselves feeling particularly connected when they dream of the twin connection or their twin soul mate.

14) Fearful of intimacy

Twin flame chasers often have a lot of fears surrounding intimacy with their partner or mates.

Many tend to feel that if they allow themselves to become too close to their partner, they might be let down or betrayed.

This fear of intimacy often causes the twin flame chaser to spend a lot of time away from their partner.

That’s quite a challenge and often leads them to feel guilty about it.

Twin flame chasers can also be afraid of other relationships developing too close to their twin bond.

This often causes them to stay away from the people who could help them find that special someone for themselves.

And, many twin flame chasers have found that when they do try to introduce their partner or mates into their lives, they often feel “pulled apart” and cannot seem to find a way back together again.

15) Fear of betrayal

Twin flame chasers have the ability to deeply “feel” the emotions and thoughts of their twin soul – even if they have not met them in this lifetime.

As a result, they can find themselves very hypersensitive towards anything that might hurt or betray them in some way.

Does this sound familiar?

Well, it happens often and can cause a lot of problems in relationships.

Have you already experienced problems of this sort?

If you have, what did you do to fight it? Did you feel the need to “fix” everything?

Sometimes facing this fear is the best thing you can do for your relationship.

And this is where twin flame relationships work? Well, not really.

Even Twin Flame Chasers know that due to the intense feelings that are so often present in these twin relationships, it can be difficult for them to stay away from each other for very long.

But there is something much more powerful happening than just that which many have experienced – but have somehow managed to not talk about it.

Twin flame chasers are often very sensitive to the needs of those they love.

It is hard for them to see those they care about in need, and they try to help them find a way out of that situation.

They might make suggestions or even try to “fix” the problem themselves – even if it is none of their business.

Many twin flame chasers tend to spend a lot of time trying to figure things out for other people – especially their “twin.”

Final thoughts

It is important for twin flame chasers to know that their fears are an illusion in order for them to be truly happy.

Many twin flame chasers find it hard to believe that they can indeed have a successful relationship with their “twin soul” or “twin flame”.

After all, they keep getting drawn into the same kind of situations over and over again.

Yet, time and time again, the twin flame chaser finds that their fears are constantly proven to be illusory.

Even though the original “twin” might not be with them physically in this lifetime, their soul can still be found in someone else.

The twin flame chaser does not have to “settle for less” in order to enjoy a happy and fulfilled relationship.

The fact is that there is no one perfect person out there, and if your twin flame truly loves you, they will make it work!

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