What 111 means for twin flames (separation, reunion & more!)

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Do you frequently see a 111 number? If you think it is some sort of a message–you’re right.

At its core, angel number 111 means you are on your way to uniting with your twin flame.

The Universe has acknowledged your efforts and is now rewarding you. You and your twin flame are about to finally see each other and awaken.

But there’s so much more to this powerful angel number.

Read on to fully understand what it means!

4 twin flame predictions for when you see 111

1) You’re about to meet your twin flame

Angel number 111 essentially symbolizes impending union: you’re about to meet your twin flame!

However, this doesn’t mean that you don’t need to work on meeting a good partner or friend. Twin flames typically only meet when both have been working as individuals on their own spiritual growth.

And once it happens, you’ll just know. 

Twin flames have a unique psychic and spiritual connection that they just don’t have with anybody else.

It will be like a roller coaster of intense emotions once you meet them. 

You’ll feel their very soul energy and feel incredibly attracted to them, both physically and spiritually—even if you don’t know anything about them yet as a human being.

2) You’ll strengthen your relationship with your twin flame

But what if you already know your twin flame? 

Whether you’re already in a romantic relationship with them or have known each other for a while and are just friends, then 111 signifies that you are about to enhance your bond.

Understand that angel number 111 also signifies spiritual awakening and growth. You will become a more enlightened soul with a clearer vision of your spiritual purpose.

Angel number 111 tells you to stay on the path and keep on going.

And it is precisely this that allows for a deeper connection with your twin flame!

Whether your relationship with your twin flame is romantic or platonic, you will further deepen your ties with them in one way or another. This can take the form of:

  • Becoming romantic partners after being friends;
  • OR realizing that being friends is better for both of you instead of being romantic partners;
  • Moving in;
  • Getting married;
  • Having kids;
  • Or simply feeling a deeper bond with them!

Overall, angel number 111 is a powerful and wonderful sign for twin flames that things are about to escalate, and you will be drawn even closer to each other.

3) You’re growing as a spiritual being

Whether this occurs in the context of a twin flame relationship or not, 111 is a sign that you’ve leveled up spiritually!

Through both your own efforts and the universe’s guidance, your soul is being enriched, awakened, and enlightened.

Angel number 111, therefore, serves as both a congratulatory note as well as a sign for you to keep moving forward. Keep doing what you’re doing, and keep growing!

The angel number 111 serves as a course corrector or a road sign for your current journey. It ensures that you’re on the right and might also help you speed up the process.

But it may also happen that the angel signs get confusing and they don’t really correspond to what’s actually happening in your life.

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4) You’re doing the right thing

Angel number 111 is not just about you and your twin flame, though. It can also carry important messages for you as an individual.

Most often, it’s telling you that you’re doing the right thing. You’re on the correct path, and you’re putting yourself in places and situations where you can achieve your potential and fulfill your purpose.

Angel number 111 can therefore be a sign that the universe appreciates your efforts and will reward you with good luck and opportune circumstances to further help you!

Maybe you get that business loan you wanted. Maybe your class on Friday gets canceled, allowing you to help out your friend. Maybe a person comes into your life that helps you with a specific problem.

The stars might be aligning themselves for you—be ready to make the most out of it!

What does 111 mean for your twin flame journey?

Your journey with your twin flame will be based on the destiny given by the Divine.

The angel number 111, therefore, appears to you as the Universe’s way to ensure that you are following this destiny.

Not only is it guiding you toward your purpose as an individual, but it is also pushing you in the direction where your twin flame is—then, you can fulfill your destinies together.

I understand that all this talk of destiny and the divine can be overwhelming—but trust me, you don’t need to actually think about it too much.

Don’t dwell on the destiny or the end you’re supposed to reach. Just focus on the journey you’re currently on. After all, the angel number 111 means that you’re already doing the right thing, so just keep on going!

What does 111 mean for twin flame separations?

However, 111 can also show itself to you during times of great separation from your twin flame. It can be a sign of any or a combination of the following:

  • As aforementioned, it can mean that you’re about to reunite;
  • It is a sign that you need to be your best self to both get through the separation more gracefully and to be a better twin flame if and when you do reunite;
  • You and your twin flame are now separated to nurture the qualities that will make you better partners or friends;
  • It is a sign to focus on yourself first as an individual and the other positives in your life;
  • It is a sign to practice self-love and self-care to become a better person, not just for your twin flame but for yourself and the universe as a whole.

So even if you are separated from your twin flame, take angel number 111 as a positive sign—whether or not it represents reunion.

Again, the main message of 111 is that you’re on the right path. So just keep on going, with or without your twin flame! Don’t despair; you are destined to reunite again in this lifetime—and all the other lifetimes!

What does 111 mean for twin flame reunions?

When I say that the number 111 often symbolizes twin flame unions, I also mean that it can signify reunions. In this light, 111 is a very positive and hopeful sign of reunion.

So when you see 111, expect to experience other signs of the impending reunion as well. Maybe you end up dreaming of them. Or maybe you just get intuitive feelings about it.

Either way, seeing 111 is a cause for joy. Because not only does it foretell a reunion, it foretells a positive one!

Many people report feeling healed and nurtured as they encounter number 111. This is exactly why. Your reunion with your twin flame will be a healthy one, a step towards a deeper, more fulfilling relationship with them.

After all, angel number 111 is also related to the number three (because 111 is three 1’s). Three is a symbol of a motherly kind of love. One that is healing, nurturing, supportive, and gentle.

Expect your relationship with your twin flame to improve in these aspects!

But your relationship with your twin flame is not the only thing that will be healed. 111 also possesses innate healing energy that can help you with your own personal traumas.

Because the universe knows you are about to be reunited or enter into a new stage with your twin flame, it’ll help you heal through your personal wounds. Then, you will therefore be in a better place to enjoy the new, strengthened relationship.

What’s all the fuss about angel numbers?

Angel numbers come from our spiritual guardians, and they represent important messages. 

Because we exist on different vibrations, angels use numbers to bridge the gap.

Often, angel numbers come in specific patterns. For example, the number 1 can appear in different ways. 

It can appear as 1, 11, 111, 11.1, and 1111. These are all fairly common angel numbers and can mean very different things.

Different angel numbers will hold different meanings. It can mean anything from:

  • Telling you, you’re doing the right thing;
  • To let you know an angel is directly influencing you;
  • To inform you of future events;
  • To issue warnings.

And a whole host of other things!

While the angel number 111 can appear out of a twin flame context, it is particularly important when it does show itself to twin flames.

Where and why do you see angel number 111?

Many angel numbers are important to twin flames, but 111 is one of the most important ones.

However, it’s also essential to note where and how the number showed itself. Check these situations out:

  • Did your twin flame, soulmate, or partner text you at 1:11?
  • Did you pay $1.11 for anything recently?
  • Does your new license plate have 111?
  • Does your new ID have 111?
  • Does your new phone number have 111 somewhere?
  • Did you see 111 on your way to meet someone?

Always be on the lookout! 

After all, angel numbers often show themselves repeatedly to ensure you notice them. 

Does your 111 keep showing up during particular situations or in specific places? They might be nudging you in that direction where you’ll eventually encounter your twin flame.

What to do when you see 111?

1) Be on the lookout for other signs of twin flame unions

If the 111 that is appearing to you is indeed a sign of an upcoming reunion, it will often be accompanied by other signs, including other related angel numbers.

One of the most important signs? Feeling like you love yourself more—like you feel complete on your own. 

Despite all the glamour and grandiosity that surrounds twin flame partnerships, it is still crucial to remember that your twin flame is not responsible for making you whole!

You are still your own person, your own soul. Think of twin flames less as two halves of one soul but rather as two distinct souls that are simply made of the same material.

The sooner you realize and accept this, the sooner and more effectively you will focus your efforts on growing to be the best version of yourself as an individual.

And once the universe has deemed that you have done this adequately—that you have dissolved your ego and have grounded yourself in your divine purpose—it will also deem you as ready for the twin flame reunion! 

It will then promptly send you to be united with your twin flame.

2) Get confirmation from a gifted advisor

Twin flames relationships are some of the most complicated ones.

They require a great deal of energy and maturity to deal with them and, most importantly, sustain them.

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3) Accept the past and embrace the future

One thing that can prevent you from meeting your twin flame is the failure to accept, move on, or let go of the past. Many people struggle with this—including yours, truly!

It’s hard to blame them. After all, the past is familiar and comfortable. 

The future is unknown and daunting. 

But if we are to enter a new stage of our spiritual journey, it is important to move on from the past while learning from it.

Angel number 111 essentially represents a new beginning of sorts:

  • a new relationship; 
  • a new stage in the relationship;
  • or a new stage in your spiritual growth.

So when 111 comes around to let you know of the change about to occur, you need to prepare yourself for it!

Accept your past mistakes. Forgive others for their mistakes as well. Take the past’s lessons to heart and look forward to the future with strength, grace, and optimism.

Only then can you truly take advantage of the changes and opportunities that 111 is harbingering to you. 

4) Manifest the future

Fulfilling the future that angel number 111 is trying to bring about also needs manifestation on your end.

Let’s examine more closely: 111 is primarily made up of 1’s. Number 1 symbolizes many things, including courage, determination, strength, success, and new beginnings.

This means that you should also act with courage and initiative to manifest and bring about this new beginning.

The heavens will be helping you, and your angels will be guiding you, but it is ultimately up to you to bring about change!

Think and act positively in order to increase your vibrations. Too low of a vibration level will impede the manifestation process and, consequently, the reunion itself.

Don’t be daunted! This is not hard. Again, if you see 111, then it means you’re already doing what you should be doing. 

Keep going, tune in with your intuition, and always follow divine guidance, and you will arrive where you need to be.


Angel number 111 is a positive message that brings hopeful news of growth and union. Not only does it signify the upcoming union with your twin flame, but more generally, it’s also a sign that you’re doing well in your spiritual journey.

In the case of twin flames, it can mean that:

  • You’re about to meet your twin flame;
  • You know your twin flame, but you are not in a relationship—now you just might get into one;
  • You might be on the brink of the next step in your relationship, like marriage or moving in together, or having kids.

However, it’s important to remember that angel numbers are simply signs, not guarantees. So not only you need to be patient about it, but you also need to put in the work yourself.

Your twin flame, soulmate, or next partner isn’t just going to knock on your door and get on his or her knees. Put yourself in a good position to meet people, like:

  • Joining hobbyist groups;
  • Taking up a course;
  • Joining community events;
  • Going on hikes;
  • Trying out online dating;
  • Getting help from a gifted advisor.

I mentioned Psychic Source earlier in the article. It’s a great opportunity to understand your situation better and look at it from a deeper perspective. 

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You’re doing a good job, so keep it up!

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