What does angel number 123 mean for twin flame separation?

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If you’re going through a bumpy patch in your twin flame journey and start seeing 123 on a regular basis, you shouldn’t ignore it.

Angel number 123 can tell you a lot about your relationship, your connection to your twin flame, and what you can do in order to move forward.

Deciphering its meanings could make all the difference in your twin flame journey.

So, let’s take a look at what this number means in general, and find out how to use it to end the separation phase faster.

What does angel number 123 mean?

The general meaning of angel number 123 is related to unity, harmony, and universal connection.

How so?

Angel number 1 stands for new beginnings, and the number 3 refers to universal consciousness.

As for number 2, it’s the middle ground between 1 and 3. It’s where you find balance and fulfillment, and it speaks of good luck.

Numerous numerologists agree that 123 is a highly positive number that can bring joy and health into your life.

It’s a sign that your life is in harmony and that you’re moving towards your divine destiny.

But that’s not all it can mean to you.

Angel number 123 has a strong spiritual meaning related to the ultimate destiny of each individual soul incarnated on Earth’s physical plane of existence; it’s an indicator of your connection to the Divine plan, and how well you align with it.

When you see the number 123 on your own personal spiritual journey, it means that you’re generally on a good path.

However, you are urged to keep an open mind and have patience as well.

You need to make sure that your path is in harmony with your soul’s true purpose and God’s will.

In this regard, don’t be afraid to take action.

What you do is important and needs to be done in order to fulfill your destiny.

The meaning of angel number 123 changes, however, in the case of twin flames. Let’s see how!

What does angel number 123 mean for twin flames?

The interpretation of angel number 123 has a completely different meaning when it comes to your twin flame and your relationship.

Twin flames, after all, are mirror souls who are called to complete each other. They’re meant to complement each other and make each other whole.

When you see this number in relation to your twin flame, it can mean that you’re meant for each other.

However, it depends on when you see it.

If you see it before the union with your twin flame, then it means that you have already decided to go on this journey together.

What you need to do next is to learn more about each other, connect on a deeper level, and get ready for your ultimate destiny of unity.

If you see it when you’re together with your counterpart, then it means that the road is rocky and bumpy.

After all, you’re dealing with challenging energies.

Seeing angel number 123 is a sign that you need to go through important life lessons together.

This will eventually help you reach a higher level of harmony, unity, and wholeness.

Overcoming these challenges together as a twin flame couple could lead to even deeper emotional healing and spiritual growth for each of you.

But what if you see it during a separation phase?

When 123 appears when you’re separated from your twin flame, it’s a sign that you’re still meant to be together.

If this is the case, then there must be something that’s distancing you right now. Let’s find out what!

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13 things angel number 123 means for twin flame separation

1) Patience is required of you

You need to have patience and know that everything happens for a reason.

Right now, you’re at a place where you may feel anxious about your twin flame separation.

This is perfectly normal. After all, it’s a natural human reaction.

However, there’s always a reason why one twin flame leaves another one.

There’s always an underlying message that you need to understand in order to move forward and reunite with your counterpart once again.

Until then, you need to stay patient and have faith that this separation is not permanent.

2) You both have shadow work to focus on

The second thing angel number 123 means for twin flame separation is that you both have your fair share of shadow work to do.

Shadow work is related to how you perceive yourself, how you view your soul’s purpose, and what you need to learn in order to move forward on your twin flame journey.

In this regard, if angel number 123 appears when you’re separated from your twin flame, this means that you need to focus on your shadow work no matter what happens next.

You need to put your energy into healing, clearing out your shadow energy, and uncovering the parts of yourself that may be hiding.

3) You should put your faith in fate

Here’s another reason angel number 123 could appear to you during the separation phase with your twin flame: you’re not convinced that you are meant to be together and that you will.

In this case, your doubt is keeping you from moving forward in the right direction. So, you need to do your best and remove it.

But how? You need to make sure that this person is truly your twin flame.

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4) You need to release certain behaviors

Want to know more?

Another thing angel number 123 means for twin flame separation is that you have certain behaviors, patterns, and thoughts that need to be released in order to reach your ultimate destiny of unity.

You may not be aware of them right now, but they’re there.

Angel number 123 is telling you that these things are blocking the way for your twin flame union. These things should be cleared out so that you can make progress and move forward on your spiritual journey.

But first, you have to figure out what they are.

5) You are on the right path

Look, the separation with your twin flame is needed and this number’s occurrence confirms it.

When you see angel number 123, it means you’re on the right path. You just need to follow your heart and release any doubt that you may have.

This is especially important when it comes to your twin flame.

You want to believe that everything happens for a reason and that your twin flame separation is necessary.

It’s what will help you overcome this challenge and get back into your twin flame’s arms.

6) The time is not right for a reunion

Although the reunion with your counterpart will happen, the time is not right yet.

Right now, your soul’s true purpose demands you to go on this journey of separation in order to grow and reach a higher level of unity.

Keep in mind that the time is not right for a reunion because you still have important lessons to learn. These lessons will help you develop as an individual.

They will help you get rid of the old trauma and emotional baggage from your past lives, and they will allow you to embrace your twin flame in a more fulsome way when the time is right.

7) You should try to understand your differences

When you’re separated from your twin flame and see angel number 123, it means that you must try to understand them.

It’s completely normal not to share the same opinions and views, but you should still try to understand them.

If you don’t try to understand your twin flame, this can lead to even more difficulties. It can cause the separation to be even longer than it may have been.

So, try to understand why they did what they did. Try to see things from their perspective and do your best to comprehend what happened in their mind.

In turn, they should do the same. However, you don’t have control over what your mirror soul is doing.

8) Your twin flame is thinking about you

Do you know what else it means when angel number 123 appears when you’re separated from your twin flame?

It means that they’re thinking about you.

They may be daydreaming about the past, the good times, and how wonderful it was to be with you. Or maybe they are pondering what went wrong and what could have been done differently.

Whatever the case is, it’s clear that your counterpart is thinking about you. And the reason why they are doing that is because of the immense love they have for you.

9) Self-expression will help you reunite

The energy of number 3 is a very unique one.

When you see it, it means that you need to express yourself and allow your inner voice to be heard by the universe and your twin flame.

You need to tell them how you feel, what you think and feel about certain things, how their departure has affected you, what type of relationship are you seeking with them in the future, etc.

If you don’t express yourself, then the separation is unlikely to be healed.

10) You need to stay positive and not forget why you’re separated

When it comes to angel number 123 and twin flame separation, you need to stay positive and strong.

You shouldn’t lose hope at this point because this number indicates that there’s a reason for which you are separated from your counterpart.

The universe wants you to go through this phase in order for you to develop, grow, and move forward.

By keeping a strong mind and staying positive, you can start working on your inner self and heal certain trauma that caused your separation.

11) Focus on healing yourself

There are various things you can do in order to help yourself heal when your twin flame is not with you.

You need to focus on getting healthy and learn how to manage the trauma and emotions that are part of your soul’s past lives.

Your physical, mental, and emotional health are extremely important. You need to make sure you get enough rest, eat well, work out regularly and put your mind to your spiritual practice.

This is what angel number 123 is telling you.

You can also do certain things in order to help heal the trauma of your twin flame separation: nurture your friendships, make yourself more attractive and fun to be around, and try to be more social.

It’s extremely important to focus on healing so that you can move forward in your life and reach new levels of inner peace and unity.

12) You can manifest your desires

Under the influence of number 123, your desire to reunite with your mirror soul is strong and that’s very good.

This means that you have the power to make your desire come true by manifesting it.

Number 3 is associated with the energies of Venus, so your desires are likely to be in favor of love and beauty.

If you’re not sure what you want or need, then it may help if you start by cleaning up your surroundings.

You should focus on the little things and make your environment more beautiful.

Then you can think of ways to cleanse and purify your soul, increase your connection with the divine powers, and facilitate a more positive, loving vibe around you.

It’s important to focus on healing yourself through these actions since number 123 energy is about healing.

This will help you start feeling better about yourself and it will also give you the energy and inspiration to start manifesting your desires into reality.

13) Don’t neglect your spiritual growth

It’s important to develop as a human being and expand your spiritual powers.

When you’re separated from your twin flame, it means that you were too focused on the physical aspects of life.

You may have neglected to work on yourself in the spiritual realm, which is where your twin flame resides for some time.

Now that you are separated, you need to take care of yourself in a different way so that you can reach your full potential.

Angel number 123 is here to remind you that you need to start focusing on the spiritual side of life.

Your twin flame will be here soon, so you need to improve your relationship with the divine, learn how to love and connect with others, and take care of your health.

All in all, all of these things will help heal you when your twin flame is not around. So it’s important that you do them.

Final thoughts

Angel number 123 is associated with the energies of twin flames, angelic beings, and divine powers.

This number means that there’s a reason for the separation between you and your twin flame.

You may be undergoing certain hardships for a greater purpose that is yet to be revealed.

It’s time to heal yourself and move forward so that you can reunite with your counterpart at the right moment.

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