10 non-obvious signs the person you’ve fallen for is a twin flame runner

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Let’s chat about something a bit unusual but interesting – the idea of ‘twin flames.’

This concept suggests that everyone has a perfect match, a ‘twin flame,’ somewhere out there.

But, what if this special someone is a little shy or scared of this connection?

We call these people twin flame runners.

Recognizing if your crush is a twin flame runner isn’t always easy.

The signs can be quite subtle and hard to notice.

But don’t worry, we’re here to help you out.

We’ve put together a list of 10 less obvious signs that could indicate you’re dealing with a twin flame runner.

1. Sudden Emotional Withdrawal

We all have our off days when we just prefer our own company, right?

But if your crush is a twin flame runner, you might notice an unusual pattern of emotional withdrawal.

One day they might be all warm and affectionate, and the next day they may suddenly become distant and unresponsive.

This isn’t about them being moody or having a bad day.

It’s more about an internal struggle they’re experiencing.

They’re drawn to you because of the powerful twin flame connection, but at the same time, they’re scared of this intense bond.

So, they end up pulling away emotionally, often without any apparent reason.

2. They’re Hot and Cold

Ever felt like you’re in a romantic version of a weather forecast with sudden hot and cold fronts?

One minute they can’t get enough of you, the next they’re as distant as a snow-covered peak.

This unpredictable change in behavior is another sign of a twin flame runner.

The connection between twin flames can be incredibly intense, and not everyone is prepared to handle such a profound bond.

It’s this intensity that can cause your crush to act all warm and affectionate one moment, and then cool and distant the next.

This emotional push-and-pull can be quite confusing, but remember, it’s not about you.

It’s their internal struggle with the strong feelings they have towards you and their fear of those feelings that’s driving this erratic behavior.

3. They Avoid Deep Conversations

Here’s something I’ve personally experienced – my twin flame runner had a knack for dodging deep conversations.

We’d be chatting away happily, but the minute the conversation started to veer towards anything really personal or profound, they would quickly steer it back to safer, shallow waters.

For example, I remember once we were talking about our dreams and ambitions.

When I asked about their ultimate dream in life, they quickly switched the topic to their favorite TV show.

It was as if they were afraid to let me see their true self or feared what such a deep connection might entail.

Twin flame runners can be masters of evasion when it comes to heartfelt chats because these discussions can heighten the emotions and deepen the bond they’re trying to avoid.

4. They Have a History of Running

Interestingly, if your crush is a twin flame runner, they likely have a history of doing just that – running. Not physically sprinting away, but rather exiting relationships when things start to get serious.

Here’s an interesting fact: according to relationship experts, people who fear intimacy often exhibit a pattern of leaving relationships when they get too close for comfort.

This same pattern can be seen in twin flame runners.

They may have had numerous short-term relationships or perhaps a history of ending relationships abruptly when their partner wanted to take things to the next level.

So, if your crush has shared stories about their past relationships and you’ve noticed a pattern of them pulling away when things got real, this could be a sign they’re struggling with the intensity of the twin flame connection.

5. They Deny the Connection

One of the most heartbreaking signs of a twin flame runner is their denial of the connection you both share.

Even though you can feel this deep bond between you two, they might totally brush it off or act like it doesn’t exist.

In the quiet moments you share, in the glances that linger a little too long, in the conversations that seem to dive deeper than usual, you sense this unique connection.

You feel it in your core.

But when you bring it up, they dismiss it, sometimes even laugh it off.

It’s not that they don’t feel it too – they do.

But admitting to the connection means facing it head-on, and that’s something twin flame runners are often not ready to do.

It’s a defense mechanism, a way for them to protect themselves from the overwhelming feelings that come with acknowledging a twin flame bond.

It’s heartbreaking, yes, but remember, it’s more about their fears than your bond.

6. They’re Unusually Independent

Here’s a personal tidbit from my own experience.

My twin flame runner was fiercely independent – to the point where it felt like they were building an invisible fortress around themselves.

They would insist on doing everything on their own, rarely asking for or accepting help.

For instance, there was this time when they were moving apartments.

I offered to help, thinking it was a great opportunity to spend some time together and lend a hand. But they politely declined, insisting they had it under control.

It wasn’t about them being capably independent; rather, it was their way of maintaining a safe distance.

If your person of interest seems unusually self-reliant and goes out of their way to avoid shared tasks or experiences, this could be a sign that they’re a twin flame runner.

They might be using their independence as a shield to protect themselves from the intensity of your budding connection.

7. They’re Masters of Distraction

Twin flame runners can be the ultimate kings or queens of distraction. They’re so adept at creating diversions that you might not even realize it’s happening.

They’ll throw themselves into work, hobbies, or social activities – anything to avoid confronting the intense emotions they feel towards you.

It’s not about being busy; it’s about filling their time so they don’t have to face the reality of your connection.

You might find them always on the go, always with a new project, always with a packed schedule.

And while it can seem like they’re just passionate or driven, if you look a little deeper, you’ll see it’s their way of running from something much more profound – the unique bond they share with you.

It’s raw, it’s real, and it’s often the harsh truth of being involved with a twin flame runner.

8. They Fear Commitment

This sign may not be all that surprising, but it’s worth noting.

Twin flame runners often have a deep-seated fear of commitment. And here’s an interesting fact: according to psychologists, fear of commitment is often rooted in past experiences where the person has been hurt, betrayed, or let down.

In the case of twin flame runners, this fear can be amplified due to the intense connection they share with you. The stronger the bond, the scarier the prospect of committing might seem to them.

So, if your crush dodges conversations about exclusivity or freaks out when future plans are discussed, it could be a sign that they’re a twin flame runner.

It’s not that they don’t care about you; instead, they’re probably just terrified of what committing to this intense connection could mean.

9. They Seem to Be Everywhere

From my personal experiences, I’ve noticed that twin flame runners often seem to be everywhere, even when they’re running. It’s like they can’t stay away, despite their best efforts.

There was this time when I’d keep bumping into my crush at the most random places – the grocery store, the park, even the library! It was as if fate was playing a game with us, constantly throwing us together despite their attempts to keep their distance.

What I later realized was that this was a classic twin flame runner trait. They’re drawn to your energy and, despite their fear of the connection, they subconsciously seek you out.

So if you’re randomly crossing paths with your crush more often than seems normal, it could be a sign that they’re your twin flame trying to outrun the bond they share with you.

10. They’re Guarded About Their Feelings

Twin flame runners can be incredibly guarded when it comes to their feelings. It’s like they’ve built this impenetrable wall around their emotions, and no matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to get through.

They might share their day-to-day experiences with you, maybe even a few of their interests or hobbies. But when it comes to anything deeper – their fears, hopes, dreams, or feelings – they keep those under lock and key. They fear that expressing these emotions might intensify the bond they’re trying to escape.

If your crush is particularly guarded about their feelings, it might be more than just them being reserved or introverted. They could be a twin flame runner, using this emotional barricade as a defense mechanism against the strong connection they share with you.

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